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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lalita asking Dadi to beg for ration. Dadi asks Krishna whats this nonsense. He asks her to beg if she wants food for her family. Dadi says she will not beg, and asks for ration. She says she has bought the ration, why should she beg. Krishna asks Suhani do you know why we came here. Suhani says keep your warning to you, we will stay without ration. Krishna says Dadi will beg and make food. Yuvraaj says we are not hungry and asks her to come. Dadi says no, we are bearing this because of Suhani’s wrong decision. Suhani asks Dadi to refuse them, why is she agreeing to them. Dadi says I can do anything for my family.

Dadi goes to Lalita and begs for ration, holding her saree end. Menka asks Dadi is she really begging them. Lalita laughs and says life has strange

colors, see you were queen yesterday and today a beggar. Krishna says great, now tell me what you want. Suhani cries. Dadi asks for ration. Krishna asks is she begging or giving order. Dadi requests Lalita. Lalita laughs and reminds her how she begged for Krishna’s bail. She says she is not bad like her and they give her ration. Suhani helps Dadi and apologizes to her in heart. Lalita asks Suhani why did she do all this and now regretting.

Rakhi says she did not give her salt and Lalita asks Suhani to give the salt to Dadi. Suhani says she will make all of them cry. Krishna says time will say, as of now, Dadi will cook food, alone and no one will help her. Dadi says she does not want help. Lalita says let Menka and Rags help Dadi, she is old. Menka says she does not know cooking. Rags says I m not well. Krishna says then Dadi has to cook alone. Rags and Menka talk to Anuj and put blame on Suhani. Suhani tells Anuj that they are saying right. Lalita taunts Dadi. Dadi still taunts Lalita and Lalita argues. Dadi finds hard to cook. Soumya asks Krishna why is he after Dadi, they have revenge from Suhani. He says we have to take revenge from whole family. She says Dadi did his bail and he is making her cook and beg.

Lalita says so what, they did not free Krishna when we told Dadi. She says when police took Krishna, no one thought about us, why should we think about anyone. Krishna says mum is right, Soumya forgot our pains and shows her the marks on his body by police beating. Soumya cries and asks him to do anything. He says if she thinks he is wrong, he will leave. She says no, they should be punished and hugs him.

Anuj blames Suhani for all this. Yuvraaj comes and asks Anuj not to argue, they have to be united at this time. Dadi is unable to cook and gets herself hurt. She says all this is happening because of Suhani. Radhe shows balance with a vase. Suhani asks Rags to let him do anything, she has got this from a fair. Radhe says he does not like fair products and wants something expensive. Rags asks Suhani not to give orders to her. Dadi comes from kitchen. Menka says Dadi looks like Suhani. Suhani says everything has limit Menka. She asks Dadi to clean her face and gives tissue. Menka laughs seeing Dadi’s hand stained and jokes on her. Rags make fun of her. Krishna laughs. Dadi tells Suhani that this is happening because of her, and she will never forgive her.

Lalita asks Dadi to chane her saree and takes her necklace. Dadi pushes her and Krishna says how dare she raise hand on his mum. Yuvraaj pushes Krishna on the floor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. You mean flop ????????

  2. Disgusting!

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  5. You know spell flop as floup ?

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  6. OMG what the hell…this have become a marketplace indoors…where are they really going with this show…who is taking revenge on whom…another one I have stopped watching for now, until it starts making sense

  7. Flop serial for this u can end suhani si ek ladki instead of nisha aur uske cousins.

    1. agree, these dingbats and saathiya moronic serial is staying and NAUC is being cut…cant believe it!

  8. …and the nonsense continues….
    Rubbish unrealistic serial
    Am sooo over it…

  9. I also stopped watching it but i am only reading it now.i think krishna knows that dadi is behind every problem.he will expose dadi soon. He is not with dadi but is helping suhani. But suhani and all and viewers are unaware of this.there will come twist in serial when krishna will disclouse this truth to all.

  10. I agree with meetu

  11. Wat a nonsense …..
    End this show n plz start a new one. .


    nonsense, disgusting& unrealistic serial sorry i forget its boring!!

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