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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saiyyam coming to room. He cares for Krishna and gives tea, which surprises her. He says I don’t care for you or anyone. She asks why did he get this tea. He says you supported me in windchime matter, I wanted to return your favor, everyone blames me in this house. He goes. Krishna takes the tea and smiles. Dadi asks what, he was inside the talk and talking to you. Suhani says yes, Sambhav knows I went to Krishna’s room to save her life. Rags says yes, he left message I m back in Suhani’s room, are you sure we should not inform police, he can attack on Yuvaan and others too. She says if we inform police, its risk for Yuvraaj. Rags says he will not leave anyone, if we could not save Yuvraaj then, we have to be prepared, be practical. Dadi asks whats guarantee that

we can find Yuvraaj by police help.

Sambhav says he wants us to panic and get scared, this time we will not fight, we will sit and then decide. Rags asks how will we do this. Sambhav calls Suhani. Rags and Dadi hear him on speaker. Suhani says I m fine and preparing to kill you again. He says I like this anger of yours. She asks then why did you feel bad when I tried to kill you, what do you think, just you know to play games, I learnt playing games, I know you will not harm Yuvraaj, else your game will end. He asks her to shut up. She says I know you very well, you can scare me by mask and darkness, you don’t have courage to come in front of me and talk, you are scared of me. He says I m not scared. She says I killed you once and will not move back to kill you again. He says I can face you Suhani, when sun sets tomorrow, see I will come infront of you. She says fine, I will wait for you. He angrily throws phone. Suhani says we will scare him now, let him come home, I need your help. Rags says fine, but can you face him. Suhani says yes, I killed him once and I will kill him again. Saiyyam hears this and gets shocked. Suhani says let him come.

Its morning, everyone come to have breakfast. Sharad says I miss snoopi seeing Tiger. Bhavna says yes, I also miss him. Baby and Sambhav come for breakfast. Saiyyam asks where is snoopi. Suhani says he is not in this world now. Sharad says a devil killed him. Saiyyam says I hope he gets bad death, I will not leave that man who did this with my Tiger. Suhani thinks I will also not leave him.

Suhani says I was thinking to go out somewhere, we will go for movie. Yuvani says I have other plans, I can’t come. Sharad books tickets. Bhavna asks Krishna and Saiyyam to come along. Suhani says I will not come then. Saiyyam says fine, don’t come with us. Suhani goes. Baby says its no use to take kunjumaa. Rags says I have shopping vouchers of imported brands, you can use that, take Kunjumaa to mall. Baby agrees.

Sambhav orders something. Someone comes to him. He gets shocked. Dadi asks the men what’s their names. They tell names. Rags takes their pics. Suhani says fine, I will inform your company. Rags says I will make them install cameras by checking their identities. Dadi says fine, this time no way to do any mistake. Baby comes with shopping bags. Sambhav sees her.

He says I was scared, I felt Suhani has come. Baby says don’t insult me by comparing me with her. She asks what are you doing. He says I m preparing to make my and Suhani’s date interesting. Rags and Suhani see the camera feeds. Suhani says now we will not leave Sambhav.

Suhani gets ready to meet Sambhav. Rags says I m not against Suhani in this matter. Dadi says I will also not let Sambhav do anything to Yuvraaj. Rags says we will take revenge from him. Sambhav hears them and thinks Suhani has to fight again today, you guys can’t do anything. Sambhav asks Suhani to walk straight to meet him. She calls him coward to use mask and speakers. He calls her in storeroom. He says you and Dadi came here to find Yuvraaj by following me, you think you are smart, no you are foolish. She says you are coward.

He asks her to come inside the secret door. Dadi and Rags sleep by drinking coffee. Suhani goes to the room and asks Sambhav where are you, you are a coward, you will not come in front of me. Sambhav starts the lights. He says you are getting trapped in this lines. She shouts this can’t happen. He says you are feeling restless as you are getting hypnotized. She says no, this can’t happen. She gets hypnotized. Sambhav comes to her and checks if she got hypnotized. He smies.

