Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone crying seeing the blood stained shirt. Dadi says its Yuvraaj’s kurta. Suhani shouts Yuvraaj. Her imagination ends. Suhani runs out and see outside the door. Suhani asks Dadi not to call police, if Sambhav knows and does something to Yuvraaj then, he added poison in kheer, he can do anything, please don’t do this Dadi, I can’t forgive myself if he does anything to Yuvraaj. Dadi agrees.

Its night, Sambhav threatens Suhani about Krishna. She shouts Sambhav and gets up. She says it was a dream. She hears his voice in the room. He asks do you remember how I killed Soumya, I can hurt Krishna too, I m planning this, stop me if you can. She shouts stop your nonsense, come in front if you have courage. He says no, I have shown courage in kheer incident,

if you have doubt, you will see bad state of Krishna. He asks her to play this game with her to save her loved ones, anyways you look good in open door. She checks the door and gets the speaker. She throws the speaker away. She goes to Bhavna and Sharad, and knock the door. Bhavna asks what happened. Suhani says he has come back, he threatened me. Sharad asks whats the matter. Suhani says he spoke to me by speaker, Krishna is in danger, we have to go there. Sharad says we will leave. Suhani says we all will go alone.

Saiyyam fixes a windchime. He takes care of his dog. Suhani and Sharad come to see Krishna. They see Saiyyam with the dog. Suhani asks where is Krishna. He sees time and says she is in bathroom, why, what happened. Krishna is in bathroom. Suhani asks her to come out fast. Krishna says door is not opening. Saiyyam says I will get the keys. Sambhav lands in Suhani’s room. Rags and Bhavna come to Suhani’s room. They get shocked.

Saiyyam gets keys to open the washroom. Sambhav messages Suhani that speaker breaking can’t help her, I will not leave you so soon, did you not understand my games, its not so easy. She shows message to Sharad. Suhani says this door will not open, Saiyyam open the door, hurry up. Saiyyam says no need. Sharad and Suhani ask him to break the door now. Krishna worries seeing smoke coming from geyser. Krishna tells this to Suhani and asks them to help, its short circuit. Suhani sends Sharad to switch off main power.

Rags and Bhavna read Sambhav’s message I m Back on the mirror and wonder what to do. Sambhav messages Suhani that she has just 5mins. Suhani thinks just Sharad can help now. Sharad switches off the power. Saiyyam breaks the door. Krishna comes out and hugs Suhani. Suhani says everything is fine. Saiyyam asks whats going on, can you explain me. Suhani hears the windchime sound and sees the windchime fixed at the window.

She asks Saiyyam to say whats going on, is this windchime yours. Sharad, Bhavna and Rags come. Suhani asks Saiyyam to answer. Bhavna asks is this same windchime. Suhani says it means Sambhav called from here and Saiyyam was not breaking door, Saiyyam knows everything. Saiyyam asks why are you blaming me, what happened, you got after this windchime, why did you throw this, I have picked it from outside. Suhani asks how much will you lie.

Suhani gets another message. Sambhav writes you are celebrating small success. Suhani rushes out. Rags scolds Saiyyam and asks him to be careful, as they all know Saiyyam knows everything. They all rush out. Saiyyam says whats happening here.

Suhani is angry on Saiyyam. Sambhav says what are you saying, you felt this game got over by saving Krishna. Suhani shouts what do you want. He says your destruction, see what I do with Yuvraaj, save him if you can. The lights come. She asks him to come out and talk. They all come. Suhani worries. Krishna asks how did you know I m locked in bathroom. Saiyyam says there was no risk, it was just accident. Krishna says geyser had short circuit, tell me whats happening. Saiyyam asks whats going on, anyone tell me. Suhani asks him to explain. He says I got windchime outside.

Krishna says Saiyyam really got windchime on the road, he fixed it for the dog’s sake. Bhavna says it means Saiyyam did not do anything. Krishna asks them to say whats happening. Dadi defends Suhani and asks Krishna to thank Suhani than questioning her. Krishna says I did not mean to say that. Dadi asks Suhani to see the result of raising orphans. Dadi goes. Everyone leave.

Suhani stops Baby and asks why did Kunjumaa not come out, when everyone came here. Suhani, Dadi and Bhavna go to see Kunjumaa. Sambhav lies on the bed. Suhani sees her sleeping and says she did not wake up by the sounds. Baby comes and worries. Suhani holds the ghunghat. Baby stops Suhani and says Kunjumaa is deaf by one ear. She cooks up a story. Sambhav thinks this girl gave such nonsense reason. Baby says I will prove she is deaf. She breaks the vase. Sambhav does not react.

Dadi says she did not wake up by this sound. Baby says yes, she is partially deaf. Suhani, Dadi and Bhavna leave. Baby shuts the door. She asks Sambhav what was all this, can’t you come out and see what happened. He says sorry, I fell asleep, you covered up well, good. She asks what did you do that Suhani was so scared. He says nothing special, some old tricks, any ways you leave all this, go and sleep. She goes. He checks his phone and smiles.

Suhani says I will not let anything happen to Yuvraaj and his family. Sambhav asks her to come straight to storeroom to meet him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Suhani should win the BAD MOTHER AWARD!

