Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna being annoyed with Soumya. Soumya asks her why is she not talking. Suhani tells Yuvani that she will always be her mum, and Soumya is with her here. She asks the girls to play a game with her. Soumya says you told me that Krishna and I will always stay here. Bhavna says you did not tell me that you will tie Suhani and take her place in marriage, I can’t forgive you, don’t expect anything from me. She goes. Dadi looks on. She tells Soumya that bad happened with you, Suhani was not in Yuvraaj’s fate, don’t know who will become this house’s bahu now. Soumya says even I don’t know whats in my fate.

Bhavna and Suhani fill water in the pool. The kids bring paper boats. The kids ask Yuvraaj to play with them. Yuvraaj says I told you all I m unwell, can’t

you understand, I m not in mood to play. Saurabh asks why is he angry on kids. Yuvraaj shuts the door. Pratims stops him. Pratima says its tough time for kids, if parents scold them, it will affect them badly. Yuvraaj looks at kids.

Lata sees a phone ringing and says Pankaj leaves phone anywhere. She answers call and hears a man saying about killing someone. She asks who is it. She sees Pankaj talking on phone to someone else. The goon asks Lata to give phone to his boss Sambhav. She gets shocked.

Soumya gets food for Suhani and asks her to have it. Suhani asks her not to work. Menka scolds Soumya for not getting water. She says we gifted Soumya to Suhani as the maid. Pratima asks her to stop nonsense and get water for Suhani, else I will tell Dadi that you are useless. Menka makes face and goes. Dadi sees them. Dadi asks Suhani is she happy, is Sambhav taking care of her and Yuvaan. Suhani says yes, he is very nice.

Lata tells Sambhav that goon called and saying he buried dead body on your saying. Sambhav asks what and takes phone. Goons says same thing. Sambhav asks whom do you want to talk, wrong number. Lata says I knew its wrong number. Sambhav says I m photographer and take pics of smiling faces. She says we were scared. He says me too and laughs.

Suhani says Sambhav takes good care of me. Snoopi comes and takes Suhani out. Golu asks Yuvaan and others to have pakodas. The kids sit sad. Yuvraaj comes there with a water bucket. He says I have come now, and will throw water on all of you. The kids get away and run. Everyone laugh. Yuvraaj runs after kids and throws water. Suhani comes there and water falls over her face. Her sindoor gets washed off. Dadi comes there and says Yuvraaj, what did you do, you washed off Suhani’s sindoor, its big abshagun. He says I did not do this intentionally, I was playing. Dadi says its not small thing, if anything happens, blame will be on you. Pratima says nothing to worry, Yuvraaj was playing with kids. Suhani says there is nothing like shagun and abshagun. Kids apologize to Suhani. Suhani says its fine. Pratima says we have bear many sorrows, but now everything will be fine. Saurabh and Pratima leave. Suhani goes to change.

Saurabh asks Pratima if you know Yuvraaj did not wash off Suhani’s sindoor intentionally, then why don’t you believe him when he could not reach marriage on time. She says if there was any reason, he would have told you. He says no, he won’t say till you believe him, talk to him once. She agrees. Dadi hears them.

Sambhav slaps his goon for calling him and sends him. Dadi calls Sambhav and says Pratima is going to Yuvraaj to talk about marriage day, maybe Yuvraaj can say truth, its tough time, we have to be careful. Sambhav asks what, I married Suhani with difficulty, Suhani is just mine, if Yuvraaj says truth then… she says so what, just come in evening and take your wife, I will manage everything. He thanks her. She ends call and looks at herself in mirror. She says this is ideal family in world’s eyes, but very weak and hollow in reality, it will be fun to see this family breaking.

