Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima saying Yuvaan has right to get father’s love, you both think what future to give to your children. She goes. Yuvraaj says you left everything. Suhani says you made me leave, you broke all relations with me, I did not. Soumya sees papers and thinks I m not married to Yuvraaj, if he wants to go back to Suhani, I can’t stop him, what if anyone knows about this…. She gets worried.

Rags asks Soumya to make Yuvraaj feel so guilty, just Krishna can do this work. Soumya asks shall I use Krishna. Rags says sorry, you have no other option, afterall we are doing this for Krishna’s future, I m sure she will thank you. Menka comes and jokes on Suhani and Soumya’s story.

Yuvraaj goes to Pratima. He says this is not easy for me. Pratima says I know, but

you have to see what you are getting by your decision, think about Yuvaan. He says I m thinking about him, fine Suhani can stay here. Suhani says I don’t want anyone’s favor. He asks Pratima to see Suhani is not agreeing when I m asking her to stay. He argues. She agrees to stay in outhouse.

Yuvraaj tells the girls that Yuvaan is in outside. Yuvani asks why. Yuvraaj says because his mum is very stubborn, you can meet him, if anyone stops you, let me know. Yuvani says who will stop me, I will go and meet Yuvaan in his house. She tells Yuvraaj that Krishna just fights with me, Papa come… he says no, its late, they would be sleeping. Yuvani says Yuvaan does not sleep early. He says yes, but Suhani… we can’t go there. Yuvani insists and takes him.

Yuvaan thanks Sharad for getting him here, its good I met Yuvraaj. Suhani asks him to stop it now. Sharad smiles. She asks Yuvaan to praise her too. Yuvaan asks Suhani not to become Sadu. Yuvraaj comes and smiles hearing this. Sharad laughs. Suhani turns and sees Yuvraaj. She asks Yuvaan to stay quiet. Sharad says its strange game of fate. Yuvani asks who is this Niyati, what game did she play. They all laugh. Yuvani says we just came to meet. Yuvaan says we are coming for dinner, uncle we will play basketball after dinner. Suhani says no, play in morning. Yuvani says Papa was right, aunty is very stubborn. Yuvaan says no, mumma said we are guests here. Yuvraaj says no you are not guest, its your house. Yuvaan says that’s why I like you, I m not your puppet. Yuvraaj asks who told you. Yuvaan says I was explaining mumma that you are so good, that’s why I like you. She says even I m not adamant.

Soumya asks where is Krishna and Yuvani. Krishna says they went to meet Yuvaan. Soumya thinks why did they not take Krishna along. Suhani looks for Sharad and Yuvaan. Leela comes and says Pratima is calling you. Suhani and Yuvaan go for dinner. Suhani talks to the kids and asks Yuvani to have food made by Soumya, but I used to have samosas by hiding. The kids laugh. Yuvraaj asks Yuvani not to eat by hiding. They all go for dinner. Suhani and Yuvraaj argue. The kids laugh and ask what did aunty say about Yuvraaj. She takes the salad plate from him and eats it. She argues with him. Soumya comes and says everyone is waiting for dinner. Yuvraaj takes the plate and goes.

Suhani says we will go. Yuvaan says no, we will dine here. The kids convince Suhani. Suhani and Yuvaan join everyone for dinner. Yuvaan asks Yuvraaj to teach him basketball. Yuvani says then your mumma has to teach me something. Krishma says we will take aunty’s help in crafts project. Sharad says Suhani is expert in this. Dadi says no need, we will keep teacher. Pratima says why, Suhani will teach them. Rags calls Soumya there and says Soumya can teach them too. Krishna says mumma does not know crafts. Soumya says I told them we will keep tuition teacher. Pratima says Suhani will teach them, no need to keep teacher.

Suhani tells Soumya that she will help her in cooking. Rags tells Soumya that Suhani will snatch everything from you.

Soumya goes to room. She tells Yuvraaj that she tried to tell Suhani about them. He says we don’t need to say anyone, it was not my mistake to get you here, how would I raise Yuvani alone, don’t feel guilty. She says I m glad you met Yuvaan. He says yes, its new feeling as if I became father again. She says Krishna and Yuvani got a brother, they don’t know about it. He says but they will know in some time, don’t stress. She says I m not stressed, I don’t have any right on you, you are free. He says anyway good night and sleeps on the couch.

Its morning, Sharad goes to Yuvaan. Yuvaan asks for Suhani. Sharad makes him ready. Yuvaan says hurry up, my basketball training is starting today, I like staying here. Sharad asks why don’t we play a game. Yuvaan says idea is good, but what game will we play. Rags tells Soumya that Suhani is playing game with her, she has problem to stay in house, and she stays with outhouse, she does not want to leave from here, how long will she stay with Yuvani. Dadi argues with Pratima and asks why is Suhani teaching crafts to Yuvani. Pratima asks why is Yuvraaj teaching basketball to Yuvaan. Dadi says he is Yuvaan’s father. Pratima says even Suhani is Yuvani’s mother. Leela collides with Rags. Rags scolds her. Pratima asks Dadi to let Suhani spend time with Yuvani. Soumya looks on.

