Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lata asking Pankaj to send Yuvraaj back. Suhani and Yuvraaj bring Bhavna to hospital. He says she is my wife’s sister. Pankaj says Yuvraaj is still our son in law, till divorce happens. The doctor checks Bhavna and says she is fine, just some BP was high, you can take her home. Yuvraaj thanks Lord and holds Suhani’s hand. She moves his hand away. Rags and Ramesh come to Suhani’s house with shagun. Rags says Dadi had sent this shagun from Rohan’s side. She says mahurat is so soon, and offers help. Lata says we will manage. Rags says I will leave now. Suhani brings Bhavna home.

Lata asks Bhavna is she fine. Yuvraaj says Bhavna is fine and shows the prescription. Lata asks Bhavna to come and rest. Menka tells Dadi about Yuvraaj going, Anuj said Yuvraaj has

gone out of city for company’s work. Dadi says I m glad, we will get rid of Suhani. Menka says no, its just work excuse, its something else. Dadi says don’t say nonsense. Rags comes and says sorry Dadi, but Menka is right. Yuvraaj went to stay at Suhani’s house, I m sure he went to stop the marriage, so he went without meeting you. Dadi is shocked and asks what. Menka says that’s why I told this.

Rohan apologizes to everyone and says I was thinking to do jewelry shopping for Suhani, and take her out for a change. Yuvraaj says right, I will come along. He says I will help her, as she likes my choice more than yours. He reminds how they gifted pendant to Suhani and she has chosen Yuvraaj’s one. Rohan says fine, I want to buy mangalsutra for Suhani, you can choose, I will make her wear it and make her mine forever. Suhani says she won’t come.

Rohan gets a message, and says fine, if Suhani is not coming, Yuvraaj also does not need to come. Yuvraaj thinks why is he not taking him. Dadi scolds Sharad. She asks why is he pulling Yuvraaj back in past. Pratima says Yuvraaj went by his wish. Dadi scolds Pratima and says this time also you will lose.

Lata says leave it, and asks everyone to come. Pankaj asks about Yuvraaj. Rohan says there is no place in car. Yuvraaj says I have my own car, unlike you, I will get keys and smiles. Rohan thinks to stop Yuvraaj at home and messages someone. Yuvraaj gets some call from a woman, who says she has proof against Rohan and wants to meet him. Yuvraaj asks them to go, he will stay at home.

Yuvraaj gets Dadi’s call and she asks how did he lie to her. He says I was just trying that.. She asks what. He says this is compulsory for divorce, we have to show that we are trying to keep marriage, I did not get Suhani there as you will be troubled. She ends call and says she has to bring Yuvraaj back soon. He says he will not go soon and clear Suhani’s misunderstandings. He sits sad and recalls Suhani.

A girl comes there and says where is Rohan, he has promised me about marriage. Rohan says he is feeling dizzy. Suhani says we should go home. They all agree and go back home. The girl talks to Yuvraaj and tells about Rohan promising her marriage. Yuvraaj says he is marrying someone else after 7 days. They hear the car coming. She hugs Yuvraaj and they fall on the sofa. He asks her to move, what is she doing. Suhani and her family comes back and they get shocked seeing this. Rohan smiles.

Yuvraaj defends himself and Rohan trying blaming him. Suhani says this can’t be true, she knows Yuvraaj well, they were together for a year and he has never cheated her, the girl will say the truth, why she came here. Rohan asks the girl to say why she came here. Yuvraaj gets glad by Suhani’s trust on him. The girl gets tensed.

Yuvraaj tells Rohan that he has used his clients to convert lies into truth, he has done the same now and the girl is ready to confess truth against Rohan now. Rohan gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what a stupid show its always rags dadi n menaka i would suggest
    it go off air

    1. if you dont like this serial dont SEE !!!!!!!

  2. Bakwass serial seriously take this show off its the stupid dadi and
    her two dumb bahus

  3. Nice episode.waiting for tommorow’s episode

  4. nice to see suhani not believing that girl.waiting for tomorrow.All the best yuvraj

  5. Enough of this shit!
    Just get yuvani together now!

  6. Very boring!

    1. Excuse me!!!!?

  7. inoff off streching this episode its time to stop all this nonsense turning the best serial into most most bakwass episodes so wish to see better episodes infront

  8. Nice epi!
    Thank God!
    Suhani still trust Yuvraj.

  9. hp dis grl tell d truth abt stupit rohan

  10. Super episod
    yuvani cute couple
    yuvraj will win by suhani heart

  11. Crap rohan go to the hell

  12. Arshy u dnt like the soap opera so dnt wtchng na
    lot of peoples r wtchng even in all india me also frm kerala

  13. One of ma fav soap
    nice episode
    wtng for tmrw

  14. All wat their doing yuvraj will end up back with suhani n rohan will have to leave unless he tell them the truth about the evil dadi

  15. Good suhani still trust yuvraj. But why is her mother behavior is abnormal. How can some one give daughter on marriage without finding the background of the boy

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