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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saurabh asking Yuvraaj is this girl not out sister. Yuvraaj says no. Rags says I knew it, this was a drama. Suhani says Gauri knows everything about this house. Rags says enough lies, I can’t bear this now. Suhani says I will call hospital and see, this can’t happen. Dadi looks on. Rags drags Gauri and Suhani stops Rags. Rags says you stop it Suhani, this girl is not family member She asks Gauri did she come to loot them, sh e will get her arrested. Gauri cries.

Suhani asks Rags to leave her. Rags says I don’t believe Suhani got her from road. Saurabh supports Rags and says this girl is playing with our emotions. Rags pushes Gauri on the floor. Gauri cries and calls out Bhai. All the brothers turn their face away. Gauri calls Yuvraaj as Vyu…. He turns

to see her and asks Rags to stop it. Saurabh says Yuvraaj you can’t do this. Yuvraaj says fine, she is not our sister, but she is not fraud. He holds Gauri and says no need to call police. Dadi starts her acting and asks whats happening. She scolds Rags acting as Sunanda.

Suhani cries and says Mili…. Bhavna asks Suhani to come with her. Yuyraaj asks Gauri to go with them. Gauri says don’t call police and runs to her room. Pratima cries. Dadi asks Suhani to come to her room, she has to talk. Suhani goes with Dadi. Rags asks Saurabh to stop them. Saurabh says leave all this. Sharad pacifies Pratima.

Bhavna cries and talks to Sharad. She says Suhani did big mistake, everyone will be angry with her now. He says don’t worry, Dadi is unwell, she will not remember this after getting fine. Bhavna says I will make Suhani leave all this, Dadi should forgive Suhani. Dadi asks Suhani does she feel she is clever, who is that girl, I understood you are against family for that girl. I don’t want any issue in this house, I understood that report is false, burn it and move on. Suhani says yes, sorry. She leaves.

Suhani cries and runs to her room. Bhavna asks what happened, and asks Yuvraaj to see Suhani. Yuvraaj says fine, I will talk to her. Dadi shuts the door. She smiles and says everyone think I m Badi Maa, they don’t know I m Chandrakala, Suhani can’t ruin my hardwork and home. She recalls how Bhavna gave her tea. Ramesh went to take her sarees. Bhavna asks him to come later. She asks Bhavna to take sarees. She asks about Suhani and Rags’ fight. Bhavna tells her about Mili’s DNA test. Dadi cleverly gets all info from her and worries. Bhavna sits to pick sarees. Dadi says your hair are beautiful and plucks one strand. She says she will give her nek. Bhavna leaves. Dadi smiles seeing Bhavna’s hair sample. She then goes and replaces the hair sample in Suhani’s purse. FB ends.

Dadi says Gauri is dead for everyone, and Suhani can’t bring her back. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that those who die never come back. Suhani says no, reports were changed, its faulty, I have seen something that’s why I told such big thing, what is my benefit to make Mili this house’s daughter. He says I know you don’t do anything for benefit. She says trust me, I want you and Maa to be happy, I know Gauri is your happiness.

He says it will affect Mili also, she is scared, she needs you, you can’t leave her alone. Suhani says no, she does not love me, she needs her family, I can’t wipe her tears, why are you all not understanding me. She cries miserably. He holds her and asks her to come. Mili gets scared seeing Yuvraaj, and asks him not to call police, sorry. Yuvraaj says no one will take you from here. He gives her ice cubes. She cries and eats ice. She says Bhai, I m not thief, why did you call police. He says nothing, it was a game. We will not play if you don’t like it. She holds him and says don’t play, its bad game. He says fine, we won’t play and holds her hand. She thanks him and smiles.

He asks her not to cry. She asks shall I make drawing. He says yes, I will send your food. She says I will sleep before drawing. He asks her to clean pillow when hair fall on it. She says sorry. She calls Ramesh. He looks at the hair strands and leaves. Ramesh comes and says there are no hair strands here. Gauri sees the hair strands gone.

Everyone dine together. Pratima refuses to have food. Dadi comes for dinner. She acts normal and scolds Ramesh for putting excess oil in food. Anuj asks is she fine. Dadi asks what happened to me. Suhani says its good, Dadi got fine.

Suhani tells Bhavna that Dadi will go in shock seeing her wrinkles. Dadi hears them and worries for her skin.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. I called it! The moment Suhani said DNA, I knew EXACTLY what actions would be taken by the tricky old hag.

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  7. This is so stupid! Keeps dragging I don’t know Why is dadi always wining? I hate daadi and Rags!and Bhavna has become so annoying! They should get the truth out! I hope Yuvraj took the hair for the DNA, cause deep down he knows that’s his sister.

  8. @yuvani saraj…s am agree wid u…i think yuvraj saw wen dadi change da hair..tat y he looks dull n he care for mili…he vl redo dna test n wen dadi behave normal he tell it to al

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