The family decides to play Kho Kho. Suhani and Yuvraaj make rival teams.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Excited about tomorrow’s epi..
    Hoping for some YuvAni scenes tomorrow during the game..
    But I don’t want suhani to forgive yuvraj easily!!

  2. yyy Suhani…y r u nt leaving….hw could u stay there…….yuvrj and soumya r still sleeping in the same room…and hw cn u bear all these….
    yuvraj was saying to soumya that he was alone and soumya helped him….arey yuvraj there was Dadi,Prathima and all to look after yuvani… was suhani who was alone….she managed house along wid her office…she raised her son alone….She lived as Suhani not as Suhani Birla….he don’t values her…..
    and their fight scene reminded me of good old times 🙁

  3. wow.. Wt an episode… Hmm um waiting for yuvaani and yuvaan to know about their parents past

  4. WTH is this Rags prblm…she won’t understand Suhani’s pain as she z nt a mother….first try to make ur own family…..

    1. Yes soo true! only cares about her figure… cheeee, Children are a blessing from God, figure can change due to time as well… But I really loved the little arguments in today’s episode

      1. Actually I think Rag’s can’t have children that’s why she asked Saurab to adopt a child n he said then think of a good reason to explain to family

        N for ppl who think that Menka’s child is a girl I don’t think so course mostly Rags take care of Babu so do u think she won’t have known by now ?
        Instead I think she adopted Babu n his parents blackmail her for money

      2. Piku…as Aqsxxh said,we all knw Rags,,,she only cares abt her figure…that’s y she is nt ready to marry…and u r rite..if it was a girl then Rags would hv knwn it..and also Menka always goes for shopping and all leaving the kid at home…it’s nt easy to hide such a big thing,,,btw Anuj is missing

  5. What the hell!!! How can Suhani stays in the outhouse? She deosn’t have any self respect??? When she came to Birla house to met her daughter why can’t yuvraj goes to Suhani’s house to meet Yuvaan?
    This storyline is crap!
    What i really didn’t want to happen is happening.
    Very dissapointed by this show now!

    1. The answer is no font of Sanskr and Adars self respect is nothing. Self respect dai down with Ramayana and Mahabharata. Really

  6. i think yuvraj and suhani and their kids should be together and live as a happy family ever

  7. Ya,i agree with roz .there were so many people in birla house to take care of yuvani but actually suhani was alone .she managed all things ,like erning money and stablished own business ……but yuvraj ko hamesha wife chahiye…what nonsense…..kabhi soumya se shadi ,kabhi barbi se fir soumya se ….suhani se pyar to bas dikhawa hai.

    1. ha,,,kabhi Barbie,kabhi Suhani….last tym wen suhani went missing,Yuvraj immediately got married to Barbie..,,,

      1. But that time uski mmarji nahi thi or dekha jaye to is time bhi ye sab dekhawa he did not marry soumya

      2. last tym wen Suhani went missing Prathima tried to stop Barbie-Yuvi mrg,,,she was so optimistic that she will return,bt Yuvraj didn’t listen to her..instead he listened to Dadi…..This tym also,,eventhough he didn’t marry Soumya…he gave his wife’s place to her..wht made him thnk that Suhani won’t comeback!

  8. I just wish that Yuvraaj reflects back on all the harsh things he told Suhani and hope the kids bring them closer

  9. Hmmm same old crap repeating

    Please make suhani negative and give punishment to Dadi n yuvraj through court
    Get divorce and marry sambhav

  10. No progress at all, Suhani should leave. she has a company she’s running and her elder sister is also there why staying where you are not welcome?
    The bomb blast that occur, I guess more is still attached to it that the audience is yet to know, why did Suhani keep having the same dream? not even once.
    Also the new maid seams to be implanted in the house by Krishna family, sometimes ago she was talking to someone on phone explaining how the girl is been maltreated.
    Where is the new guy introduced, what is doing all this while? he need to come in to make Yuvraaj beg to get Suhani back.

  11. Why dont u guys understand suhani and yuvraj arent just individuals who only have to care about themselves anymore. they are parents. they have to think of their kids. Suhani doesnt want to leave her daughter. the daughter she just recently found out about. she has been crying for that kid for 6 years thinking she is no more. same with yuvraj. How can suhani leave her daughter to protect her self respect when clearly her daughter is not being taken good care of in her absence. She was spoilt to the core and this can affect her in the future. she can become like soumya. insecure and go any extent to get her way because thats what she was taught. A mother can suffer anything for their kids.

