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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amit asking Suhani to go home, as it will be a problem if anyone knows she is not at home. Yuvraaj leaves from Suhani’s home and Lata sees him going angry. She wonders what happened. He bumps into Suhani and thinks about Pankaj’s words. Suhani says he came here at this time, but why did he go silently. Lata says I can talk to Pratima, but I will first ask Suhani, why he was angry. She sees Suhani coming from outside. Suhani asks why did Yuvraaj came here. Pankaj comes and asks did he tell anything. Lata says no, he went without saying anything, you find out. Yuvraaj calls Saxena and asks about his house in bank guarantee. Saxena says not to worry, its just like taking a risk, this time this project will help us.

Yuvraaj asks what if the bank loan does not pass.

Saxena says we can come on road, don’t worry, I m sure the loan will be passed. Pankaj stops Suhani from calling Yuvraaj. She sees him tensed and asks him what is he hiding. He says he was thinking she will be happy after marriage or not. She says Yuvraaj loves her and he will keep her happy.

Pratima asks Sharad where did Yuvraaj go. Sharad says he went to talk to Suhani, you don’t take tension. Pratima says I want to know what happened there. Yuvraaj thinks of his financial problem. Pratima calls him and asks where is he. He says I m coming home, and then we will talk. Suhani thinks where did Soumya go, and Yuvraaj also did not talk to me. Pratima says what is Yuvraaj thinking to do, what does he want. Sharad says let him come and then talk, don’t worry. Menka says she is not happy as Dadi is not coming, and there is no entertainment.

Rags says something is going on and we have to find out by Pratima. They come and ask Pratima where is Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj comes to them. Menka says he came. Rags asks why is he angry, did he change his decision to marry. Yuvraaj says yes, he has changed his decision. Pratima looks shocked. Pankaj think what will Yuvraaj decide, will he come or marriage or not. Lata asks him is everything fine. He asks her to go and wait for the baraat. Lata asks Bhavna to bring Suhani. Pankaj says Yuvraaj’s decision will decide Suhani’s happiness, Lord please don’t take my daughter’s happiness.

Suhani sees her and Soumya’s pic and cries. Bhavna comes and sees her crying. Suhani says she is missing Soumya. Bhavna says she will come, don’t worry. Lata asks them to hurry up. They come to the wedding venue. Pankaj is worried and drinks water. Suhani sees him tensed. Pankaj sees Suhani noticing him and smiles. Lata takes Suhani inside. Pankaj looks at Lord’s idol and prays for Suhani’s happiness. He waits for the baraat and is tensed. All the guests have come. He says if Yuvraaj told Pratima everything, then. The pandit ji comes and a guest asks Pankaj to know when will baraat come.

Lata asks him to call Pratima and ask when are they coming. He calls her and says no one is taking it. She says call on landline. No one takes the call. She says keep trying, maybe they will pick. Suhani cries thinking why did Soumya not come, what is more important to her than me, where is she. Soumya comes there and cries standing far. Krishna holds Soumya and she hugs him crying. He consoles her and asks her not to go inside. Soumya says just one last time, I know I can get caught, but I want to see Suhani. We have dreamed of this day since childhood and today I m so far from her.

She is my friend and sister, let me meet her once, she did not come in my marriage but I want to attend her marriage, I know she is waiting for me. Pankaj gets tensed as no one is taking his call. He says what will I tell Suhani, I have to tell her. Lata asks him to say what happened. The baraat comes and Pankaj gets glad. Lata says lets go and welcome the baraat. Yuvraaj looks so unhappy and sees Pankaj.

Yuvraaj stops Pankaj from doing the welcome garlanding.

Update Credit to: Amena

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