Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani saying Dadi got fine. Dadi acts dizzy. They all hold her. Dadi acts like Sunanda. Saurabh says it happens in her condition. Rags says she will send Mili to ashram tomorrow. Saurabh says yes, its right. Rags says so its final, Mili is going. Yuvraaj says you can’t decide alone. Saurabh says I have seen that ashram, its good. Yuvraaj says I have also seen an ashram, Mili will go there after two days. He leaves.

Its night, Suhani cries in her room thinking of Mili. Yuvraaj comes in the room and sees her sleeping. He caresses her. She turns to him and holds his hand. He says everything will be fine till tomorrow. She thinks she will bring Dadi’s truth out and not let his sister go away.

Its morning, Bhavna checks clothes and pays money. Suhani

hugs Bhavna and smiles. She says sorry, I scared you yesterday. Bhavna says forget it, always discuss things with me and don’t worry. Suhani says yes, promise, we have to take care of Dadi, I read about her illness, she is critical, she is Dadi from body and Sunanda from mind, did you see her white hair, what about wrinkles, she will go in shock, we have to see her cosmetics. Dadi hears this and worries. Suhani smiles and says we can’t say anything, as Sunanda hates makeup. Rags asks what is it. Suhani says she can’t tell Dadi about wrinkles. Rags asks why is he caring for external beauty. Suhani says I value heart’s beauty, I m saying about Dadi, you tell Dadi. Yuvraaj talks to Pratima. Pratima cries as her hope broke. I felt maybe any miracle happened and my daughter got saved, but it was all false. He says I want you to be happy, you said we should not cry to weaken any gone person, atleast we missed Gauri when Mili came here, its good thing, we all are with you, you have two daughters now, Bhavna and Suhani. He tries to cheer her up and cries. Pratima says you have grown up so soon, thanks for supporting me in every tough time.

Saurabh comes and hugs Pratima, saying she loves Yuvraaj the most. Anuj comes and they all argue on whom Pratima loves first. Pratima hugs Anuj saying he is her number one son. They all hug Pratima. Dadi rushes to find botox injections. Suhani looks on. Ramesh calls her Badi Dadi and Dadi scolds him. He says it means you are Dadi, I got lassi but it is not for you now. Suhani says she asked for lassi, I will have it. Dadi asks Suhani to manage her weight and stop eating samosas. Suhani says yes, Dadi are you finding anything. Dadi says no need, leave from here. Ramesh says I think Badi Dadi’s spirit is coming. Suhani says we shall run. Dadi asks for lassi. Ramesh gives her.

Pankaj comes home early from office, and says he thought to meet Suhani and Bhavna today. He says Aditya called, he is coming. She gets very glad. He says we will tell girls. She goes to get ready. Suhani asks Mili to read books, and shows her. Rags says she will read, as she will be alone in ashram from tomorrow, she will read books better than getting bored. She says Yuvraaj said he will send ashram in 2 days, one day is over and one day remains. Gauri says how will I stay without Suhani, I will miss her. Suhani gets glad seeing Pankaj and Lata and hugs them. She asks Bhavna to come fast. Bhavna hugs them.

Dadi comes there. Pankaj and Lata greet her. Dadi asks Rags why did she call her for such poor people. Pankaj asks what happened, did we do mistake. Dadi asks who are they. She acts to fool them. Suhani looks on. Sharad says they are from here only. Dadi says they don’t know to greet well, I will not be here. Lata asks what is Dadi saying, what happened to her, who does such greetings in today’s time. Dadi insults them. Rags says what can I do, Yuvraaj and Sharad liked their daughters. Dadi scolds Rags for choosing such cheap family. Yuvraaj comes there. Dadi asks him did he get such family. He asks why. Dadi says they are cheap people. He gets shocked.

Dadi takes botox injection, and is giving herself. Suhani holds her hand and says Dadi you can’t do this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think so adithya will be gauri’s heroooooo

  2. Pani wala dance

  3. V nice episode. Lovely bonding among the bros. Adorable scene of yuvraj &pratima. Yuvani ??moments. Suhani ,Bhavana ??. Sometimes I feel yuvraj & Sharad’s acting going blank. ….suhani is just amazing except the hairstyle.
    Today in the 1st seen I felt someone else is acting for pratima.

  4. Noooo, no need of a hero for Gauri as yet,let she enjoy her life to the fullest with her mom, bros & bhahis which was ruined completely by that wicked Dadi. Infact would luv to see yuvraj &sharad feeling jealous of him.

  5. Zahra Ismail whats up

  6. Y the hell is dadi the evil witch taking botox she should be taking lie detector

  7. Lolx funny comments

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