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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna studying. Soumya comes to her and smiles. She asks her to study hard, when you become something, I will feel proud of you, have milk. She goes. The lights fluctuate. Krishna gets scared. Rags tries to scare her as ghost. Krishna screams mumma and hides there. Soumya comes there and lights come. Soumya asks what happened and hugs Krishna. Krishna says there was someone near window. Pratima goes to check and does not see anyone. Pratima tells Soumya to take Krishna to her room, she is very scared. Rags and Menka smile.

Yuvraaj thinks its late, I will go and see if Suhani needs my help. Dadi stops him and asks where are you going. He says I m going to meet my friend, he needs my friend. She says fine. He says you should not provoke kids against parents,

you instigated Yuvani against Suhani. She says whats the problem. He says it’s a problem, its parents fight, why are children getting involved, its wrong to make daughter against mother. Dadi asks what about Suhani misbehaving with you, she said you have no right on Yuvaan. He says then we are doing same. She says yes, its clear, if you don’t have right on Yuvaan, then Suhani has no right on Yuvani. He says no, Yuvani is my daughter, she will do what I tell her, so please don’t make her against Suhani next time. He leaves.

Suhani comes to room and sees the room decorated. She thinks Sambhav got serious about suhaagraat, I will talk to Yuvraaj. Sambhav comes there and shows a small necklace. He says this is special gift for our special night, come. He makes her wear the necklace. Snoopi comes and jumps over Sambhav. The necklace breaks. Sambhav sees the chain broken and says this broke. She says we will get this repaired tomorrow, and scolds Snoopi. Snoopi jumps on the bed and spoils. Sambhab asks what is he doing, Suhani move him. Suhani pulls the bedsheet and pillow, and also the floral strings. Sambhav says everything will be spoiled. She says yes sorry, Snoopi is not leaving pillow. Sambhav gets angry and says leave it now Suhani, he spoiled my mood. She says maybe its time for his walk, we both will take him out. He says no, you take him. She gets relieved and takes snoopi out.

She apologizes to Snoopi and says sorry, we humans are strange and cheat everyone, but you animals are lovely and always love the owner, thanks. Yuvraaj meets her and asks are you fine, I was worried. She says yes, you have sent Snoopi for me. He says yes and gives treat to Snoopi. He asks the plan. She says don’t know, Sambhav is adamant about Suhaagraat. He says I understand, it will be odd for you, we have to think like him to stop him. She asks what do you mean. He says if he can kill someone so that you were saving Yuvaan, then we have to do same thing.

Suhani tells Lata and asks her not to say this, please help me for Yuvaan’s sake. Lata agrees and hugs her. Sambhav comes and sees them. Yuvraaj orders a fake knife and other things. He asks the same to send it soon. Pratima asks what are you doing, whats happening. Yuvraaj says don’t ask anything, I can’t tell you, give me one day time, I will make everything fine. She says fine, but I m restless and could not sleep at night. He says even I m worried but…. I can’t tell you anything, just trust me and Suhani, its big day for us, bless us. She blesses him and goes.

Suhani asks whats this smoke. Yuvaan says Papa is cooking. Sambhav gives food to Yuvaan and says gas got over, so I made food on stove. She says you would have told me, I don’t think there is any stove here. He shows the books and says Yuvaan will not go school now, I can’t remove the watch, I don’t trust you. She says fine, as you feel right, but why did you burn books, you could have spoken at school, you don’t understand that parents fight should not affect Yuvaan. He says I don’t want to get affected, I get what I want. She says as you like, I m going out for some work. She leaves.

Sambhav sees Lata making arrangements of a party and asks whats happening. Lata says I was asked to do decorations. He asks who told you to do this. Yuvaan invites Yuvani, Krishna and Golu home. Dadi says Yuvani you won’t go there, tell me. Lata does not tell Sambhav. Yuvaan comes and tells Lata that I spoke to Yuvani, they will come in surprise…. Suhani gets the cake and says this boy does not keep anything. Sambhav asks what. Lata says we are giving you surprise. Suhani says we were doing everything silently. Sambhav smiles. Yuvaan says things spoiled because of me. Sambhav says this surprise is still special for me, I will just come.

Dadi asks Yuvani not to go. Yuvraaj asks her to ask Krishna and Golu to get ready. Yuvani says I won’t go, Suhani misbehaved with you, how can I talk to her, if anyone behaved badly with me, will you talk to her. Dadi smiles. Yuvraaj says do you really think I will make you meet any bad person, you have to meet Yuvaan right. She agrees to come. Soumya says Krishna is studying, she won’t come, you guys go. Rags and Menka think how did their plan fail.

Yuvraaj asks Dadi not to involve kids in elders fights. Dadi asks why, did Suhani invite you. He asks her not to let this affect kids. Dadi asks Pratima to explain Yuvraaj, am I saying wrong if I m stopping kids. Pratima says they have grown up and know what they are doing.

Yuvraaj comes as the magician and gets a knife. Suhani and Sambhav look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. kal kya hoga?is yuvraj going to die tomorrow.

  2. The leap is due to take place next month and it looks like menka and soumya won’t be part of it.

  3. I think yuvraj character will also quit…. Nonsense… Ekta kapoor serial r better though leap does but viewers were happy pavitra rishta … N kkb also … Though lead r separated but still viewers like dat serial…. Really I don’t have any problem with this serial coz it is just show… But I don’t like post leap n also suhani look… She look beautiful simply but post leap is going to be worst… Though many will see… But there will no charm… Many serial we see till certain extent…. Balika vadu I watch till Anandi n jagya …. Afterward there was no meaning 2 watch … Same this will going 2 happened in ssel

  4. Common tellyupdates update the comments and the give sns written updates. My yhm comments since 5:30 r still not posted

  5. They should really end the shambav track…

  6. Please kill sambhav but don’t kill yuvraj.yuvraj please don’t leave the show please.suhani si ek ladki serial band kardo kyunki yuvraj ke bager show nhi aacha lagega

  7. Nithu

    I think within a week sambhav character will come to an end!!…

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