Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani thanking Bhavna and hugging her. Yuvraaj and Sharad look on. Yuvraaj thanks Sharad for supporting Bhavna in this decision. Sharad says you are my brother, its not favor. Yuvraaj hugs Sharad. Menka comes to Rags and asks did she hear the breaking news, Bhavna is doing Suhani’s surrogacy. Rags gets shocked and asks what. Menka says now on one needs us in this house, Dadi will kick us out. Rags says no, both sisters will get strong, we have to do something.

Dadi asks how to stop Bhavna. Barbie says I don’t know, you have to stop Bhavna, Bhavna is Suhani’s sister. Yuvraaj tells Sharad that they will go out and celebrate. They hear Barbie and Dadi. Barbie asks Dadi to say how to stop Bhavna, if Bhavna becomes pregnant, it will be big problem. Yuvraaj

and Sharad hear this. Barbie sees them and changes the words. She signs Dadi. Barbie says I heard if both kids don’t have gap, then mothers’ health can get bad. I m outsider, I still care for Bhavna, her son is just 6 months old. Dadi sees Yuvraaj and Sharad, and says yes, what can I do, I can’t interfere in this, you also leave this. Yuvraaj and Sharad see each other.

Soumya gets ready in red saree. Lalita comes to her and sees her. She asks Soumya to give good lecture, if she does anything, I will say I did not know my bahu is fake Devi, come out in 5mins. Menka comes to find something in Bhavna’s room. Suhani comes there. Menka makes excuse and leaves.

Yuvraaj tells Sharad that we shall refuse to Bhavna, I will explain Suhani. Sharad says no, Suhani smiled after a long time. Yuvraaj says we will consult a doctor, if there is compromise of Bhavna and Golu’s health, Suhani will refuse. Bhavna comes and asks what. Dadi tells Barbie that Yuvraaj will find out, he is very smart, we have to make some other plan, which does not fail. Barbie asks Dadi to plan. A reporter calls Dadi and says we want to give an award as you won best CEO award, we want your interview too. Dadi says fine, come. Barbie says great, just think if they know this is going on here, what will happen. She laughs.

Menka tells Rags that she did not get baby oil in room. Rags says I knew, so I got it already by sending Ramesh. Yuvraaj and Sharad does not tell anything to Bhavna. She takes the clothes from terrace and says I m going to do Golu’s massage now. Suhani asks Bhavna to come soon. Bhavna says I m coming. Suhani says I made something tasty, come fast. Bhavna slips and falls down. Suhani and everyone rush to Bhavna. Suhani asks Yuvraaj and Bhavna to come soon. Bhavna says I think its leg sprain.

Lalita and Rakhi bring Soumya as Devi Maa. An old woman tells her problem and cries. Soumya feels bad. Lalita and Rakhi fool the people and take chadava. Lalita thinks why are they not giving money.

Bhavna says I m fine, I slipped by baby oil, I got its smell there. Menka says I think someone did this. Barbie asks what does she mean. Menka says I think you did this, as you don’t want Bhavna to help Suhani. Barbie says maybe you did this. Menka says we did not do this. Barbie says we? Rags asks Menka to stay as guest, why is she stating here, no one needs her now. Barbie says you can’t decide this, you both are more useless in those house. Menka argues and pushes Barbie. Dadi comes and asks them to stop this. She asks Bhavna whats happening. Suhani says Dadi, someone has put baby oil and tried to make Bhavna fall, now they are blaming each other.

Pratima tells Sharad that Yuvraaj is right, I know Golu is six months old, I will take advice from a gynac then I will talk to Suhani and Bhavna, its sensitive decision. Yuvraaj says even I don’t want any problems and confusions. Suhani says maybe this is true Dadi. Menka says I know Barbie has out this oil, she does not want Bhavna to give birth to your child. Suhani sees oil on Menka’s sleeve. Menka blames Barbie. Rags and Barbie argue. Rags asks Barbie to get her hands checked. Barbie says fine, but check Menka’s hands too. Dadi says I will not leave them if they did this. Suhani checks Barbie’s hands. She say there is nothing in Barbie’s hands.

