Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Suhani to say clearly. Rags says she will blame someone again Dadi. Suhani says I will say. Yuvraaj says please Suhani, don’t blame anyone now, I know you are desperate to free your dad. She says I could not imagine truth will be like this, I have such proof and show you, I will get my purse. She goes. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to see Suhani, she is pointing on his family, is this right. He says she has proof, just listen to her for the last time. Suhani gets the phone and says this belongs to someone here, this has a video, it has proof, call Gauri also. Dadi says no. Aditya says let Gauri come, I m fed up and want all this to end, this is last chance for you Suhani. He goes to call Gauri.

Suhani says Gauri I told you one day the truth comes out and person

has to get punished, you can’t punish anyone innocent like this. Yuvraaj asks what do you mean. Suhani says I m saying truth, nothing happened with Gauri that day. He asks what. She says yes, Gauri did this, I don’t know why. Dadi says mind it Suhani. Rags says you crossed limits this time. Saurabh asks Suhani what is she saying. Suhani says ask Gauri, she will tell you truth, and here is the proof.

She checks the phone and there is no video. She says someone deleted it, it was in this phone. Dadi says enough, Yuvraaj kick this girl out, she should not come here again. Suhani asks Yuvraaj where is Maa. Yuvraaj says don’t drag Maa in this, don’t trouble her Suhani. Rahs says she went to temple. Suhani says I can’t blame anyone without proof. He gets angry and asks her not to blame anyone. Dadi says we should have kicked Suhani from here. Suhani says I m saying truth, I have seen in that video that Gauri made her state bad and dad did not do anything, my purse fell and maybe video got deleted. Yuvraaj says enough. Dadi asks her to leave.

Suhani says fine, now I m going, but very soon I will come with the proof. She leaves. She goes out and says my dad’s respect is ruined, his name got stained, I will get proof and show everyone, I will not let this happen with him. She goes. Saurabh and Anuj say Dadi should have not insulted Suhani like this, she is this family’s member. Dadi reminds Gauri is their sister, and Suhani called her mad. Gauri says Suhani is bad, Aditya’s ring is lost because of her. Yuvraaj goes out o see Suhani. Pratima comes home and asks what happened, why are you worried. Pratima calls Suhani and asks how can you do this. Suhani says Gauri was in hall and angry. Pratima says can’t you keep a video safe, I will talk to them. Suhani says no need, they will not agree, I will do something, don’t tell them anything. Pratima says fine.

Dadi asks Gauri not to worry, I won’t let Suhani come home. Aditya says Suhani can’t do anything. Yuvraaj asks them to rest and goes. Gauri tells Aditya that she did not do anything. Aditya says yes I know. Rags and Menka come. Rags says Suhani did bad, she is cheap girl and Aditya would feel bad that she is his sister. Menka says yes, Suhani sent you both to court and not honeymoon. Gauri says I won’t go court. Rags says like Suhani went, I m damn sure she will get some proof. Aditya says but Suhani stopped her from coming. Rags and Menka say Suhani won’t care, she will come. Gauri says I won’t go court.

Aditya and Gauri tell Pratima that Gauri wants to go on honeymoon, Gauri is insisting. Menka asks for gifts as it was her idea. Gauri says I have to go, call Dadi. Pratima says you can’t go like this. Aditya says we will plan later. Gauri says no, I will go, else.. Dadi says don’t worry, you can go anywhere, I don’t want you to see this drama daily, go out for few days, we all will go to our farmhouse. Gauri thanks and hugs Dadi. Pratima says if court hearing comes, we can lose this case. Rags agrees and says we should ask Leela once. Dadi says there is no court date till 4 days. Gauri goes to do packing.

Gauri asks Aditya to come fast, they have to go for farmhouse. Menka says I m also ready, I want to have kachoris. Rags asks her to shut up and see her weight. Pratima says I m not coming, I will be here with Yuvraaj. Dadi says Saurabh, ask Ramesh to put bags in the car, Pratima fine if you don’t want to come, I will take Yuvraaj with me. She asks Yuvraaj to pack his clothes, they are going out for two days, they will get some peace. He refuses. Gauri says please come with me. He says fine, come. Dadi says come and opens the door. They get shocked seeing police at the door. Inspector says we have arrest warrant and points to Gauri and Aditya. They all get shocked. Gauri gets shocked and cries.

Dadi asks what nonsense. Inspector says its court’s order, its good we came on time, it seems everyone was running. They catch Gauri. Gauri cries and says we were not running, leave me. Inspector says let me do our duty, we have court orders. Dadi asks why are they arresting Gauri. Inspector says you will know it in court and holds Aditya’s hand. Gauri says leave him, where are you taking, he did not do anything. Inspector drags Aditya. Dadi asks how can you arrest him. Inspector says we got complaint against him. Dadi asks who did complaint. Suhani comes and says I did. They all look on. Dadi asks why.

