Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani recalling Pankaj’s words. Pratima comes to her in kitchen and asks her to rest. She says if you feel I have ruined your life, forgive me. She says can Yuvraaj forgive my dad. Pratima says parents always want good for children. Rags asks why are you not happy Dadi. Dadi says till Suhani is here in this house, how can I get happy. Rags asks her to kick her out. Dadi says no, I can’t kick her out, why should I become bad infront of everyone. Menka laughs and says you joke well, you did everything and you are saying you are not bad.

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Dadi says its not bad to bring Yuvraaj out of wrong

marriage, I know Suhani is not suitable for him, I gave him chance to start a new life. Menka says I feel the chances are less, as Suhani has the recording. Suhani says whats the use of recording. Pratima asks her to show it to Yuvraaj. Suhani says no, I don’t want to handle things now, my dad cheated me, why should I complain others. Pratima asks does she not love Yuvraaj now. Suhani says he does not love me, he is caged in this marriage, I can’t punish him. She says everyone knew this is not my house and I used to roam with rights, this house was never mine and can never be.

Yuvraaj says yes, I care for her Sharad, so I m asking you to do this. Sharad says I can’t see her crying, but Dadi will taunt her. Yuvraaj says no, Suhani is innocent, why should she get hurt, I will not let her bear punishment for other’s mistakes. Sharad smiles. Suhani cries and says no, why should I cry, I did not do wrong, wrong happened with me. She says I will not make myself weak by crying. She gets a call and talks to Bhavna. Bhavna asks about dad, he is not taking call at home, did you meet. Suhani says no, don’t worry. Bhavna says why. Suhani says everything is fine now. Bhavna says Dadi might be annoyed on you. Suhani says she is always annoyed, don’t take tension. Bhavna says yes, Yuvraaj is there with you, who always saved you from Dadi, its good he takes your side, he loves you a lot. Suhani says she will talk to her later and ends the call.

Menka tells Soumya that Suhani is upset as she will be going home and she will get everything officially, then why is she sad as if she will be leaving this house. They see Suhani going. Menka says you did not see Big B movie but SRK said losing and winning is called Baazigar, and Suhani looks so, she won by failing, and you lost by winning. Suhani comes in her room and cries, recalling Pankaj and Yuvraaj’s words. Yuvraaj comes to her and sees her crying. He gives her a kerchief.

She recalls this happened before and Fb shows the moment. She takes the kerchief. They sit on the bed not facing each other and look upset. She cries and starts leaving. He asks is she angry. She opens the door and looks at him. She says yes. He asks why, what did I do. She says nothing, you just said truth. He says you say that saying truth is good thing. She says yes, but if it was said on right time. She says everyone cheated me and made talks behind my talk, made fun of me, and you always said the truth, you fought and scolded me, and says petty things.

She asks why did he not tell her that this relation and my dreams are incomplete, that this relation is burden on you, if you said before, then you would have not bear so much. Dadi talks to Rags and Menka. She asks Rags to keep an eye on Menka. She asks Soumya to go and get the recording from Suhani. They all go.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani to listen to him. She goes. Dadi stops Yuvraaj and says now the truth has come in open, whats the need to do the acting, choose the girl whom you love, I know you love Pratima a lot and bearing this unwanted relation, this time she has done a big crime. She says the time has changed, if unwanted marriage happen, you need not bear it, you wanted to marry Soumya, you can marry her now, I want this. He is stunned. She says life gives chance again, don’t let it go. Suhani hears this and gets sad. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to say is he ready. He gets a call and says he will talk later. He leaves.

Pankaj is totally stressed and drinks water. Lata asks what is he doing. He says he will talk to Suhani, she is very sad. Lata says no need to call now, give her some time, Yuvraaj is with her, he will take care of her. He says yes, I was so wrong about Yuvraaj, now I know Suhani liked the right guy. She says yes, so trust her choice, and give him a chance, Yuvraaj will make everything fine. Yuvraaj comes in his room and throws his phone in anger. He recalls Dadi’s words and is frustrated. She removes and throws his jacket. He switches on the AC and sweats being tensed. He says Dadi wants me and Soumya to marry, I have complicated things, I should have told everyone, what should I answer Dadi. He stands under shower and recalls Suhani and Soumya’s letter that she eloped with Krishna as she loves him. He gets angry.

Dadi asks Yuvraaj what did he decide and he does not say anything. She tells everyone that Yuvraaj agreed to marry Soumya. Everyone is shocked. Soumya smiles shamelessly.

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  1. t

    Soo bad this dadi is worst dadi all over d world and u soumya u are not shame to marry ur friend husband u are so wicked and yuvraaj answer dadi DT u in love with sushani pls confess ur love for her

  2. soumya is smiling-the worst smile. don’t no hw can she smile like tis cheating her frnd. yuvraj, don’t u hav mouth? open it once

  3. ub

    Friend word is not at all suit for soumya and even enemy also… There is no such words to compare those two idiotic and irritating characters( soumya &dadi )

  4. these people always gives impo 2 beauty. hw can beauty be matched with character? soumya wants 2 be a queen. she will kill dadi 2 get her property

  5. I thk dadi and soumya r buffoonss……..tey hv totaly..lost it……aur soumya she is acting lke feeling gulty fr suhani….and in frnt of tht three monsters…feeling happy…..such a disgusting chracter……….

