Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani making juice. Lata asks her what is she doing. Suhani says I m making juice for Yuvraaj, he will come from jogging. Sambhav gets angry. Suhani says I mean….. Sambhav comes and drinks juice, asking them to make sweet juice from tomorrow. Suhani goes. Sambhav throws the juice.

Yuvraaj says Suhani is making everyone against me. Krishna and Yuvani get breakfast for him. They make him sit and talk to him. Yuvani says Krishna said you are upset. He says yes, I was upset, now I m happy as you two came here. Yuvani says Krishna told the same, can you make me meet Yuvaan. Krishna asks him to take them to Yuvaan’s house. Pratima hears them and cries.

Yuvaan tells Sambhav that they will go for shopping first, and tells his wishes. Sambhav hugs him. Suhani

looks on. Pankaj gets some gifts for Sambhav. Sambhav says you gave me what I wanted, I just want smile on Suhani’s face. Suhani asks him to see, and smiles. Sambhav says I really like your smile. She gives him sweet kesar milk, and says its not like morning juice. He thanks her and drinks it. Yuvraaj comes there and looks on angrily.

Yuvani and Krishna meet Suhani and Yuvaan. Yuvraaj looks at Suhani. Sambhav fumes. Pankaj finds Yuvraaj sad and goes to him. He says its good you got kids here. Suhani talks to Yuvani and Krishna. Yuvraaj tells Pankaj that he will leave and send car to pick the kids. Lata says fine, you may go. They see Dadi and Pratima at the door. Yuvraaj says you two here…. Pratima says I know this did not happen before but…. Suhani greets them. Dadi asks Suhani to come to Birla house for pagphere, as her bidaai happened from there. Yuvraaj asks whats the need. Dadi says rasam will happen right way. Pratima says that’s why we came to take Suhani, Sambhav you come in evening and take her. The kids are happy to stay together.

Menka screams seeing Suhani at the door. Everyone smile seeing Suhani with Yuvraaj, kids and Pratima. Pratima says Suhani came for pagphere. Menka tells Rags that now Suhani will stay here again. Saurabh stares at Menka. Rags asks Saurabh why are you staring at Menka, she did not say wrong. Suhani turns to leave. Pratima stops her and says this is our decision, Dadi and I got her here. Rags asks Dadi.

Dadi tells Sambhav that it is her decision, you wait for one day more, I will get Yuvaan and you will get Suhani. Bhavna does Suhani’s aarti. Menka says Suhani always comes back. Yuvraaj says I m going out. The kids plan to make paper boats. Yuvaan says I don’t know making boats. Saurabh says Yuvraaj makes good paper boats, he can make it for you. Yuvani and Krishna make Yuvraaj sit and go to get color papers.

Sambhav says I hate Yuvraaj’s face, when he sees Suhani, I wish to kill him, Suhani is just mine. Dadi says yes, you keep Suhani, I just want Yuvaan. Yuvraaj says I m unwell and want to go. Menka asks how will we get entertainment then. Yuvraaj scolds her and asks her to see her face in mirror, she will get a laugh. Saurabh stops Yuvraaj. Rags asks Saurabh to teach manners to Yuvraaj. Saurabh scolds Rags and Menka. Yuvraaj sees Suhani’s sindoor and mangalsutra, and says I m feeling unwell. Suhani says no one will disturb. Saurabh takes Yuvraaj.

Pankaj tells Lata that she is worried for Suhani. She says I don’t want Suhani and Yuvraaj to come face and face. Pankaj says their kids will keep them connected. Sambhav says no, they can’t unite till I m here. Pankaj asks what do you mean. Yuvraaj tells Saurabh that I get angry when I see Suhani’s sindoor and mangalsutra, she cheated me. Saurabh says everyone feel you cheated her. Yuvraaj says this is our story, family thinks I m wrong. Saurabh says I m with you. Yuvraaj says thanks, this means a lot to me.