    1. I agree.. Before being a woman, shez a mother who has met her daughter after 6 years.. How will she leave her..

    2. Thank you Anon! I don’t want Suhani to leave and go with Sambhav, becos what will happen to Yuvani.. she would never accept suhani as a mother.. so that is why Yuv an Suh need to sort their relationship out before bonding wiv the children

  12. All I have to say in the end they really love each other ??????

    1. I know YuvAni for life

  13. aftr long time am enjoying to episode .its really good to watch yar… now sharad plays a game with yuvi and suhani..

  14. Suhani why u still stay there,plzz leave that house.bczz if u stay there anymore raags , dadi & soumya will make more problems. They will not allow u to leave peacefully, so better you go away from there.I want sambav and suhani to be united, they surely make a nice couple. Anyways today ‘s episode was some what better than the previous one.

  15. I agree with roz &joy. ………just unable to predict the writers. …..Once suhani is shown confident, strong, independent &the very next moment she is shown as the weakest of all. &This duffer yuvraj has gone mad he still has an explanation fr his deeds, is marrying the only solution in his dictionary? Actually it’s not soumya but suhani who should hv felt insecured being with yuvraj.why doesn’t he realise that his mother too was a widow &single handed raised 3 kids then why can’t he take care of 1 child with so many people around him.

    1. Yeaa Sushma…..Prathima raised them all alone…..What made him think that his mother won’t be able to take care of yuvani…..

  16. I can’t understand y suhani just frigging leave

  17. its just serial why everyone react like this…i know u all love this serial but its jst for entertainment not to take stress and think about it. .

  18. #UniteYuvani is now #UniteSubhav

    Seriously….why are the writers always in favor of the Birlas…. they make everyone agree to what they say…be it dadi or Pratima or Yuvraj…they always have their way….and why is Suhani staying back that too in the outhouse? She can stay in her parents house(wonder where they are post leap)…. Yuvraj can come and spend time with Yuvan there….how can Yuvraj love Yuvani and Yuvan but hate their mother….

    It is all the writers fault…they always show Suhani as weak and with no self respect…. seriously for once please make Suhani strong and let her make a decision to walk away with the kids and start a new life with Sambhav. The audience is so wanting to get Sambhav back…when will the writers hear us????

    Suhani is not a housewife now…she is a working women how can she stay just like that without doing any work and for how long….remember she gave away her two contracts that she badly needed….. why is she not focusing on her career…after all she has to earn for Yuvan and herself…..same applies to Sharad.,…how can he stay without working???

    There are so many goof ups in SSEL… remember they celebrated happy new year party for year 2015 but in Yuvraj and Soumya’s marriage agreement the year was 2011… then there was the blood group confusion! who are the writers trying to fool….. please stop showing such stupid unrealistic tracks…the audience is very smart and has more sense than you think…. and please get Suhani out of the Birla house…after all that Yuvraj said and blew off the diya no women would stay back and do nok-jhok that was shown in today’s episode… with her estranged ex-husband…. this is ridiculous….they are behaving as if nothing has ever happened….. as if it was some small fight…. they have ended their relations… .please show some seriousness…. even if Suhani is to stay there she needs to do it in a dignified way… and not bump into Yuvraj for every nok-jok oppurtunity even if the children do something silly. do our parents behave like that with our just met uncle and aunty????!

    1. U r rite….I love yuvANI pair…bt yesterday’s nok-jok scene was not needed..I felt strange…he did so much wid her and she ws behaving as if nthng happened….

      1. Exactly …..I too found it a little weird though the scenes were very good .

  19. We really know yuvraj and suhani are made for each other.but dadi n party never want that theylive,just I want jaise suhani laptop per diary likhti thi ,waise he yuvan ka bachpan record karke rakha ho jo woh yuvraj ko dikhay ….to shayad uska gussa,dukh kam ho .happy moments aaye…..

  20. Guys are anybody watching yhm and ssel

  21. Yeh what is this more crap.. Yuvraj dumass can’t tollerate suhani..does he know what tollerate means..and still blames Suhani..why..he is an idiot .Why is he letting Dadi off so lightly??No words for double crossing soumya.Pratima playing with emotions for her benefit..can’t see how much Suhani is hurting..again Birlas are selfish.Sourabh what you still doing with Rags whats so good about her..lazy cow..tell if you spend time beatifying yousdlf even an ugly janwar will look good..she can’t cook or clean…so she must be good in bed for you to still be with her…get rid of her…ugly cow.Writers do you live in the neverland or what…all man are brainless in all the so called serials.

  22. Shit shit bullshit

  23. I really liked Sowmya when she setup parlour n earned for living. This sowmya behaves like victim n use kids for her purpose. Chi sowmya

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