Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani looking for Yuvraaj. Barbie rushes to send the goons. Yuvraaj calls Suhani and says I m coming tomorrow. Suhani asks why so soon, end work and come. He says my work ended, I have come back, then apologize to me properly. She says I said you sorry, I will talk later. She ends call and looks for Pratima. Barbie hides there and smiles, as Pratima has been taken away with goons.

Soumya waits for Krishna. Radhe comes home and asks Soumya to hear what happened. He says I have thrown much money on Barbie, once she gets trapped, I will cheat her, it will be fun. Rakhi asks whom will you cheat and get fun Radhe.. he gets tensed. Soumya says actually, Radhe was saying about his boss. Rakhi asks is his boss woman. Soumya says yes, that’s why I told him to leave job.

Rakhi says yes, his cheap job is useless.

Barbie asks Dadi whats all this, I have to celebrate my first holi. Dadi says never, Pratima is not here, we won’t celebrate holi in her absence. Barbie says Pratima will also wish we play holi, I want everything made at home, fresh and nice. Rags says this is not hotel to order food. Barbie asks her what is she doing here. Rags says this is our house. Suhani says there is water shortage, we can’t waste water by playing holi. Barbie says I have to play. Sharad says how will we play holi. Rags asks whats the problem, even Pratima does not play holi. Suhani says nothing, I will talk to Barbie once. She goes to Barbie. Barbie asks her to knock door and come.

Suhani knocks door and comes. She says you can’t threaten people to play holi, you can just love money, not Yuvraaj, that’s why you left Radhe. Barbie says Radhe was my past, Yuvraaj is my past, I will play holi with Yuvraaj, else Pratima will get killed.

Krishna brings Soumya to give her surprise. She asks what is it, diamond necklace, new phone… he says we will get that also, now open eyes slowly…. He shows the new bed which will be comfort for her back and waist, the mattress is very good. She gets glad. He says doctors say waist pain increases in pregnancy, so I got this for you. She thanks and hugs him. door bell rings. He goes to check. A man comes and keeps a bag. Krishna says I will take it tomorrow and gets car keys. Soumya asks did your company give you car. Krishna says no, when there is imp courier, they give car to transport. She asks what couriers. He says its confidential for govt, I can’t tell you. She says fine. He says take rest, I will go and meet them. She smiles.

Its morning, Menka asks Ramesh to clean things well. Suhani looks for her phone and asks Ramesh. Menka says did Barbie steal your phone and calls on Suhani’s phone. Snoopi gets the phone. Rags says he found it from terrace and taunts Menka. Suhani thinks maybe Snoopi can find Pratima too. She takes Pratima’s necklace and asks Snoopi to come for walk. She takes Snoopi outside and says Maa is lost, we have to find her. She makes him smell Pratima’s necklace and Snoopi runs somewhere in the jungle. Suhani runs after Snoopi to reach Pratima.

Rags says no one will apply color on my face, I m taking special skin care treatment, I m wearing designer dress, it should not be spoiled. Anuj tells the boy not to worry, we will play. Rags asks Menka to wait. Suhani calls out Snoopi. He gets Pratima’s bangle. Suhani checks it and says it means Maa was here. She asks is Maa here and gets Pratima’s earring on either side of the jungle road. She thinks whats happening.

Suhani thinks how can Maa’s essence be everywhere in four directions. Barbie comes and says because I m one step ahead of you Suhani… she scolds Suhani and asks her to work with her, not against her. Suhani says I don’t trust you. Barbie says fine, I will disappoint you, if Yuvraaj does not apply color to me, I will kill your Maa. Suhani asks her to fight with the family and win Yuvraaj by love. She says you just love money. Barbie says you love your family, see where you are and where I m, if Yuvraaj does not apply color to me, then your Maa won’t be saved. She goes.