Lata asks Sambhav are you fine. Sambhav says I don’t want kids to see parents’ tension and fights, when my parents used to fight infront of me, I used to feel I m responsible, I don’t want Yuvaan to feel this. Lata says Sambhav is right. Pankaj says yes, I don’t want Yuvaan and Yuvani to feel this. Sambhav calms himself down.

Menka laughs and taunts Suhani about Soumya. Rags says we got gift for your pagphere. Suhani says I don’t want anything. Rags says its tradition, I m your elder bahy, Soumya is your special gift. Menka calls Soumya a maid. Suhani scolds Menka. Rags says Soumya is private helper, Suhani can ask Soumya for any work. Suhani says I do my work on my own, I don’t make others work, Maa and Dadi are not at home, you don’t need to use your minds. Rags says don’t give me lecture, come Menka. Dadi looks on.

Soumya is about to talk to Suhani. Kids come and make paper boats. Yuvaan tells Yuvani that Sambhav has drank bitter juice given by Sambhav, he is very good. Suhani asks Yuvani why is she sad. Yuvani says I lost both my mumma, you and Soumya.

Yuvraaj gets water and says now I will make you all bath. The kids run. Yuvraaj throws water and it falls over Suhani. Her sindoor gets washed off.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t luck sambhav from starting….what he want…??? Dadi is real or fake…??? Y she want yuvan if she is not real…??? Really they r making viewers mad

    1. ur r8 Xxyy.. they making us a mad

    2. Serial should be named as Sadu si Dadi… she is whole and soul of serial y suhani–si ek ladki its all about dadi

  2. Rekhavv

    Just one word for it…


  3. Aqsxxh

    I love the precap.The sindoor on Suhani’s maang in worthless due to this cheated relationship on Sambhav… Its utterly disgraceful… Yuvraaj and Saurab teamed together… I guess only the good can come now, and sambhav wanting to separate Yuvaan and Suhani- never going to happen. The more mistakes is going to happen now, hopefully Yuvraaj finds this out and fights even harder for Suhani…

    1. Aqsxxh

      I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings but I think the main part of the show is supposed to be the love of suhani and Yuvraaj, the two main characters… The show is supposed to be revolved around them and their mistakes… They are meant to be together… But this negative relationship of Subhav is enraging- I abhor it… HATE IT!
      As I said the Precap… I am now having mixed feelings as I don’t know much about the sindoor and its meaning can someone explain… If the sinddor is washed off what does it mean?

      1. Nithu

        It means something will happn in her married lyf..

  4. Nithu

    Again…something which makes me feel yuvani will unite wen sambhav is alive he wont let dis happn

  5. only loving yuvani scenes nothing othr than tat. if thy fight or romance v lik only yuvani scenes..

  6. Mujhe lagtha hei sab ke anth mein suhani will go to jail aftr killing sambhav.Thhen it wil be boring.

  7. in my opinion … this show is really incomplete without suhani and yuvraaj’s love and their friendship… Yuvani Ke bina show Kuch nahi hai .. i really mis yuvraaj and suhani’s love…..
    and their romantic momoents….

    1. Aqsxxh

      Exactly, Yuvi and suhani ae the main character s not Sambhav… the show should be around Yuv/ani! I miss it

    2. Suhani and yuvraaj

      Your soo right xx

  8. Dad is fake she is her twin sister and real dad has been kidnapped

  9. In today’s epi, dadi said I want yuvan to sambhv n he want only suhani… So they may try to separate them… But I can’t understand if sam wants Suhani then y vrmala with poisonous thorns… Really he may b pshyo character just he want suhani n he want show this to yuvraj… While he hugged yuvan the way he made face was really funny n disgusting??

  10. i m very happy by todays episode and i also have hope that yuvani will reunite…

    1. njaninnale meen chammanthi undaakki kure nokkiyirunnu..pakshe nee vannillalo pennamme..

