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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with barbie asking the boy to come with her, she will buy toys for him. Suhani asks did she accept him as son. Barbie says no, I m just doing what you all wanted, why are you all shocked. A man brings designer dress for Barbie and says Radhe has sent it. she says I m married to Yuvraaj Birla, take this back, I can’t accept this. Barbie tells Dadi and everyone that she is behaving well with kid only for humanity sake.

Pratima beats the man and runs from there. Suhani prays for Pratima. The man calls Barbie. Suhani answers the call. The man says Pratima has run away on temple road which goes to Birla house. Suhani tells Dadi that she will look for Pratima. Dadi asks her to be careful. Pratima runs on the road. Suhani passes by, and Pratima hides. Pratima comes inside

the house. Sharad says I will go and see. Dadi says I will call Suhani and ask. Pratima sees the family. Barbie hits on her head and stops her. Pratima falls down. Sharad says I will go and see. He sees Barbie there. Barbie says we have to burn holi. She puts Pratima inside the holika dahan, and keeps the woods.

Saurabh says its Bhavna’s first holi, so Sharad will burn holi. He asks Bhavna where is Sharad. Bhavna says he has gone out. Barbie says we can’t wait. Bhavna asks why, let everyone come. Saurabh says yes, let family come, Suhani is not here. Barbie looks at Pratima inside holika. The kid thinks from where to fill water in pichkari. Radhe comes and meets him. Radhe asks him to play with water pipe.

Barbie says I m burning holi, you all can come or not. Dadi asks whats her problem, family burns together. Barbie asks whats your problem Dadi, this is my first holi, if Yuvraaj is not here, his child is within me, I can burn it. She goes to burn Pratima. Everyone look on. Suhani and Sharad come home. Suhani cries and tells Dadi that she did not get Maa. The boy brings the pipe and blows off the fire from Barbie’s firetorch. He puts water on everyone. Barbie scolds the boy. The boy says holi is played with water, not fire. Barbie gets angry and asks Ramesh to get new sticks. Everyone go to change clothes.

Radhe switches off tap and laughs. Sharad goes to him and asks what happened. Radhe says the boy has put water. Sharad says its time to make Barbie run. Radhe says Barbie is after Yuvraaj. Sharad says show yourself rich than Yuvraaj. The boy says he has put water on everyone. Radhe laughs and hugs him. Sharad asks him to focus on work. Barbie calls her goons there. Suhani comes. Barbie stops her and sends the goons to hide. Suhani argues with Barbie. The goons try to take Pratima by removing the sticks. Barbie threatens Suhani again.

Suhani says you can’t do anything. The goons take Pratima with them, till Suhani argues with Barbie. Barbie says let me do what I want and smiles. Suhani turns and sees no one. Barbie says my eyes are always on you, so be in limits, it will be better.

Bhavna tells Rags that Barbie is greedy, she has left Radhe and married Yuvraaj. Rags says Radhe has to get Barbie towards him, let me handle this. Soumya tells Krishna that she has to meet Suhani. Krishna says fine, we will give her good news. A call comes and Krishna says I have to go, its imp courier. Soumya says at this time, its holi, why did you not get holiday. He says its new job, I can’t ask for leaves, I will go and come. He asks her not to go Birla house alone, I will take you tomorrow.

Rakhi waits for Radhe. She taunts Soumya over Krishna going on holi night. Rags asks Radhe to do just as she taught him. Radhe goes. Barbie talks to the goons and asks them to hide Pratima, she will make Ramesh away from the wooden sticks. Radhe calls Barbie and makes her fall. Rags looks on. Radhe jokes and Barbie scolds him. Radhe rains money on her and says its raining. Rags laughs and tells Suhani that this is foolproof plan to kick out Barbie.

The boy asks Suhani to play holi with him and she says we will play later. He insists and takes her. They get Pratima’s necklace. Suhani gets shocked.

Suhani asks Yuvraaj to come later after his work ends. Yuvraaj says my work is over and I m coming tomorrow. Suhani looks for Pratima. Barbie smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dragging King , tmrw they will find pratima anyway yuvraj will come on holi

  2. Is this gearing up to be another Kalash ek vishwaas of the neverending kidnap track? Why are most of the serial writers fixated on kidnap and the triumph of evil over good? Common do something different and original!

  3. Sandra s thannickal

    Kyun hamesha burai ka jeet hothi hai??

  4. enna oru ezhachila ith…hooo

  5. Inspite of the rumours spearding this show will be ending on 1st of May & Trp showing low, writers r dragging the show to such an extent. As always the evil wins over the good Is it bad to be good? The writers just don’t understand by showing this they will only lose the viewers. Common writers it’s a wake up call fr u, most of the yuvanians r trying hard to get back good trp ,they r putting in their full efforts by tweeting, msg,mails &whichever way it’s possible plz respect their feeling &hence forth give some logical, sensible tracks by which even star plus won’t hv the guts to stop the show.

  6. Hey friends does gving comments in YouTube affect the trp ratings? ?

    1. No… how can youtube comments affect trp..?? They r totally unrelated

  7. I hope they will find pratima tomorrow. I think tomorrow we will get some yuvani scenes.

  8. Dont drag it please

  9. I agree, dragging tracks only decreases TRP. Please don’t drag and lose viewers. Please don’t end this show. Expose Suhani and increase TRP.

    1. Sorry meant to say expose Barbie.

  10. I agree, dragging tracks only decreases TRP. Please don’t drag and lose viewers. Please don’t end this show. Expose Barbie and increase TRP.

  11. I think the little will help them find pratima or radhe

  12. please reveal the real face of barbie

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