Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani looking for Yuvaan. Yuvraaj asks Krishna about Yuvani. Krishna says Yuvani is playing game with her brother Yuvaan, she does not need me now. Suhani sees Yuvani coming. Yuvraaj says Yuvani is busy with Yuvaan, as she just got her. Krishna asks will she forget me. Suhyani says no, sisters can’t forget each other. Krishna says Yuvani told me about the game. Suhani asks Yuvani which game was she playing. Yuvani says sorry. Yuvraaj says its fine, convince Krishna now. Yuvani apologizes to Krishna. Suhani says such fights in sisters increases love, two sisters can become best friends. The girls hug and smile. Suhani and Yuvraaj hold them together. Soumya looks on and goes. Suhani says I will see Yuvaan.

Bhavna sees Pratima crying and asks why are you crying.

Pratima says nothing. Bhavna asks her to tell her. Soumya tells Rags about the handcuff idea not working. Rags says what shall I do, Suhani is shameless to hit on best friend’s husband. Soumya says things are getting tough, they are making Yuvani and Krishna patchup. Rags says we have to focus on the marriage. Soumya asks how. Rags says we will prepone the mahurat.

Bhavna asks Pratima not to worry, everything will be fine. Pratima says I m scared that children will try to run away again, don’t say this to anyone. Sharad hears all this and asks Pratima were you going to hide this big thing from me. Pratima asks what will we do Sharad. Sharad says first talk to Suhani.

Golu tells Yuvaan that Bhavna is calling him. Yuvaan asks Suhani and she allows him to go. Sambhav gets a cake for Suhani and says its because we won. She says but you did not free me, I mean… he says I wanted to celebrate. She says heart shaped cake, don’t misunderstand me. He says I know you don’t love me, you are marrying just for Yuvaan. He says I will exchange cake, you will eat normal shape cake right. Pratima hears them.

Bhavna and Sharad tell Yuvaan and Yuvani that they will send Krishna and Golu to hostel, as they have tried to run away. Yuvaan and Yuvani apologize and say we won’t do this again, sorry. Sharad asks them to convince Pratima. Suhani tells Pratima that Sambhav got cake for celebrating his win. Pratima hugs Suhani. Suhani says I m doing this for my son. Pratima says this is a woman’s life. Suhani asks am I doing right. Pratima says Yuvaan is very lucky to get a mum like you.

Its morning, Yuvani tells Soumya that they had fun with Pratima last night. Soumya asks why did you trouble Pratima. Pratima says no, I had good sleep. Yuvraaj asks kids not to torture his mum. Yuvaan says when you torture my mum then…. Yuvani and Yuvaan argue over their parents. Yuvraaj says enough now. Sharad asks why, children learn from parents, let them argue. Bhavna asks about Suhani. Suhani comes with Sambhav. They all sit to dine. Bhavna tells about some rasam, its small puja, after that mother will ask something from her son and bahu, I want to do this rasam with Suhani and Soumya, Pratima can ask anything today. Rags asks which is this rasam. Sharad says its rasam from Banaras. Soumya asks why are you doing this here. Pratima asks are you scared, that I can ask anything. Soumya says no, you can ask anything. Suhani also says same. Sharad and Bhavna smile.

Menka manages her baby. She calls to get spa appointment. The lady says you can’t get appointment. Rags smiles and tells Menka that this happens after you have children, now you have to do everything by seeing your son first. She says I will go to spa, I have time and appointment too. Menka says you are already pretty, give me your appointment, I need it, I will agree to you and not stop you from playing with my son. Rags says fine, don’t forget your promise. Pratima asks Sharad about the rasam. Sharad says you will do what you promised to the kids.

Rags plays with Menka’s son and sees he has high fever. She calls Saurabh and asks him to see the baby. Rags checks the medical file and sees birth certificate. She gives medicine to Saurabh and asks him to call and confirm from doctor first. Saurabh calls doctor and asks about medicine. Rags gets thinking.