  11. Fake dadi ko yuvan kyu chahiye????? Fake dadi suhani ko kyu dislike karti hai ?????? Fake dadi jewelry+ cash kyu waste karegi ????????? Fake dadi ko pichli bate kaise pata????? I couldn’t understand .soch soch ke sab pagal ho jayege…….but kisi bhi scene ka koi matlab nahi hai.story bina wazah bada rahe hai…writers plzzzzzz write interesting……we only want yuvani reunite again and itne saalo ka pyar dono ko samajh aagaya hai ki wo ek dusre ke liye bane hai aur ek dusre ke bina rah nahi sakte to 2-4 episode mein mila do yaarrrrrrr……..

  12. Suhani and yuvraaj

    I hate this

  13. suhani is a useless character

  14. This is disgusting. I just hope to see new serials nw. This serial is very boring. How can suhani always be cheated.??? Pls end this serial pls. These directors instead of encouraging to see the serials.they want us to stop. Bye. No more interest.

  15. I was thinking….practically….yuvraj and suhani must have stayed together for about 2-3 years as per the story….but yuvraj has stayed with saumya for 6 years ?
    So much more than Suhani! ?

    1. Yes isn’t that True. So Yuvraj should marry Soumya.
      They are sooo perfect together.

      1. Yes….and then Pankaj would do Saumya’s bidai nd pagphere….They have limited starcast….so they keep on having dual relations….any1 can become any1s father, daughter, brother, husband, wife….I wonder what their family tree would be like in the future ??

  16. Kya hi dikhaate hai yeh log?!!! ????
    Yhm waale mihir nd mihika nd ssel ke suhani nd yuvraj….inka shaadi karte karte hi mann nahi bharta! ????

  17. Why making Sambhav as villain what he wants. Suhani or her company
    Now,there s n meaning for marriages
    In every Hindi serial I am seeing two or three marriages
    Why directors are fooling publc

  18. Y is sambhav doing all wat does he want n i hope yuvann see him

  19. Agreed that this is about the leading pair but confusion is bound to happen when you have brainless characters like Yuvraj who can’t see his fault and his rudeness towards Suhani and than says she blames him and does not understand him…has he tried to understand Suhani and her feelings whilst he lived with another woman.Today he can’t bear that Suhani has someone ‘s Sindhur and Manglesutra..but why?? Dummy you spent your time insulting her…took double meanjng out of why this feeling…grow up and admit you love and feelings for Suhani and fight for her and STOP wallowing in your own pity .Big Bhaiya Saurabh please stop siding with Yuvraj..tell him that its his fault and the cd he so called sent to Suhani…please give him a tight slap to wake him up..Such weakling..Now Suhani stop getting insulted and stop going to the Birla house…let the dumraj come to you..have some self respect …your not a dog that they can stamp on …

    1. So true. Suhani needs to destroy this family. They are so negative toward her. Yuvraj states that “Suhani is making everyone against him” What!? Did anyone else saw the CD because it was yuvraj talking and I hope everyone heard and saw that it was him (or maybe his evil twin). lol.
      Dadi just wants Yavann and if that happens Suhani better destroy her. I also need Suhani to put those two ex-sister-in-law in therir place. Why is the only person working is Bhavna, does Rag and menka don’t have hands. I need a “Slap-a- ton” session, Slap them all Suhani. LOL.

  20. By the way…why and what good is Rags and menka..Saurabh…what sort of marriage is yours…throw lazy rags…she doesn’t deserve you..why she still in the Birla house????Pratima what r u doing with such lazy manipulating uglies as bhahu why????????


  22. Can anyone tell where exactly are they going with this story…I don’t even know who is good or bad in this show anymore.

