Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone smiling realizing Dadi has regained her memory. Dadi asks Suhani is she preparing any lecture. Suhani says sorry Dadi. Dadi says I told you not to make Yuvraaj do this small works. Pratima smiles and says thank Lord, Dadi got fine. Sharad says now I will touch Dadi’s feet, I don’t have to become Bau ji now. Dadi asks him to stop it now. Sharad says I wanted to hear this. Doctor asks Dadi to take rest. Baby reacts seeing the things in jewelry. Suhani says Dadi was threatened for all these things. Dadi asks what’s happening. Bhavna asks her to rest, we will explain later.

Pratima asks children to be with Dadi. The elders leave and discuss. Pratima asks did you find out who was it. Suhani says Yuvani came there that time, she said she came to save

Dadi, but then no one came. Baby says I heard about multiple personality disorder. Doctor explains them and says maybe Dadi was threatening herself. Rags says maybe. Doctor says Dadi was ready to kill Suhani. Yuvraaj says forget it, now she is fine.

Yuvani hugs Rags for trusting her. Pratima says everyone trusts you, Suhani and Yuvraaj did not tell us anything, they had to know truth, there was no other way. Suhani apologizes to Yuvani and says Dadi is fine now. Sharad says I would have gone mad if Dadi did not recall things. They all go from outhouse. Baby thinks I got an idea to make Suhani quiet, I can continue my planning.

Bhavna keeps jewelry. Suhani says I have seen such bangles. Bhavna says no one makes such design now. Suhani recalls and says how can this happen. Bhavna asks what happened. Suhani drags Baby and makes her sit. Everyone come there and look on. Suhani says I always had a doubt on Baby.

Baby asks what doubt. Suhani says you threatened Dadi and tried to kill her. Baby says no, Dadi did everything as doctor said. Suhani says we will know who has multiple personalities. She makes Baby wear the lie detector machine cords.

Yuvraaj asks why are you doing this. Suhani says culprit is between us, and there is still risk. Baby asks will you torture me. Dadi says this is way to know truth. Suhani says its lie detector machine, if you lie, red light will glow, and green light will come if you say truth. She starts asking Baby her name, is Yuvaan her husband. Baby answers yes. The green light glows. Suhani asks basic questions first. She asks did you change my photo, so you got rashes in hand. Baby says yes. Green light glows. Suhani asks did Dadi give bangles to you. Baby says yes. Baby lies. The machine shows red light. Suhani says you are lying, Dadi did not give you bangles, you have threatened Dadi and took jewelry, you framed Yuvani. She asks Baby how can she do such crimes. Baby accepts she has done everything alone, no one made her do anything. They all get shocked.

Baby removes the cords. She says I did all this and used Dadi’s illness, I have framed Yuvani. Yuvani angrily slaps Baby. Yuvani scolds her for risking Dadi’s life. She calls police and asks inspector to come Birla house. Yuvaan says Yuvani did right, let Baby go jail. Yuvani says you don’t deserve anyone’s love Baby. Rags says disgusting Baby, I m angry that you are our bahu. Bhavna says that bahu whom Dadi gave much love. Bhavna and Sharad also scold her. Krishna asks did you not think what will happen when truth comes out.

Baby cries and says I was blind in greed, forgive me. She asks Yuvaan and Saiyyam to forgive her. She asks Yuvraaj to trust her. Yuvraaj says I trusted you once and my daughter got punished, I will not do that mistake again. Police comes. Inspector tells about skeleton. Suhani says yes, we were coming to take complaint back. Yuvraaj says yes, we have to take Fir back. Inspector asks him to come along. Yuvraaj leaves. Yuvani and Rags ask Suhani how can she leave Baby alone, why this injustice. Everyone ask Suhani not to trust Baby, she can cheat them again. Pratima asks Suhani to think and decide. Yuvani says you proved Yuvaan and Baby matter to you, not me. She goes. Baby thanks Suhani for giving her another chance and forgiving her. Suhani says did I say I have forgiven you, you are Dadi’s culprit, and Dadi will decide your punishment. Yuvani stops and comes to Dadi. She asks Dadi to do justice and punish Baby. Dadi says fine, I will give her punishment tomorrow morning.

Dadi asks Baby to leave from the house. Pratima asks how can we make her leave. Saiyyam and Rags ask Dadi not to give another chance to Baby. Dadi says Baby has to bear punishment to get another chance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello everyone
    Hope you all remember me…
    Couldnt comment these days due to some problems. One of them being absolutely disgusting and brainwashed episodes of the serial ” The Brain-dead Birlas”..

