Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Krishna why did she not answer Saiyyam. She takes Krishna. Rags and Yuvani tell Dadi that this is not done that Suhani is stopping Yuvani from taking part in contest. Suhani gets Krishna and asks Dadi to give a participation form. Rags and Yuvani get shocked. Rags says then Yuvani will participate too. Suhani says I won’t force Yuvani if she does not like this, I know whats good for my children, I m asking Krishna so that her self confidence gets high. She calls Yuvaan and asks him to help Krishna in filling form. Krishna says I can’t do this. Yuvaan and Pratima say enough, Suhani said it, so its final. Suhani asks Yuvani does she want to take part. Yuvani says yes, I will try. Dadi says Yuvani does not need your permission, its my decision, you can’t

refuse, if outsider is taking part, Yuvani will also take part.

Suhani asks Dadi to think and talk. Dadi asks what did I say wrong, Krishna has no right to stay here. Suhani says Krishna has right, Yuvaan is with us because of Soumya’s sacrifice. She goes. Yuvani asks Dadi what did Suhani say, what sacrifice Soumya did. Rags says nothing, Suhani says big things, focus on this contest. Dadi says yes, now you can be any way you like. Yuvani gets glad and hugs Rags. Rags teaches Yuvani how to do catwalk. Yuvaani prepares Krishna and holds his head. Yuvani learns well, while Krishna struggles. Yuvaan stops Krishna from eating noddles and gives her salad and juice. He laughs seeing the juice on her face and cleans it. Rags makes Yuvani perfect. Yuvaan and Krishna dance.

Yuvani walks in style like Rags, while Krishna stumbles wearing high heels. Yuvaan laughs seeing Krishna. She runs to beat him with the sandals. Suhani and Pratima see them and smile. Suhani says Krishna is different than Soumya, Soumya liked makeup and fashion and Krishna is simple. Pratima says yes, and Yuvaan is like… Suhani says Yuvraaj, I just want this contest to be proved right for both the girls. Rags says beautiful, Yuvani you will win this contest, Krishna has no chance to win. Yuvani hugs Rags and smiles.

Saiyyam calls someone and says there is no safety measures in Birla company beauty contest, any accident can happen in this old place. He sees the incense sticks and says Suhani, just a spark is enough to burn your daughter’s dreams. He goes to see the arrangements in the hall and takes incense sticks. He looks around and keeps the incense stick near the rope, which is tied to the big overhead stage. He says it will be fun when any one of them gets away from them, then Suhani will realize the pain of getting away from loved ones. He sees Krishna and thinks did she see me. Krishna turns away. He asks did you turn away to avoid seeing me. He takes Prasad from her and thanks her, saying my day will go well. She goes to pray. He goes. She prays Lord to help her.

Pratima asks Dadi to have tea. Dadi says I need to talk, Suhani and I will not become judge together, Suhani is not Birla, I was bearing her for Yuvraaj, I will not bear her more, I will not sit with her. She asks Pratima not to argue, we could not decide participants, how will we decide winners, this is my company, I will decide with peace, my decision won’t change, go and explain Suhani. Suhani looks on and thinks if Yuvaan was here, situation would be different.

She acts normal infront of Pratima and says I was thinking that I will not judge the contest, as my two daughters are taking part. Pratima understands and hugs her. She apologizes to Suhani. Suhani says why are you apologizing, this house is united because of you. Pratima says fine, questions will be yours. Suhani says I will write questions and keep on table.

Rags asks Yuvani to open the blindfold. Yuvani removes the blindfold and shows her stunning white gown. Rags smiles and gets surprised seeing Yuvani. She says you look pretty like a Barbie doll, lets take a selfie. Yuvani says I look so cool, we look sisters, I wonder how can Krishna do this, she gets nervous. Rags says I m sure Suhani is preparing her to win, you don’t worry, Krishna will goof up, you have to make Krishna lose, I will go out, get ready, see you, all the best.

Suhani compliments Krishna. Krishna says I m scared as you are not judge, I feel I won’t win. Suhani encourages her. Krishna says I m scared. Suhani asks her to win over fears, have courage, Soumya was fearless and used to answer anyone who used to scare her. She says I got a gift for you and shows sandals. She says this is Soumya’s sandals. Krishna says I can’t walk wearing this. Suhani asks her to become like Soumya.

Saiyyam gets the questions notes and replaces the chits in the bowl. He smiles and crushes the chits kept by Suhani. chit

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Boring. No yuvraj and dadi again making decisions on her own. When will the truth come out about what happened after saiyyam. Obviously the kids don’t know anything. Still don’t know who saiyyam is.

  2. The only person who controls dadi is yuvraj. I hope he come back soon
    And I think saiyyam is sambav son with his first wife

  3. Who is saiyyam n Wat is his intention

  4. I meant sambhav, no one knows what happened. When will rags and dadi realise that they too are to blame for things that happened, always blame Suhani. Why call her about saiyyam then if she’s that bad?

  5. Track is too boring

  6. Horrible story track. New characters not exciting. Same old dadi and Rags…. no change.
    Where is Yuvraaj? He is the only bearable character in this show!

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