  23. I hate irritating ugly sambhav from day 1.from day 1 he is irritating boring. Always over acts. Pata nahi kaisey actors select kartey hai. Kitni over acting karta hai sambhav.koi dashing smart actors ki jarurat hai ssel serial mein.Kuch toh Acha twist dikhao writers jahan achayi ki jeet ho na ki 2, 3 shadiyan aur har baar burai ki jeet hoti hai yeh serial mein. We want yuvi, suhani, yuvani, yuvan together staying happily. Pratima Auntiji, Sharad, Saurav are the best characters in Ssel.please kick this sambhav out from Ssel. This serial has become bakwas with Dadi and Sambhav

  24. I think that twin dadi wants yuvaan as he is the first great son of Birla’s family’ and that’s mean that he is the one who will get all the properties, money … She wants to ruin them or to take all their money. As for Sambhav he only wants Suhani and is very possesive toward her. I really don’t like what they have done with his character, he was so funny and full of life! I don’t understand why every new character they introduce are negative

  25. jab cvs ko Na likhna aata hai, na direction, na editing, to kya aas rakhneki? yeh pehle wala sambhav nahi hai. koi 6 saal tak natak nahi kar sakta ki kabhi yuvan ki maa uski hogi. achanak se yuvan ko gale lagate disgust? cvs kahani ko decide nahi kiye aur dahi raita phaila rahe hai, ya sambhav pretend kar raha hai, budiya ka pol kholne, ya yeh humshakal hai.
    sach mein yuvani ka unite hona bhi galat lagta hai. sab toot bikhar gaya hai, na pyar, na bharosa bacha hai. suhani to thoda SA bhi pyar dikhati hai, akele me, par usne jis tarah shadi ki uska moral high ground hatt gaya. yuvraj ko dekho to lagta hai ki pyar nahi, uske ego ki wajah SE uski CHEEZ kisi aur ko kaise mili. kal thoda episode dekha, bahut time baad, aur much dekhna layak tha hi nahi. hum ye sab bakwas symbolism nahi maante, sindoor MIT gaya aur sab. sorry kisi ko bura lage to.

  26. Really this serial go down day by day because of it’s bakwas twist……..Suhani’s character become cheap……..use aise dikha rahe hai jaise har hal mein pati chahiye …chahe wo koi bhi ho………I really very upset to watching this ,some times I think why I starting to watch ssel .last mein aisi bakas story ho jayegi socha nahi tha .I waste a lot of time on it .iss ummeed mein shayad sachhai ki jeet hogi suhani ko apna pyar ,izzat milegi but writers did disappointed ….

  27. oshi, completely agree. kisne socha tha ki yeh sardard ban jaega. kal ka jitna dekha uske baad laga acha nahi dekhte to. bad se battar hota jaata hai. ab suhani to bilkul nikamma character lagti hai. par haan, Wu SE saaf hai ki usse pati nahi chahta tha, sirf ziddi bête ke liye baap. kya baat hai. kal beta bolega yeh Papa nahi, doosra dila do to kya karegi? waise bhi yeh ladka kabhi yuvraj, kabhi sambhav ko Papa banane ki zid me that.
    aur ek baat. jaise soumya kameeni ko dukhyari bana ke sympathy Bator rahe hai, waise hi yuvraj ka kar rahe hai. Na soumya punish hogi, Na yuvraj ka vyavhar PE koi baat hogi. suhani ki galti SE yuvraj ke paap aur ginoni harkate bhula denga.

  28. In reak life me all r forgeting wat we eat yesterday… but suhnai yuvu til nw remember 6 yrs back love…nw also having the same feeling…!! sach me iss hota hai r nahi… i admit it thy stil love y dont thy confess aftr meeting leap.. in real yuvi nd somu stay together means thy got married infact thy got their child no doubt.. yuvi spend 6 yrs wit somu nd trust her..!

  29. bakwas serial yaar suhani ki do shaadi oh theesri shaadi lagta hai director aur producer pagal ho gaya hai

  30. okay,, so I need to know.. In india if a couple is separated for 6 yrs r they automatically divorced? cos it seems so with suhani & yuvraj. If the writers valued marriage, suhani wudnt b marrying Sambhav cos shes already married to yuvraaj. I disnt see the need of them remarrying each other as well.. in fact all the series on starplus r portraying marriage as a joke.. not only in india but worldwide marriage is sacred. what are we teaching our youth who watch these series? shud they not be taught that good is the winner and not evil..

  31. Ekdom bokwass serial hamesha juth ki hi jeet hoti hain……

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