  6. suchï

    How dare u soumya stil u love yuvraj,idiot luk at ur frnd she is totally upset am finding new words to scold u pls yuvraj say tat u love suhani

  7. wht’s the need of a beautiful face when one’s heart is worm eaten? beauty will bend down in front of love & kind. BEAUTY LIES WITHIN ONE’S HEART

  8. dadi shld die soon. so soumya will become helpless & will leave the house immediately. hw long she will eat others food? but it will not happen soon. i think it will take 5 yrs 😀 😀

  9. James

    i think yuvraaj might embarrass her in front of guests and everyone soon

    imagine he marries her and would be violent towards her (would love that to happen)

  10. saumya must feel ashamed of leaving in her frnds sasural for so long and planning evil against the same frnd sooooo cheap of her

    if she loved yuvraj then why would she marry krishna and if she loved krishna why shld she give divorce on dadi’s suggestion???????????????????????

  11. Smriti

    suhani shld give Soumya a ZOR ka thappar n kick er out. If uve friends like her y do u need enemies. That botox dadi just gives me creeps n yuvraaj is such a woos.

  12. what the hell what wrong with yuvraaj cant u speak up for your right you big enough to make ur own decision so tell that clown dadi of urs that u dont want to married that housebroker soumya that u are in love with suhani not that witch

    • sharmi

      I think Suhani is much more beautiful than Rags, Menka & Soumya. She reminds me of Kajol. I think they plaster make up on those 3 to look good. Can’t you see close ups their face looks like it’s going to crack!!. Suhani is simple and beautiful

      • Payal

        In reality dadi, Rags, Souyma and Menaka are not light skinned. They all have the same complexion as Suhani. They all wear light coloured makeup, and Suhani has to wear dark colored makeup. Suhani(Rajeshri) is actually very stunning, she has gorgeous features, and Rags is no too bad. However, the other three are UGLY!!!espcially NEHA YADAV (Souyma)….she has thick and very broad features….looking like an ape!!!!

      • Sky

        UGLY SOUYMA (Neha Yadav)…..directors if you were going to have a character that is good looking and fair sinned why did you choose Neha Yadav. She is average or below average looking without any definition on her face, very large features especially her lips!!!and she has brown skin not white skin…..directos you made a wrong decision for choosing her

  13. God this soumya she is irritating me so much yuvraj plz choose any one from them suhani or soumya and suhani leave that house now

  14. lily

    Yuvi is just like his mother. He is non confrontational, but will speak up only if absolutely necessary. That is how his character has been shaped. He is definitely going to say that he does not love Soumya. Leave alone marrying her, he does not even respect her as a human being for what she did to her best friend.. He cannot even think of such a girl as a partner. He is going to say Suhani and himself have been victims of circumstance and are together in this now. Everybody for their own reasons have been planning, plotting and playing with their lives. They care for each other and can feel each other’s pain. He does not know if it is love. Both believe in the institution of marriage. They will give it a chance to work and they are the only ones who will decide the outcome of that. He is going to tell his dadi to respect his decision and that he loves her and requests her not to do anything that will make him lose respect for her.

  15. lily

    Yuvi was looking super hot in the shower. No wonder the girls are falling for him. I think the precap for tomorrow’s episode is maybe Somebody’s imagination and so misleading.

  16. Why is dadi making all the decisions for yuvraj! He’s not her property to take decisions for him and yuvraj should immediately say no in front of everyone and he should say that he loves only suhani not soumya!! He should be like I used to like her but she left him and loves someone else also true love never goes away if she truly loved Krishna she wouldn’t have listened to dadi and signed the divorce papers!! The only reason she signed them because she got greedy for money and BH!! She never loved yuvraj and she doesn’t right now all she wants is his money!! Yuvraj should say no and expose her in front of everyone and dadi’s planning should be exposed in front of everyone too then it’ll be so much fun to watch because even yuvraj’s family has deceived him and especially dadi and her three followers rags, menka, and soumya and also rags should suffer the same when she finds out about sourav’s new gf he has one guys I read it in the spoilers I want rags to know how it feels when someone’s husband is taken away from them and soumya and dadi should either die or their faces should become ugly then no ones going to even want to see them then it’ll be so much fun and if suhani leaves BH yuvraj should go with her it’ll be double the fun

  17. zahara

    payal and sky your comment is superb.. you have said it all.. soumya playing a beauty character is very wrong…
    I just need a knife to stab this idiot dadi how I wish this precap to be someones imagination…huuhh

  18. worst dadi and sowmya. yuvraj ne need to marry sowmya. he loves suhani . please yuvraj and suhani is good pair .no need to seperate them worst sowmya and dadi.

  19. whoever

    really dat day in sns u tld 14 gf sweet dnt b mistaken gf means grand daughter nt girlfriend uncles memory power is weak so he thinks daughter cums frm f

  20. VIDHYA

    why cant yuvraj say a strict NO to Dadi for her absurd proposal. he just stares like a dumbo. there is nothing to be so confused. he doesnt like sowmya. then y so much drama of throwing things in anger. he should just ignore dadi’s words and hold suhani’s hands with confidence. nobody is stopping him from speaking out. if he still has respect for the old witch, then he doesnt deserve suhaani.

  21. miya

    i will make u a meat chicken pork rat frog fry and will make u to eat it…..u …… u want agn to love me?

  22. miya guys my orginal

    i………………………………………….ninne njan kollum da chette naari thendi nee kure ulaththummm vechittu poda manda……….

  23. miya guys my orginal

    u find the meaning u will feel ausome try it i will not help u………….bye …………

  24. miya

    sorry john i told u the lie……….i am just 21 and not yet married………….
    i hate u u keep ur kiss within u and give to someone else ……… i am not ur anyone …………………bye

  25. miya

    hey u anonymous u dont need to blow the fire more…………….
    sorry u can be my frnd tats all john

  26. miya

    u r handsome guy………….so wat?? i am not interested in the beauty but should hav a good heart

  27. miya

    clg girls r diff…..they want someone to give a topup or give some sweets/……..but i need a frnd

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