Suhani says for stealing your necklace, for misbehaving with his own wife, for being silent and provoking my dad to commit suicide by trapping him with this crime. Gauri says no, Aditya did not do anything. Inspector says Aditya will go to jail for 15 years for theft, rape and all crimes. Gauri says leave him. Saurabh says Aditya proved he is innocent. Suhani says I m not sure, how did the glass pieces come in hit shirt. Dadi asks Rags to call Leela, Suhani went mad, she blamed Gauri and now Aditya. Suhani says yes, he deleted video and called Krishna that police is arresting him. Gauri says its not his phone. Suhani says that was his shirt, he did this, he should be punished. Aditya says Suhani I did not do anything. Suhani tells Dadi that you are no proof today to save Aditya, you will go through same pain. Gauri says Aditya did not do anything. Suhani says no one can do this. Gauri says Aditya did not hide it. Suhani says he did this. Gauri says no, I did this. They all get shocked by Gauri accepting everything. Suhani says no need to save him, inspector Aditya did this. Gauri says I broke that vase and hidden it in his shirt. They all get shocked. Gauri says I lied to everyone and cries.

Pratima asks Gauri when did she get hurt. Gauri says one week ago. Yuvraaj asks did you scratch yourself. Gauri says yes and cries. They get ashamed. Pratima asks Gauri are you taking Aditya’s blame to save him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. finally!!! somebody please take this gauri back to where she came from. :@

    1. Yaa I also wish that and finally gauri chapter was over….

  2. First…
    good episode????

  3. at last gauri said truth….
    nice trap by suhani…

  4. Super episode
    amazing acting by suhani.
    yes that psycho goes to aslam gauri exposed devil dadii shocked too

  5. Superb episode

  6. Finally gauris truth exposed
    suhani rocks today
    nice episode

  7. O god finally gauris truth out
    good episode

  8. ???????☺??

  9. Good to see Suhani acting smart,now this Gauri should be taught a lesson

  10. Finally gauris truth exposed.
    eagerly waiting tmrw for aadis revelationn!!
    suhani did grt today
    acting is superbed earlier and today some episodes

  11. awesome epi maza aa gaya

  12. Gd episode bt d drgng is ovr…..

  13. Wow superb episode.
    suhani rocksss today

  14. Nice episode.
    gauri damn mental should go mental hospital.
    anyways new montage is amazing how cute yuvani..

  15. Interesting episode.
    suhani rules today
    is aadi also culprit??

  16. Nothing much to be happy abt. Evryone forgive gauri in jus one or two episodes as she is innocent..and same old stupid story line of taking revenge with Suhani..only twist is aditya n gauri also added in evil trio grp.

  17. Waiting tmrws episode

  18. I think both aditya n gauri should leave this movie. They are stressful n depressive. Its not entertaining at all. If one should watch a movie about extended family problem n see scenes
    like that then its not entertaining. Its also a disrespect of people with special needs. Yes one can have problem with someone with such disability but showing such a picture the directors must be ashamed. Yes dadi is disgusting but experience can transform oneself.
    Suhani TV serial was good but but need to be educative n also reform to help people in extended family. Dadis role should be transformed to discover a new dadi.

  19. Ya nthng too much excepted from that birla family. Beacuse gauri is devil dadis granddaughter.
    after seeing new montage any yuvani separation ahead???
    dnt cvs cnt do this yuvani is the heart of sse. We miss saware moments because of mental gauris drama hate gauri too now pratima as. How she against suhani??
    today suhani rockss

  20. Suhani rockzzz..i’m so happy as gauri,the real culprit came out and finally truth won…

  21. pearley hobaichan

    nice episode suhani proud of you shame on that old goat dadi

  22. Wow suhani rocksss
    nice eposode

  23. Good alast gauri tell the truth n i hope they let pankraj go n i think suhani will question gauri why she did this

  24. I am impressed suhani. Did something awesome wow love you yuVani we miss the romance of the film today episode was interesting good episode ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  25. Awesome episode. …….proud of suhani.

  26. Revathi Anandh

    Ya suhani corrector is very good and motivate for other … and gauri is like kid… she made like this because of dadi… dadi is a real culprit.. suhani was teaching her good thing only…. But this dadi moulded her like this….

  27. how stupid is suhani to lose that important evidence?
    after getting such an evidence, first thing you do is to make n number of copies of it. does suhani have any brains left?
    moreover, no need to do drama, directly take that evidence to court as that mad girl has insulted her father. if i were in her place, i would definitely see that a girl like gauri is sent to mental asylum for good treatment.
    now she has done all the drama of bringing fake police and all. now how can she prove that gauri is culprit in the court. there she may say that she has been forced to say what all she confessed and it wasn’t true.
    suhani, the mahaan has done so much for gauri who repayed her this way

  28. finally this case had came to an end ……… I now want to see the romance of yuvani

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