Sharad and Bhavna come home. They call Suhani. Bhavna says something is wrong. Krishna asks whats wrong. Sharad says nothing, go and rest. Krishna goes. Saiyyam asks why did we leave movie and came back. Sharad says I had some work, I asked you to watch movie and come. Saiyyam says don’t lie, I understand. Bhavna asks what do you understand, will you help. Saiyyam says yes, tell me problem. Bhavna says you are the root of problem.

Sambhav says Suhani, you would have punched me if I did not hypnotize you, see these patterns, I got this specially made for you, you have won a lot, you will always lose to me, as Sambhav never loses to anyone.

Sambhav asks Suhani will you meet Yuvraaj, come. He shows her the mirror and says that’s Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj gets puzzled seeing her numb sighted.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mystery

    I love kriyyam scene ….one thing I feel bad for …why bhavna blames saiyyam…the root cause is sambhav n not saiyyam….

  2. Love you saiyyam

    I think suhani and bhavna hobby is to blame saiyyam I wish sambav injures suhani bhavna sharad rags dadi and yuvraj

    1. I think u forget what sambhav done to Suhani….how anybody can support him.I know u hate suhani. But really sry for u ..N sry we all are ssel watchers from starting.. n we also love new gen too..But Truth is ie yuvani run de show for 3 yrs n without promotion and both are new too TV … Kriyam scenes will comes u have to wait….Dear n think logically n practically is same thing happened to us ..Will we accept Saiyam …N this is just serial not movie ..It’s has to run many yrs …..N I know slow ly slowly their bond developed once their bond developed …No one can break them…N I bit sure if in this situation something hppn to Saiyam …U all c suhani love for Saiyam…..The story is on progress.. OK call her bad mother…But I read many comments who think sambhav did right to suhani ..Sry ……But just keep calm down ..If ur girl someone teases u or touch u how u feels…. Suhani loves Saiyam ..Abhi kahani bahut Baki first u c how Suhani feels ie Saiyam is like sambhav but slowly slowly she reliase is Saiyam is gud….

      1. Totally agree with u…
        The more we thought of yuvani scene we got less .. becoz the scenes were given to Soumya track, Rohan track, Barbie track, Gauri track n plotting team like dadi,rags,menka,Soumya were given scenes n lastly this sambhav track starting it was good but after the subhav mrg it became the worst track….

        Kriyam will b have good times… for Little while…. don’t expect more from writers…. becoz from last 10 months till now yuvraj n suhani r seperated…
        But u need patience….

  3. I very sad because there is no repeat telecast of this show ………bt it’s ok hotstar zindabad :_)

  4. how did sambhav knw to hypnotize suddenly, jus stupid.. bt the epi was gud. sayyam dialogue abt the person killed tiger was gud

  5. I agree to u abi

    Villains r very smart in every serial

  6. To make sympathy of saiyyam cvs is making all to scold him….As Karan so many fan following…they wanted to make kriyam pair lyk yuvani…they r making everyone villan…so chill !!

  7. Plz don’t drag sambhav’s scene
    Plz meet suhani with yuvraj as soon as possible we want suhani and yuvraj scenes

  8. I hope suhani is pretending with sambhav n find out where exactly yuvraj is

  9. Practically saiyaam is younger than krishna

    1. Mystery

      So what Mrs tendulkar is also younger than sachin tendulkar….abhishek is also younger than aishwarya

  10. i agree mystery

    1. Mystery

      Ty dear

  11. Why always blame kriyam????I think they should together teach Birlas a good lesson.Agree?????????

  12. awsome scene saiyam krishna ke liye tea laya aur krishna ne le bhi li very nice scene kriyam i love kriyam

  13. all right mystery

  14. where are you kushi not comment

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