Sharad tells Yuvraaj that I know you won’t wash off Suhani’s sindoor intentionally. Yuvraaj asks why, if I can leave her alone in mandap, why not this, I m bad. Pratima asks Yuvraaj to say truth, why did he not come to mandap. Rags and Menka ask Soumya to wipe floor. Soumya refuses. Rags insults her. Bhavna comes and stops Rags. Soumya says I was afraid of all this, Bhavna just lied that she would take care of me. She wipes the floor.

Yuvraaj asks Pratima why do you want to know. Dadi comes and sends Pratima and Sharad to meet Suhani. Yuvraaj tells Dadi that I don’t know anyone will believe me or not. She says I believed you always. She keeps phone to record their conversation. She asks him to say what happened. Yuvraaj tells her everything. She asks what, someone kidnapped you, did Leela do this. He says don’t know, but I promise, I had no doubt about this marriage. Dadi says Suhani had no answers for kids, Yuvaan sat putting ghee in havan kund to keep fire lit, Sambhav did what a good person would have done. He says I did not wish to put Yuvaan in this situation, I m really sorry.

Dadi shows the video to Suhani, Sharad, Pratima and Bhavna. Suhani says now nothing can change. Dadi says but we can forgive each other and move on. She asks Pratima not to be annoyed with Yuvraaj. Sharad says I will meet Yuvraaj. Dadi says no, he is upset, give him some time. Pratima agrees with Dadi. Dadi says new memories can’t be made till you forget old memories, Suhani better forget everything.

Suhani says sorry Yuvraaj, you did much late, now this sindoor has Sambhav’s name. She applies sindoor. Yuvraaj comes and asks her is she happy. She says yes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Really boring… Don’t know when they will show gud

  2. unite suhani and yuvraaj otherwise very soon this serial will lose its fan following

    1. exactly, pls reunite yuvraaj and suhani , otherwise this show will be a big flop… because Yuvani Ke bina show Kuch nahi hai ..

  3. when will truth comeout about yuvi kidnap… pls writters yuvi make has a brave boy to knowing the truth…
    and suhani is so so dumb now…
    she is brave and attutide girl… now not

    stil am confusing.. dadi is real or fake…
    she s fake means y she want yuvan.. y she ruined oly suhani and yuvi life…

    if real dadi means she always doing suhani’s life ruined…
    this track was good but when subhav together is very irked to see fr me

  4. bakwas serial

    Better end this serial it’s Gud for nothing now

  5. My heart is breaking into.pieces?

  6. why people waste their valuable time to watch this disgusting show? the writer are brainless…. if have no idea to continue this show, they must brow idea from fans nor they should stop this show…. totally disgusting…. no fun, no love, no moral after all good for nothing…. suhani spent her 7 years out of this house when she need not husband but now she come back and so she need husband….

  7. Waste serials with no values.why are they involving kids in such cheap tricks?

  8. Isn’t it amazing no one ever “hears” anything in these shows. Why, is it when the truth is going to be revealed, dadi shows up n tells everyone to leave, couldn’t they say “let us finish our conversation 1st” . So now that they know he was kidnapped, everything is fine. All is forgiven. What!?! Can’t take it anymore. Finish this dadi track soon. Please.

  9. Please unite suhani and yuvraj

  10. Sobiajaved89

    Yaar what is this!!!

  11. Yeah I agree with u day by day this serial is loosing it’s charm and people are getting irritated by this foolish story if u show Suhani and yuvraj as true lovers how can Suhani not believe yuvraj vice versa how many times they get misguided so now end this serial asap if not make some sensible episodes for audience if u can’t don’t drag it just end it…..

  12. I think they don’t have a story..i was just watching it was good at beginning..but now I can’t even bear these written updates..worst serial..playing with emotions..director looks sadist

  13. God, end this show. How much more of these idiots do we have to take. Thank god for PVR and delete button. After reading, one week of unwatched episodes will definitely be deleted. So much more I could do with those hours!

