Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani getting glad seeing Bhavna come home. Bhavna hugs her and makes Pratima have the laddoos made by her. She asks about Soumya. Rags says she went out with Yuvraaj. Racchna says fine, they are friends. Yuvraaj asks Soumya is she fine now and they reach home. Soumya says she is fine, but will be sad again at home. He asks her to be busy in some work. Suhani asks Bhavna to sit, she will make coffee. Yuvraaj says stop, let Soumya make the coffee, it will be change in taste, and she makes it very well. Bhavna says I did not have it till now, how would I know, lets have it made by Soumya today.

Dadi says she is going out and will come late. Sharad stops Soumya and asks why is she staring. She advices him to start packing his bag as weather is really changing,

who knows you have to leave anytime. She goes to her room. Sharad gets angry. Krishna comes home angrily and Lalita is glad that he said yes to marriage. She asks why is he angry and asks Rakhi to see. Krishna throws Soumya’s clothes and says I want to throw all her memories, I will not waste a moment of my life for her. Rakhi says does anyone throw costly clothes, and even bangles and earrings, I will take it, else he will throw it. He thinks Soumya did not deserve his love, its all over now.

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Suhani serves the food to everyone. Menka says it does not look good. Dadi starts scolding Suhani and asks her not to cook if she can’t. Menka says but Dadi, this road side junk is made by Soumya, not Suhani. Sharad smiles. Menka says its good I had snacks, I won’t need to sleep empty stomach. Dadi asks why did Soumya cook. Yuvraaj says I told her, I thought she will be busy in work and not feel lonely. Dadi say fine, its good she tried. Sharad asks Ramesh to give sweets to Dadi. Dadi likes the sweets and says the custard is very nice. She says this is called sweet dish. Sharad smiles and says Suhani made it, so it will be good. Pratima smiles.

Menka tells Rags that its fun picture today, my day is made. Pratima says I will just have this custard. Dadi asks Soumya to keep trying. Pratima praises the custard and asks Suhani to get food as Anuj and Saurabh can’t have just custard. Soumya gets angry. Suhani comes to her room and says she need to talk to Yuvraaj. He says I know. You might be thinking why am I behaving like this, and says sorry, I know I should have told this before, and I saw her jumping from terrace and I was scared. Suhani says she said she went to have fresh air. He says hear me once then you will understand. He reminds her the cheque Dadi gave Krishna, he has encashed it and signed on divorce papers. She asks why did Soumya not tell me.

He says she is fighting with her depression, how he sold his relation in 10 lakhs, I saw her crying outside exhibition and I went to her, I did not tell you because of your extra concern, people get irritated. She asks do you. He says no, but Soumya does. She says never. He says she does and she told me. She says so much happened with Soumya. She thanks him. He says its fine. Dadi tells Soumya that she did not know she made the food, and she has to learn it for Yuvraaj, she is annoyed with Suhani but she cooks well and learns what she does not know. Soumya says I will also learn, but don’t say such things next time infront of everyone. Dadi says fine.

Suhani comes and Dadi leaves seeing her. Suhani talks to Soumya and says Yuvraaj told me everything, why did you hide from me, that Krishna signed on divorce papers. Soumya says yes, I got free from him in just 10 lakhs, I feel free and I went café to enjoy my freedom, and then Yuvraaj came there, I asked him why you did not come, he said you went home, did you come home because of Bhavna, I cooked food but everything got ruined by your custard. Suhani says then learn to cook. Soumya thanks her for the painting, and says you fixed it where I thought. Suhani says yes, I wanted you to see the rising sun in morning, so that your day goes well.

Soumya says life’s lesson is by sun, you won’t understand this as you did not feel this. Suhani says maybe, I will leave, Yuvraaj is waiting for me. She leaves. Soumya thinks if Suhani’s happiness does not end, how will she get happiness. Suhani comes back to her room and Yuvraaj asks why is she upset. He asks did she talk to Soumya, what did she say. She says nothing. He says I was thinking you are saying right, we should think about her, else she will get some other plan being idle. She asks whats their plan. He asks her to say, as he did not think anything. She says what should I say, you both make better plans. He asks what happened, are you still upset, what are you thinking.

Sharad tells Pratima what Soumya told him. She says Dadi came and Soumya got strong. He says we should keep an eye on her and away from Yuvraaj. She says he is talking a lot to her. He says they became friends, but I feel Soumya has some planning in her mind. She says Suhani is very innocent, she will never understand this. Yuvraaj says sorry, I was scared seeing Soumya’s state. He says fine, it was my mistake, whats there to be annoyed. She thinks she should see the message and who is lying and who is saying truth, she will know by reading the message. He asks what is she thinking. She looks at him.

Suhani says Yuvraaj did not come till now. Menka says she saw Yuvraaj going to Soumya’s room. Suhani sees Yuvraaj leaving from Soumya’s room saying good night.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stupid Yuvraj go 2 hell with that shit Soumya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Its not abt yuvraj its all abt just dragging the serial….i had stop watching the serial untill and unless something good happens……..i dont like this serial now….getting bored roj roj ek hi kahani

  3. I’m fed up with this nonsenss

  4. So boring thy r just dragging the serial …stupid yuvaraj was he blind how can he trust sowmya…suhani wake up soon save ur stupid husband frm dat devil’s ( sowmya & dadi)

  5. have u all read the spoiler…….now anklet stroy…..roj ka vohi natak….yuraj will bring something for suhani and soumya will keep it…….suhani gets jelous…..oohh so boring

  6. i don’t understand yuvraj anymore

  7. that scene was lyk slap for soumya n daadi on dining table

  8. why cant yuvraj seethe truth? huh yuvraj is worse than gopi in matter of trusting people

  9. i just loved the dining-table scene…it was splendid.
    would enjoy more scenes like that…
    btw i read on twitter that there is gonna be some serious drama on HOLI.
    I just hope it doesn’t involve soumya+yuvraj+BHAANG.
    that would be a disaster.