Pratima asks how can I do this, what will Suhani think about me. Yuvaan comes and reminds Pratima her promise, if Suhani and Sambhav get married, I have to leave from here. Sharad says no, I promise you and Yuvani will never get separated. Rags finds on net about premature babies. She says Menka’s son is normal, he is not weak, I m sure Menka did something, I have to find out.

Menka comes from spa and says she is glowing today. Pratima does puja and gives envelop to Suhani. Menka says Pratima will give highest nek to Suhani. Suhani says its just blessings of elders. Bhavna asks Pratima did she think what to ask her bahus. Pratima says I don’t understand what to ask. Yuvraaj asks her to ask anything, Suhani will not refuse to you. Suhani says yes, I promise. Pratima asks Suhani to stay here after marrying Sambhav, we all will stay together. Suhani and everyone get shocked. Suhani says but Maa… Pratima says you promised.

Sambhav tells Yuvaan that we can’t stay here. Yuvaan says we will stay here. Sambhav shouts on Yuvaan. Suhani gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow what a wonder soumya is feelong that suhani wants best friend’s husband.
    Soumya dont have any shame ?

    1. Ha ha yes!

    2. Sunayana.Henry

      agree with u

    3. That is very true y is she saying that when somaya took her best friends husband for her personal gain.

    4. and still playing dirty games!!

  2. I know update is in progress but I laughed really hard when rags said Suhani is shameless for hitting on her best friends husband. LOL. Did they forget that soumya has and is shamelessly hitting on yuvraj who is still suhani’s husband?!!!

    1. This isn’t the first time that Soumya is after Yuvraaj. It’s funny how women like Rags, Dadi, Menka and Soumya are quick to call other women shameless or characterless . I guess they feel by doing so, they can hide all of this misdeeds.

    2. So True.

  3. Sad

  4. It’good serial

  5. I think sambhav is playing another game which would bring both YuvAni together… And soumya will ok with sambhav … Bcz she just want a father to her kid… Again those lovely dayzzzz

  6. Aqsxxh

    AyeAye wahs gonna happen now?

  7. now sambav show his true colour in precap but why they change him to negative ? he should be fun caring but they spoiled him stupid CVS but its good as #yuvani will unite

  8. yah it’s cool! sambav going to change explore his negative waiting for the unite of suhani and yuvraj. let’s wait and watch

  9. NAPSHa J

    Suhani looks stunning In yellow with her hair open.. :*

  10. wah! kya baat hai . now sambhav is showing his colors. strange. now suhani will get to know him

  11. CVs need to show a track where Rags husband says he don’t want to be with her anymore because she has not contributed to their marriage. She refused to have a child, she’s a schemer, manipulator and as the elder daughter-in-law she failed to keep the family united. He should demand a second wife. Let’s she how Rags feel, when her husband want to leave her.

    I’m tired of these crap storylines.

  12. I think sambhav is the other villian

    1. Not really he is a typical type of man that wants a wife but the other villain is somaya and stupid sumbahv is falling for it

  13. KartikK

    yu dont know your dareness and so fake name comment boy

  14. But i think sambhav also trying to unite yuvraj and suhani becoz he under stood till suhani loves yuvraj and she can’t love him or anyone…..Sambhav is playing drama to realize their love both suhani and yuvraj….it seems so cool……i enjoyed more….I feel track returns on like early happy,naughty days ……keep it up…..

  15. Why is it they have to play these sthpid games and puja for this and puja for that??
    Do they not know about rights and wrong doings of the religion…in the holy GITA Krishna explains to Arjun that you have to uphold the truth regardless of the opposition,be it your own kin..SO why is it so hard to bring the culprit Dadi to answer all the wrong doings and expose her and her croonies ..this way Dumraj will not dare to blame Suhani again and the children learn the evil and bad doers will be punished.Yes Saurabh get rid of lazy rags and now talking crap..whose hitting on whose husband..get your facts straight.

  16. Good ep

  17. I get so upset seeing soumya I just simply hate her… she doesn’t get any other man for her gain… coz of her husband all this happened and on top of that she is doing to suhani… well its ur own child u can take care her why u need somebody’s husband n father

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