Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi welcoming the guests. The lady asks Dadi about her eyes. Dadi says its allergy. She introduces Rags. Yuvaan says Dadi, everything is ready. Saiyyam comes and says ofcourse, everything will be ready, whats the need of all this acting, tell them who is the winner as decided. The people look on. Saiyyam says we have a judge who came from outside, and another judge is Birla’s owner, so winner will be from Birla company, they will act to make her win. Dadi asks him to shut up. Saiyyam asks is this right to make Dadi judge the contest. The people also think its wrong. Saiyyam says this is bad.

Rags says shut up, we are professionals and take unbiased decisions, you won’t understand till you do it. Saiyyam says I won’t mind. Dadi says its not needed. The

lady asks is he your family member, let him judge the show. Saiyyam thinks Krishna’s Prasad worked for him, his accident plan will work and he became judge too. Yuvaan informs Suhani that Saiyyam has become judge. Suhani asks Krishna not to worry, you should compete well, show Saiyyam you are not less than anyone. Yuvaan asks Krishna not to take tension. Suhani says I will go out before Saiyyam does any new drama. They go.

Yuvani comes to Krishna. She says my heels broke, can I take this. Krishna says yes, and gives her Soumya’s sandals. Yuvani wishes her all the best and thanks her. Rags welcomes everyone in the fashion event. She says its curtain raiser event today, we will keep rounds for them, and winners will go in next round. Saiyyam sees the stage board. Yuvaan says Maa, I feel like punching Saiyyam. Suhani asks him to be in his limits, I know he will do something wrong. Rags says first round will be introduction round, we will focus on their walk, attitude, confidence and style quotient. Suhani wishes all the best to Yuvani. She says you look like a fairy, are you happy, is anyone forcing you. Yuvani says no, I really wanted to do this. Suhani says yes, fulfil your dream then. Yuvani thanks her and goes. Suhani says Yuvraaj, our children has grown up. Rags says I will tell about talent round later. The first round begins. The girls walk on the ramp. Dadi is also a judge along with Saiyyam and other lady. Mora piya…..plays……..the rope starts burning and the stage structure moves. Yuvaan misses to see it and goes to see Krishna on stage. Suhani wishes all the best to Krishna. Krishna walks with confidence. Yuvaan cheers for Krishna.

Yuvani comes and Rags mentions her. Yuvani walks on the ramp. Saiyyam has eyes on the stage structure. He sits and relaxes. Yuvani falls down on the stage. Saiyyam sees the stage structure moving. Suhani sees sandal and thinks this is Soumya’s sandal, I gave this to Krishna, how did Yuvani get this. Yuvani sees her broken sandal. She gets up and walks with confidence again. Rags claps for her. Everyone clap for Yuvani. Saiyyam leaves. He goes to see the stage. He sees Yuvaan holding the burnt rope by his hands and saving everyone. Saiyyam gets shocked. Yuvaan uses all his strength to hold the rope. Krishna compliments Yuvani. Yuvani thanks her. Yuvani asks Krishna how did the heels break, it was new. Krishna says no, it was my mumma’s sandals, Suhani gave me, I wish I was like you. Saiyyam goes and changes the question chits in the bowl.

Suhani asks Krishna why did she give sandals to Yuvani. Krishna says Yuvani liked it. Suhani says its yours and you had right on it, if anyone asks for it, politely explain. Krishna says I have seen you thinking for other’s happiness, so I gave sandals to Yuvani. Yuvaan comes and tells about Saiyyam burning the rope. Krishna calms him down. Suhani asks Yuvaan to learn from Yuvani, how she changed her failure to victory. Yuvani asks Krishna to get ready for next round. The chits bowl is brought. Rags sees the chit and looks at Dadi and Suhani.

She gets puzzled. Dadi asks Rags to read it. Rags asks can we change question. Dadi says no, the people will think we are biased, we won’t change question. Suhani says I have written questions, don’t know what happened. Rags asks Krishna are you a virgin. Everyone get shocked. Saiyyam smiles. Rags asks Krishna did you have any relationship with any guy. Krishna looks at Suhani and recalls Suhani’s words.

Krishna goes ahead on the stage, and says my values don’t allow me to answer this question, but I feel a girl and guy’s relation is very pure, which should go ahead by taking rounds around fire. Yuvani looks on. Yuvaan smiles. Everyone clap for Krishna. Yuvaan hugs Krishna and says you won my heart, I thought you will faint, but you rocked it. Krishna says I was fainting, I recalled Suhani’s words to answer with love and confidence. He says you will surely win. Yuvani asks Krishna do you know dance, we both are partners in dance face off. Krishna says I don’t know dance. He says you will rock it Krishna.

Dadi says you did this to take revenge. Suhani says my thinking is not so cheap to insult girls. Pratima reminds Suhani a big thing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Again writers showing dadi blaming Suhani instead of thinking it could be someone else.

  2. I wish if suhani could stand up to that evil old bag dadi for once n tell her off n I think Krishna will win

    1. I know, I can’t stand the old dadi and rags. I hope Krisha wins.

  3. What pratima reminds she also believe suhani did this.

  4. so good

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