Menka and boy talk about the colors. Rags says we are going to play dry holi, water colors spoil skin. Barbie comes and scolds Rags. Barbie says we will play dry holi, I will call empty tanker. She calls the goon and asks for a tanker. The man says yes, I will reach there in 10mins. Pratima is inside the tanker. She struggles to get herself freed. Sharad asks servant to bring sweets. Rags asks why sweets. Sharad says its Bhavna and Golu’s first holi. Rags and Menka ask him to cut costs, our company had 10 crores loss. Barbie hears them. Rags scolds Sharad and asks him to be in limits. Barbie thinks are they really going in loss. Rags and Sharad look at Barbie, and smile joining hands.

Suhani is sad and recalls Barbie’s words. Dadi asks Suhani did you lose, I troubled you and did everything to kick you out, you never lost and this time you lost hope. Suhani says Maa is with Barbie, she can do anything to Maa. Dadi says we can’t sit like this. Suhani says Yuvraaj has to play holi with Barbie. Dadi goes. Yuvraaj messages Suhani that he will do something which he did not do till now, but its time now and without that, nothing can get fine. She replies asking what are you going to do. He says I will clear all confusions, I know my wife, Barbie has to understand this. She thinks what will Yuvraaj do. She says if Yuvraaj scolds Barbie, what will we do.

Barbie threatens Suhani about Pratima and asks her to save Pratima if Suhani can.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oho yuvraj what u R gonna do???

    1. It never ends well when yuaraaj does surprises y doesn’t suhani tell him and get it over with and let him know that barbie has his mother.

    2. Yes i am agree with you queen its okif you people dont like this serial or this track but at least don’t hurt ssel fans

  2. Kindly stop this nonsense serial…and I don’t know whose that idiot writer.. who is writing these much blunder.starplus pls air off this stupid serial pls

    1. Plzz stop nonsense as well if u don’t want to see so u can but people luv this serial so plzz don’t disappoint they as well a request from ssel fan

  3. Pls dnt stp dis serial bt end dis track soon

  4. pls end barbie character its disgusting ya.but yuvraj have planned something great but I think it will going to be utter flop.

  5. Why does the script writer make Birla family so stupid? If Barbie can keep two eyes on Suhani why cant the family keep many eyes on Barbie now that they know what she is doing. Why is Police not involved to arrest Barbie and rescue Prathima? Saurabh..what is he doing about his missing mother? And Krishna is sure doing something bad.

    1. Saurabh anuj and yuaraaj I don’t think they know anything if u notice only dadi menka rags redhe somaya suhani sharad and bhavana know what’s really going on and if they knew they will lose there chance to save there mother so suhani and the gang are keeping very quite it’s better that way until pretima Is found.

  6. Yes ugly barbie pig has to go. She’s spooling SSEL.

  7. I too agree, why can’t someone follow Barbie to know what she is doing, like barbie knows what Suhani is doing. Is this going to go the same way as SNS where kokila was locked in a water tanker like pratima is.

  8. Why doesn’t Suhani record on her phone when Barbie is speaking to her, at least she has proof to show yuvraj /and or police.

  9. This series used to be my best but what’s up with the writer? If the Birla family are not aware of pratima been kidnapped by now and Suhani is the only one doing what they all should be doing then the writer should shorten this prolonged Barbie issue

  10. I agree, Barbie should be kidnapped and tortured for all she’s done…. That would give some viewers satisfaction

  11. What’s the whole point of suhani taking her phone when she doesn’t use it for the right reasons. Can’t call someone for help, can’t record barbie’s confession. God, this is why people talk bad about Indian serials, being a good sanskari bahu and wife material doesn’t mean you don’t have access to technology. And suhani is supposed to be educated and smart, she puts cameras and corelates things so easily. Why doesn’t she use her brain in this. And I’m sure once suhani back threatens barbie that do what you want to, I’ll tell yuvraj, barbie would take have the guts to do anything further.

  12. same tracks are been enjoyed in other serials why not in SSEL serial. I like to see yuvani and ssel

  13. How can we watch full episodes except on hotstar

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