  10. Why cant this old devil dadi open her eyes with this incident though suhani knows that botox dadi hates her bt she din’t even say a word 2 her when she scolds her in frnt of everyone bt she likes this dirty Soumya a lot bt she cant even take a single scold from her she is ordering taht old lady not 2 repeat it again ……………
    why cant this old broker dadi notice the difference between Sweet Suhani & blo*dy Soumya

  11. The artist has to visit Birla house to gift a special painting for Suhani. That will make Yuvi jealous and insecure. He will ask Soumya to go to hell and run to Suhani in lightning speed. Afterall, he wants Suhani all for himself. Flashback to Anki’ts episode,

  12. Plz writer atleast give suhani’s character a hint about saumya’s intention…

  13. Is serial going to end on 28th of this month ive seen in google(type SUHANI.SI EK LADKI)

    1. No everest is goona end as tere sheher m is gonna start

  14. hope soumya c da msg

  15. sorry suhani

  16. wen will sharad says da truth to suhani
    after anklet scene again 2 more worst episode will be comin den

    1. Dont know suchi it shows like that but if the show goes with this much negativity ill surely stop watching it.

  17. Jabeen is ths true

  18. Such rubbish serial suhaani portrayed as a dumbo to the height, no one can be so innocent in this 2000 generation this serial is loosing direction n getting idiotic saumya please take yuvraj n end the serial soon

  19. I wish suhani can see whats hapenning and not become like her mom in law who is timid n frights for dadi..suhani better make a plan or she will lose juvraaj

  20. Go to hell with soumya
    Just waste of that half an hour i dont want to watch this serial its gettig vry bore..viewers want something good..

  21. Yuvi should see the true face of soumya and that old lady and some worst thing should happen with soumya that she marrys to sharad and yuvi is happy with soumya

  22. That f**kin b*t*h soumya she is a bastard made on hell and do you know wat take your gay hairstyle yuvraaj with you and the little hoe dado the little sl*t

  23. If the show carrys on like this it will lose all of its viewers, it’s already started losing half of its viewers like, the writer needs to buck up and make it interesting otherwise it won’t be long before the show ends due to being such a flop which Is what will happen if they keep repeating this soumya nonsense, show something interesting about suhani and yuvraaj or just finish the show.

  24. Go to hell soumya……..very much irritating…plsssss make positive things b/w yuvaraj and suhani….plsss….

  25. this show can be so much better. For example, though Yuvraaj believes Soumya’s BS depression story and helps her out, there should be some sweet romantic moments between Suhani and him so Soumya can get green with envy but at least Yuvraaj will be spending time with his wife and make Soumya know her place. Anyway, she will give the 3 witches a taste of their own medicine soon…already telling Dadi not to talk to her like that in front of others, haha

    1. dadi should get ill…and see how suhani takes care of her …while soumya stays busy wooing yuvraj..

    2. There will be only twist when Suhani realizes all truth.The bleddy soumya and dadi

  26. Soumya 3word go to hell n dont ever come back

    1. thats 3+4 …7 words there.
      :):) kidding..!!

  27. do you think dis dumb writers will lisen to ur request,,, got fade up n gave up serial long ago coz it’s too much dragging, suhani i feel pity for her n witch soumya is taking advantage of her innocence….i hope soon yuvraj will tell soumya dat he doesn’t love her anymore n he has a feelings for suhani!!!

  28. do you gays know that this serial is going to finish on February 28, 2015

  29. This show is not progressing and becoming extremely repetitive. A lot of my friends have stopped watching or reading any updates. I also am interested in other shows which seem to moving fast with the story lines.
    I have decided not to watch this serial no more!!!!!

  30. Guys,I believe that Yuvraaj is pretending to be nice to soumya. I believe that he’s trying bring her true color to Suhani. I think that he’s pretending to be friend with soumya. That’s all. 🙂 I strongly believe that.Lets hope it’s true. 🙂 lol Can u guys remember something similar like this happened in JODHA Akbar??Those who watch JODHA AKBAR. 🙂

    1. You’re right. Who still watches JAbar. Saliim is a hater and all haters are murderers…the show was dying and Salim killed it!!!

    2. but he has no proof to show soumya evil plan

  31. Who cares about Soumya, Daddi and the witches?!! This Soumya track is just a delay tactic for the REAL drama – Suhani finding out that Yuvraaj did and does not love her nor wanted to marry her, but did so because her father had blackmailed him. NOW THAT’S THE REAL DRAMA.

    I want to see how Suhani reacts when the No love-Blackmail truth comes out. Will she play it off and give everyone the benefit of the doubt as usual saying Papa knew this marriage was destiny and forgive all the lies everyone told OR will she walk away even for a short time.

    Let’s see since these serials do not allow anyone to be deeply heartbroken to the point of leavng the centre of the “Drama” – under the same roof with all the main characters. They are deeply convinced DRAMA = 3-ring CIRCUS. You need a crowd for drama to occur.

    Anyhow, we are not paid for our critique…ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. well ..any girl with self-respect would walk away

  32. Why so much noise is made about the plain looks and dark complexion of Suhani? She has the most appealing and innocent face and her goodness and concern for others reflects on her face. Cosmetic beauty is only skin deep and by the way who says Soumya is more beautiful? She has cunning and selfish thoughts which reflect on her face.Ask any eligible batchlor and between the two , he would choose Suhani any given day. Dont keep on saying Suhani is dark and ugly. Only Yuvraj is blind.



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