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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi informing Yuvraaj about Pratima’s health gone bad. He says he gave medicine to Suhani. Dadi says yes, but Soumya is calling doctor now. Yuvraaj wonders where is Suhani. Suhani tells Bhavna that she did shopping for her loved ones and tells about Soumya, that she is happy and gel well with family. Yuvraaj comes home. The doctor checks Pratima and tells him that its wrong medicines and it would have killed Pratima. Dadi says Suhani gave me this. He says then ask her why did she give this. Yuvraaj gets angry and asks where is she. Menka says she went to shopping for her parents anniversary. Pratima says she is fine. Yuvraja says he is glad, else he would have died. Yuvraaj thanks Soumya for saving Pratima’s life. Rags says our plan is successful Dadi. They smile.

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Suhani comes home from shopping and smiles. Rags asks Suhani where was she. Suhani asks what happened and how did Yuvraaj come so soon from rally. Yuvraaj gets angry. She gives him the sand glass which he throws on the ground in anger. Everyone is shocked. He asks where was she. Saurabh asks him to relax. Suhani asks what happened. Yuvraaj says when he went to buy gifts for her parents, her mum’s life was in danger, she gave wrong medicines to Dadi which Pratima ate and got unwell. Suhani says I did not give wrong medicine. Yuvraaj throws things asking her not to lie. Suhani cries and says she did not give wrong medicine. Dadi says its her mistake to trust Suhani and give medicines to Pratima without checking it, if Pratima got critical, she would be responsible.

Soumya says Pratima was really serious today. Suhani swears. Yuvraaj says just shut up. He scolds her and says she just worries for her parents. He says you do this when responsibility comes, you are useless and just know to say great words. He says you risked my mum’s life to go shopping for your parents. He says you did not think if she ate the medicines, she would have died. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to listen to her. Yuvraaj says Soumya saved Pratima’s life today. He says anything would have happened to mum, I m indebted to Soumya. He says you tried well to kill my mum. Dadi adds more fuel and says she proved she is not deserving to be out bahu, she is like Pratima. Dadi says Pratima forgets name and has ruined your life. Suhani asks what does she mean. Dadi says Pratima chose you, this is her mistake.

Dadi scolds Suhani. Yuvraaj says whatever happened today, I will never forgive you. Soumya says its not Suhani’s mistake. Yuvraaj says his mistake is Suhani. He leaves. Suhani goes to talk to Pratima and sees Yuvraaj. He makes her go out. She cries. Sharad comes to her and feels bad. He says he is worried for her. Dadi tells Rags that we have to show Soumya interested in Yuvraaj and then we will bring them closer. Soumya comes to Suhani and pacifies her. Soumya says men feel they kept women at service by marriage and if we do any mistake, they get angry. Suhani asks how did this happen with mum. Soumya says its good she is fine. Suhani thanks Soumya. Soumya smiles.

Suhani tells Yuvraaj that she did not change medicines. Yuvraaj asks then who did it, tell me, and names everyone and Dadi. She nods yes at Dadi’s name.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Whats this!!! I dont get its logic

    1. its about racism and beauty

  2. this serial is a bakwas hai

  3. BULLSHIT!!!

    1. ye dadi ka nature kab change hoga yaar.

  4. Godddd…hw culd ths possible …? Without stry.logic…..nthg….bettr..kill dadi…or else end this serial……

  5. Kill soumya……..

  6. Is Dadi keh to gal pordeneh chahiyeh,

  7. ye,what is the story for this serial?………not at all intrested.

  8. very good I hope to see yuvraaj andsoumya together suhani is just soo insane and acts soo wanna be at times!!

  9. Plzz update iy fast…

  10. Y aren’t they updating fast? Sometimes updating very early n smtms not at all…these people r playing with us

  11. Check the tym…its 9 43… not yet updated 26th November episode. .. wat d hell dey r dng… upload it fast…

  12. some days dey dnt evn upload… keep an admin who do der work properly…

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