    I hope Krishna and saiyyam leave suhani for good. Because Suhani deserve Baby and the Birla. Suhani like to be abused by them.

    1. @ r.
      I hope that you are okay, I well miss you my friend.
      Please don’t let anyone put you down.
      What ever happened in the past, leave it in the past.

      Take Care.

      1. I am sorry shanti, you well be missed.
        Thanks you for your kind words.

        Also please take care too.

  2. Please! No more fighting, like yesterday.
    At the end of the day, weather we like or hate.
    We are still watching this show. So clam down.

  3. Hi guys
    sambhv making suhani mad in front of everyone n she is also act like stupid wo yuvraj k pyaar m andhi ho gyi h plz itni stupidity acchi n for the show

  4. very nice episode

  5. OMG!!!saiyyam looks so handsome today and saiyyam’s reaction when dadi scolding krishna as orphan was damm good.Love you kriyam….

  6. Frankly speaking, i am more into family relationship than romance. I have started watching this serial after the leap, i wanted see how a women and a mother improve and maintain the relationship with her kids and live an independent, respectful life . Although I don’t mind suhani-yuvraaj or saiyaam-krishna, i expected they highlight the complex relation between saiyaam/suhani and yuvaani/suhani coz I personally feel the bond between mom and children is the most important. However as we can see writers are showing only crap and illogical track rather than a healthy story . So it is better for me to stop watching.
    @mo,@r, @poppy,@silentReader it was a pleasure to meet you guys.
    @shanti you have to find someone else to have a “strange relationship ” but I guess it won’t be hard for you.
    And to everyone, a lot a respect for having the patience to bear this shitty
    Take care everyone ?

    1. Your leaving ME.
      ONLY joking, anyway have a nice life my friend. 😉

      It Is such a shame, some people just take things to seriously.
      I well be still watching, but after yesterday, I well be not commenting.

      I hope that you are not offended, by my jokes.
      Anyway take you all, I well miss you guy’s. @[email protected]@[email protected] and @ r.
      You guys made this site fun and funny.
      But it is the time to say good bye.

      Take Care of yourself.
      Shanti 😉

      1. I feel so sad and a ashamed, you two have made this site fun and entertaining.
        I ashamed of the show and some people.
        But I am not going anywhere.
        I hope that you both have a wonderful life. Also you both well be missed. :-*

    2. You well be missed Hanna.
      You have made this site fun, as well help me a lot.
      Thank You.
      Do say hello, time to time.
      Take Care my friend.

      1. @Hanna & Shanti, so sorry to hear that you guy’s are leaving.
        My heart is broken.
        I do understand why. I hope that your life well completely happy. That is prayer to you.

        @ r, please don’t leave, what happened as happened.

        @ Somi , same thing, what as happened is in the past. Let bygone be bygone. No ill feeling. Okay.
        Please All of you, I a very happy new year.

  7. i agree kushi

    1. Mystery

      I too agree with u khushi…I was also noticing him…he was angry as he really cares for his wife…n yah when he say good luck to Krishna in kitchen. .. That was also a fan scene… He I’d getting attracted towards her…after all she is an innocent soul…n gorgeous too

  8. very bad suhani tum saiyam par kese naam laga sakti ho yeh jaanti ho ki sab sambhav ne kiya hain phir bhi bo to krishna ne sach bol diya ki yeh sab saiyam ne nahi kiya hain bo sambhav ki tara nahi hain suhani jab bo jaan jayega ki sambhav bura hain to bo tumhari ki taraf ho jayega

    1. Mystery

      Suhani always blames Saiyyam….I m waiting for the day when yuvaan will stant against her for baby…n then only Saiyyam n Krishna will be there to support her

  9. i agree with you mystery

  10. krishna ?Sayyam

    Sayyam looked cute today but he looks cuter when he shaves his beard and wears a collared shirt on top of the tshirt and wears sneakers. Like at the beginning he used to look really good . And I hope there are cute Krishna and sayyam scenes tmw.

  11. thank u @kriyam fan…

  12. thank u @mystery

  13. saiyam ne maarna blackmailing jaberjasti marriage yahi to kiya h sambhav ke aane se saant ho gaya to saiyam pár sak to banta h ham yahan se dekhte h isliye hame pata h ki saiyam galat is baar galat nhi h lekin birla house m jitna galat hua h saiyam ne hi kiya h is baar nhi kiya h lekin jo baar jaisi harkate deta h to blaim v usi insaan pár aata h or saiyam ne first night ke din jaisa kiya uske baad to sak banta h or saiyam ne krishna se saadi hi isliye ki h jisse wo suhani se badla le sake abhi suhani saiyam ko jaanti hi kitna h krishna ko pata tha isliye usne saiyam ka support kiya barna krishna v yahi karti

  14. hey guyz marry christmas all ssel fans

  15. I agree ssel fans

  16. I think Sayyam look handsome with beard…anyway stop this sambav story and gv a chance for the youngsters ?

  17. kushi tumhari meri soch same hain kriyam ke liye jo maine socha tumne bhi wohi likha hum dono kriyam ke big fan hain i am right naa kushi

  18. whats ths yaar?? its really boring.. and plz theyshould have a recap of the episodes on the very next day.. i had missed some episodes.. so plz lets have a recap..

  19. PLz dairyam krishna more iy

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