Menka asks what. Suhani says your clothes have baby oil smell Menka. Barbie smiles and asks Dadi to tell the punishment for Menka. Rags says Menka did not do anything. Barbie asks then did you do this. Rags says shut up. Dadi asks Menka how did the baby oil come on her clothes. Rags says Menka was with me. Suhani asks Menka did she do this. Bhavna says I had baby oil bottle, maybe oil fell from it, no one did anything. Barbie says Suhani, I think I should leave from here. Dadi asks why, what happened. Barbie says I m fed up hearing taunts. Menka pushes Barbie and asks her to go. Suhani scolds Menka. Barbie goes. Suhani asks Barbie to listen.

Dadi tells Yuvraaj and Suhani that Barbie will do surrogacy, no one will discuss anything now. Barbie smiles staring at Yuvraaj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg……
    What the….. Stupid one actually. Hope this drama will end soon

  2. How much can someone drag a matter?What kind of eyes dadi n company own? Oldie never missed anything…this scene of changing words is getting old now

  3. what the story line wha wha poor

  4. it’s heading from bad to worst …….

  5. I will stop watching this track

  6. I think that it was barbie plan to marry yuvi and not dadi. I think that she likes yuvi. Please yuvi don’t marry her she is a devil. I hope that this all will end if suhani gets pregnant. And they will throw dadi out of that house. How can a devil win best CEO award.

    1. I hope Suhani will conceive ASAP so that the truth can be found

  7. How the hell can everyone oversee how Barbie has taken over the family. She talks more than anyone else. And why oh why has Suhani become so invalid and helpless all of a sudden. Why in god’s name she is ready to believe Barbie/Dadi is looking out for her best interest…after what Dadi did to her, only a hateful person would do that. Suhani need to wake up and be like her problem solving self again or this show is heading to the bottom of the line, if not already.

  8. Wat the hell is going on

  9. Why don’t rags and menka try to find out what dadi is planning instead of plotting against bhavna. Also why don’t they understand that Barbie will rule over them if she stays in the house with yuvraj child. Please show Suhani and yuvraj finding out dadi’s plot and getting another opinion. Otherwise TRP will drop.

  10. Today’s episode was rubbish
    Producer these story lines need to be a bit more realistic
    In 21st Century which Dadi demands a grandchild?
    Also I know the drama is about Suhani, However she can’t have all the bad luck
    At some point you need to give her and Yuvraaj a break
    If a family member was struggling to speak – like Dadi when Barbie was trying to tell her Yuvraaj and sharad are listening – u would know straight away Dadi was up to know good right !!
    Yuvraaj and Suhani want a baby has know one told them about the birds and bees??
    I think it’s time we see them get intimate and have some real love together — I think all the fans are waiting for this — seriously you can’t postpone this for another year
    It’s very frustrating

  11. Sharmi – I totally agree with you
    WTF – Barbie an outsider a NO body is speaking away – what BS
    Someone you don’t know would never intevene in a family matter
    What’s wrong with Indian mentality

  12. This shows is aired all over the world, Im watching from East Africa and doesnt know much about Indian traditions and ways of life. So when we see something like this although its fictions but it represent your realities i.e things which happen to normal people daily something like life stories or history. The current track is completely unrealistic unless such things are common in Indian society. My 5 cents to the writers, I think you should get your stories from your society by doing a lit bit of research then turn that into scripts. We are living in a 21 or 22 century and not in medieval time. Nowadays I just switch the channel and just read the updates, as the shows in no longer interesting and exciting.

  13. Wat rubbish. ……
    Pls get something interesting
    Dont make us stop watching this serial

  14. what the hell is this!!!! first Somuya now Barbie…..
    why cant Suhani and Yuvraj have there happily ever after…. gees you guys go overboard with these story lines

  15. Worst serial …..Daadi never changes ..Suhani is always innocent and not alert …Stupidity to the core………..

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