Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani romancing with Yuvraaj. He asks her to wait and gets a jacket to cover her up. He laughs and says such drama for a puja, I heard wife uses this tactics to keep their husbands at home, not to send husband away. She smiles and runs to bathroom. He says I want to take a pic. She says no need. He says this look does not suit you, you are good in normal clothes, when you took this efforts for me, I decided I will come with you. She thanks him and smiles.

She looks at herself in the mirror and hugs the jacket. Rags says I did not wish to be alone here at home with Menka, so I m coming. She says Suhani I hope Gauri is not coming with us. Suhani says no, Gauri won’t come, how will she bear to see the crowd. Rags says fine, lets go. Menka comes getting ready.

Rags says it means you guys lied to me. Suhani says no, Menka said yes later. Rags says I won’t go if Menka is coming. Suhani worries and signs Saurabh. Suhani says its good Rags is not coming, Menka can do aarti with me. Menka says you are so good, its good Rags is not coming. Menka says I will take part in chaat competition. Suhani says don’t say this, tell everyone you are coming for aarti.

Dadi comes and asks them to come. Rags says I m ready, come. They all leave. Suhani says I will come in some time. Yuvraaj says I m waiting at the car. Suhani says you go, I will come with Bhavna. He says fine, you have to patchup with Bhavna. She says fine. He asks is she thinking about Gauri. She says yes. He says Ramesh is at home, shall I stay or not. She asks him to leave. Suhani hides seeing Bhavna and Sharad leaving with Golu. Ramesh says Suhani Bhabhi ji, I kept puja items in car. Sharad and Bhavna see Suhani, and ask did she not go. Suhani says I was going with Yuvraaj. Sharad and Bhavna leave.

They all come in the function. Menka asks about chaat competition. The man says there is nothing such. Menka scolds him and asks another man. Rags stops her and asks is she mad. Menka says I will ask Suhani, and asks about her. Dadi asks Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says she came with Bhavna. Bhavna says no, she told me that she will come with you. Menka says what, she cheated me. Rags says shut up Menka. Yuvraaj says maybe…. FB shows Suhani asking Bhavna and Sharad to go. She sees Yuvraaj on phone and hides. He leaves.

He says why did she do this. Dadi asks what. The man says its time to start aarti. Dadi says I have to go home. The man says you have to start aarti, press has come. Yuvraaj says I will ask Suhani and calls her. Dadi asks Rags to know where did Ramesh keep Prasad. Suhani lights the diya and prays. Gauri comes in the living room and is calls out Didi.

The landline rings. Suhani asks Gauri to remove the mask. Gauri says no, and knocks the door. The pandit asks Dadi to start Maha aarti. Rags says Ramesh said we have to buy Prasad from outside. Dadi tells the pandit that she has some imp work and apologizes. Yuvraaj asks what happened to Dadi and goes after her, asking Bhavna to continue aarti. Gauri says she will not remove mask and runs. Bhavna and Rags do the aarti together. Suhani prays to Lord. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to drive fast. They are on the way. Suhani asks Gauri to remove the mask. Gauri refuses. Suhani says Lord gave you this face, you have no right to hide it, you can’t live life like this, till you learn to fight with hurdles, you can’t stay well. Gauri cries.

Yuvraaj says we are reaching Dadi. Suhani removes Gauri’s mask. Dadi is tensed. Gauri cups her face and cries. Suhani moves her hands down and sees her face. She asks her to look at her. Gauri has some burn mark on her right cheek, and still she looks good. Maybe the scar of her face made her hide behind the mask. Suhani holds her face and says you are so beautiful, why do you hide your face? Gauri cries. Suhani asks her not to be afraid. Gauri says this bad scar. Suhani says no, its not bad, will you hide your face with this mask. Suhani asks Gauri does she feel she felt any difference? Gauri says no. Suhani says no one will feel any difference. Gauri recalls Dadi’s words. She gets scared.

The lights come at home. Dadi and Yuvraaj come home and see Gauri. Gauri hides her face and screams.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. V always see suhani with the s pendant chain, but yuvraj is never seen with tattoo, sahil as actor should try to b perfect.
    Sometimes I just feel suhani &Yuvraj were better off as friends rather than husband & wife.

    1. Niice point suraj

    2. there comes d maturity to become husband & wife from son / daughter / friend & also to know d difference it makes 2 ur priorities ; btw almost all daily soaps r dragged on this immaturity some of d worst r kb – zee , dabh & sathiya – star & pr – life ok
      of course ssel is also among it

  2. Yes it s true they are gud as frndz

  3. l just love yuvraj suhani

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