  14. I hope lata follow sambhav n see wat n where he goes

  15. This marriage drama will continue for another 4/5 months.

  16. Plz writer hav a look on people’s reviews….then u can get to know how disgusting ur story is…..many viewers were here who likes ths serial before…so many fan following on yuvani….but now u made ths serial like bullshit…why u don’t like to expose tht dadi frm starting…all the drama was made by herself but she never got to b expose….

  17. Writers, please remove Dadi’s character from the show. Without her it will be worth watching.

  18. I agree ,serial is going worse . Can writers can’t hear voice of their viewers.shame on you …….I started to watch this serial very late because I think ye bhi normal serial jaisa hoga but sister ,friends ke kahne par dekha and I like even I really feel awesome then I have watched last one year’s all episodes on Hotstar ………but today this is became so irritating,hopeless and bakwas …..plzzzzzz do something ………I hope you will read viewers thoughts on any sight…….Don’t drag so much then lovers of yuvani left sselto watch

    1. Guys…worst thing…cvs never listen….

  19. Really I don’t understand dadi’s character . and second thing after varamala incident everybody simply leaving that maid . Yuvraj also not thinking why that maid done these things . even suhani also nowadays she is behaving like lady with no brain .I am big fan of yuvani. But I stopped to watch it’s really painful . How could suhani is doing like that . She is trusting on sumbav more than yuvraj. yuvraj always support her in bad situation.she lived with Yuvraj 2 years above closel.. without thinking single min she agreed sambav really such a story line . Because of kid yuvan she done this much mess. Why couldn’t think about yuvani Yuvra.. she couldn’t wait single day why she couldn’t handle yuvan she needs answer from yuvraj without thinking she took decision . Such brainless lady right

  20. I really dont like to watch this serial now.. It become sooooo boring now..??
    When will you people reveal the true colors of dadi??

  21. Swapna,you are right.tumne mere man ki baat kah di……suhani ka dimag,uski soch,uska jasoos wala talent,uska itna gahra pyar yuvraj kaha gaya.Dadaji ka formula doondna kisi ki bas ki baat nahi thi par usne kar dikhaya……itne bade-bade kaam kiye ,apni zindagi kharab kar li .mujhe to writers ki soch pasand nahi aayi.very bad ….bad massage to society…..

    1. Oshi….wish someone tells to cvs ki urs usp is yuvani …until they not unite..nots worth to watch..

  22. Bakawass.. SpoliHave mannerspeople’s mind. No ethics at all, why always evil wins.. & itz so stupid v viewers are encouraging it.. The directors are thinking viewers are dumboos what they show we will see.. They r making money.. V viewrrs are wastinv our valuable time, and forgetting or values in our family.. All ladies arent bad 1st of all showinv them evil is what you are sowing in othets mind, ehy do you want to spoil children’s mind.. Parents of the child artists dont make uour kids to act in these type of serials snd spoil themm.. These all effect the next generation.. Viewers please stop viewing these type of serials.. V have a lot if things to do in life.. Atleadt dpendinv time & tslkinv to in-laws, parents children , friends than encouaging non ethnic serisls… Director , writer of this serialyou being pathetic itz really your cheap tricks… The worst you are showing us
    B a good humanbring and be useful for the society.. Dont b a waste candidate.. You are showing so much evil are you not tierd, that to in the world v have so many wonderful people, lovinv people. Plz dont spoil the world with these type of serials.Plz show respect to people, indian traditions.. You are totally liosing your ground. Why did you start this serial, what you really wanted to show, what are showing? Where is this going to? Do you have any idea, Plz stop the serial where it ñeeds to b ended exactly.. And want r h showing now, hope u r totallg confused and got mental so h r showing this.. Plz dknt spoil our culture.. No one woulx watch this

  23. Y didn’t these brainless people asked about that CD with yuvraj msg..if he was kidnapped who brought dat

    1. Yes that’s a gud point… bt no one cares n they don’t have brain to think a maid can do all this … like hiring goons vth her financial status

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