    1. Arshi123

      Of course we remember u ?
      And well said : “The brain dead Birlas “

  2. Coming to the show now…
    The last few episodes here were turning points for sure. Firstly that itching powder thing. I mean like seriously? Baby who is such an intelligent young lady could get defeated by some powder??
    And now this mother of the world suhani who thinks that she is the best one and no one is better than her. Her upbringing is seriously the worst. And she is no one here to question her daughter’s or her half-son’s upbringing. They are seriously way better than her own example. This woman could not trust her daughter and rebuked her….

  3. The next few episodes were watch-worthy. What with all this dadi-baby drama….
    The memory loss track was losing its pace and I am glad that the cvs chose to end it. Glad to know that dadi’s memory has FINALLY come back.
    I was literally pinching myself to see if all that was true.. Baby got trapped so easily in her mother-in-law’s plan. They both make a good pair.
    Now with this track coming to an end I seriously wish for some decent kriyyam scenes.

  4. Coming to the interviews.. Karan and srishti’s bonding or rapport was not good as obvious. But one thing’s for sure that srishti needs to learn a lot. She has just stepped into the industry and is on cloud nine. This actress must not get wings so soon. She has to maintain a relationship with her co-actors and keep her personal life and beliefs FAR away from her professional life.
    Karan is doing a great job and I respect the fact that he is trying to mend the friendship. Srishti is too much. However I agree that she is the best choice for krishna. They should try to form a bond of sorts which would be appteciated by viewers as well as their well-wishers…
    Please take note of the last point

  5. Hello once again…
    This is to inform all of my lovely friends out there that I would not be commenting for a few days (that is till 18th april when my boards get over). I will sury miss you all and hope that you all do not forget me. I will try to comment in between if possible. Please wish us ( me and kriyam rocks) some good luck…
    So bye everyone. Will be back soon. With a short story on kriyyam.

  6. #wewantkriyyam

  7. Arshi123

    Guys leave every else issues

    Just WATCH the show and support

    If trp doesn’t remain stable till MAY, it might go off air.

    1. How did he clarify that karshti is having an arguments p lsss reply

    2. Arshi apu the TRPs will not be stable until they don’t show Kriyam and I certainly don’t want SSEL going off air. So I guess we hv nothing to do but to wait and watch what the do with kriyam. Feeling really sad after hearing about karan’s post.

  8. For god’s sakes why dont the writers let the viewers know about the history of Babe n Saiyyam. They definitely luk cute pair, she might be greedy n selfish but her n saiyyam 2gather can ruin the fing Birlas. Dey have a gud chem even though they are not in gud terms now. She is s*xy n hot n manipulator n greedy n he is cute n stubborn n dont five shit about others even if so doant ahow it so that make the the most perfect couple on tv. Go team baiyyam

  9. For god’s sakes why dont the writers let the viewers know about the history of Babe n Saiyyam. They definitely luk cute pair, she might be greedy n selfish but her n saiyyam 2gather can ruin the fing Birlas. Dey have a gud chem even though they are not in gud terms now. She is s*xy n hot n manipulator n greedy n he is cute n stubborn n dont five shit about others even if so doant ahow it so that make the the most perfect couple on tv. Go team baiyyam

    1. Syedul

      So sad about the karshti bonding . Uk wht I’m not even gonna watch disshow I’m tired of da crap. Like y do they always have stupid ass problems offscreen . I mean Sayyam seems to get along well wid everyone else other than Krishna

  10. Can u please tell me the exact repeat telecast time… pls. I am from sl

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Hi heshani.The repeat telecast time is at 7:30 am..

      1. No it s not… i watched. Earlier it was 7.00. But now no time. 7.30 it s not

  11. I think karan had enough of srishti’s attitude…that is why he tweeted like that… So sad to hear their bond is breaking…

    Hmm…these personal grudge may leads to end of the shows..there were so many shows got finished due to stars ego problems…

  12. I really hope coz of the stars personal problems..won’t affect the show… Now they are not sharing screen space also.. how they will give kriyam love scenes…

  13. Hmm…coming to episode Yuvani’s slap on baby…only worth to watch….

  14. #wewantkriyamonlykriyam#

  15. Actually CVS should focus on yuvani and their children, how the life of children gets changed due to the presence of their parents, now no evils Sowmya and sambhav there to seperate yuvani, how yuvani children stand for their parents against dadi,rags and even baby….. They can bring very nice storyline rather than bringing memory loss,bhooth drama etc…

  16. Aarti32

    Think positively guys!! It jst now struck my mind dat maybe he’s giving us dhamki??
    Maybe he meant dat if we want more Karshti interviews, we’ll have to show d show some love..D TRPs hv dropped right?? So maybe he’s upset wid dat n came up wid dis idea to increase TRPs..
    All we can do is, think positively..

  17. we want more kriyyam scene

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