Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Yuvraaj is he fine. Dadi starts scolding Suhani and thanks Soumya for saving Yuvraaj. Suhani says she was talking to Sharad. Dadi gets angry and cares for Soumya. Yuvraaj thanks Soumya for saving his life. Saurabh scolds Rags for doing all this and takes her. Anuj asks Menka to come along. Everyone go inside the house leaving Suhani alone. Saurabh says we will leave in morning. Anuj says he has no problem to wake up early. Pratima asks Yuvraaj about his jacket catching fire. Yuvraaj says he is fine. He says Soumya saw it on time and cooled the fire. Pratima starts coughing and says Ramesh scared me.

She asks Ramesh to get her BP medicines as she does not have morning dose. Yuvraaj says you can get it now itself. She asks where will I get it now.

He says anywhere around medical college. He asks her to get fine and he will fight. She says even your dad used to say the same and take care of me. She says then he left me one day. Yuvraaj says I m with you, I promise I will never let you get hurt. She smiles and says if your dad saw this, he will be feeling proud that his son is so responsible. He says he will get medicines and leaves.

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Soumya asks Suhani is she annoyed as Dadi sometimes acts rude. Suhani says no, Dadi likes you a lot and won’t have problem if you become bahu. Soumya asks what did she say. Suhani says I mean she likes you. She thanks her for saving Yuvraaj. She asks Soumya to come for shopping. Soumya says Dadi took appointment for me in parlor. Suhani says its good, Dadi’s focus got off from me. Suhani says she is good and does not need these things. Yuvraaj comes to the room and talks to Suhani. He gets annoyed seeing Soumya.

Soumya leaves from their room. Suhani asks him did he get choc for her, but she can’t eat as she has gain weight. He says Dadi won’t say anything, have it. He asks her to share it with Soumya. Suhani stops Soumya and asks her to have it. They share the choc and smile. Yuvraaj thanks Soumya. Soumya says its ok, as you helped me a lot, so its really cool. Soumya comes out of their room and smiles seeing the choc. She says Yuvraaj got this choc for me, as I have saved his life. Suhani asks Yuvraaj did he get choc for her. He says no, I went to take medicine for Pratima, the man did not had change and gave this choc. She asks is mum fine. He says she is not fine, give her medicines on time, its important. She says she will give him, don’t worry.

Its morning, Yuvraaj gets ready and sees Suhani sleeping with one hand hanging down. He keeps her hand and covers her with blanket. She opens her eyes and stops him. She smiles and says bye. He leaves. Menka laughs reading a joke and tells Dadi about Suhani’s horoscope, that her love will have hurdles now. Suhani says she does not believe all this. Dadi says leave it, have breakfast now. Soumya tells Suhani that her sindoor is spread. Suhani leaves. Soumya asks about her horoscope. Menka says she will get new friends, new house, new life and her life will change. Soumya smiles. Menka jokes on herself. Suhani comes to them and says she has to give medicines to Pratima, she will wake her up, give food and then make her eat medicines. Dadi takes the medicines and says she will give her. She asks Suhani to go and come back soon. Suhani leaves. Dadi smiles.

Menka tells Rags that Soumya is looking more beautiful than her. Dadi asks Pratima how is she now. Pratima says fine. Menka gives her medicines saying Dadi gave her. Pratima thanks her. Rags looks on. They all come to parlor and get the parlor treatment. Soumya asks can she join Dadi. Dadi says sure. She gets reminder about Pratima medicine time. She asks Soumya to go home and get a file from her home. Soumya asks where is it kept. Dadi says call me when you reach, I will tell you. Rags asks her to come soon. Soumya says I will come soon and leaves. Dadi asks Rags and Menka to be ready and everything should be as per plan. Menka says think about Suhani, she does not know what we are doing behind her back.

Suhani goes for shopping with Bhavna. She says she will call Pratima and makes the call. Pratima says she had medicines but her real medicine is Suhani. Suhani says she will end shopping and come home soon, then they will talk. Suhani tells Bhavna that Pratima is fine. Bhavna says you are first girl to love mum in law so much. Suhani says even Pratima loves her much. Suhani likes a showpiece on sand clock and smiles. Bhavna asks why are you taking this. Suhani says see the sand falling so slowly as if time is running with pause. Bhavna says yes. Suhani says I feel this with Yuvraaj, as if everything happening in slow motion. She says she will gift this to Yuvraaj. Bhavna says no one can know this sand glass can be romantic gift.

Soumya comes home and talks to Dadi. She asks Pratima is she fine and does she need anything. Pratima says she is fine and Ramesh will take care of her. Soumya gets the file. Pratima faints and Ramesh shouts. Soumya looks on shocked and Dadi asks what happened, who screamed. Soumya says Pratima has fainted and runs to her. Soumya panics. Dadi asks her to give medicine to Pratima. Soumya says I don’t know. Dadi says check in Yuvraaj’s room. Soumya runs to Yuvraaj’s room and looks for medicines. She says she is not getting medicines and don’t know what to do. Dadi asks Menka where is medicine. Menka says on bed side table. Dadi tells Soumya. Soumya says its not there. Dadi is shocked. Soumya says Pratima is getting serious. She gets the doctor’s visiting card and says she will call doctor. Dadi says yes and ends the call.

She asks Menka where did she hide medicines and scolds her. Menka says I don’t know. Dadi asks Rags to call driver, as they have to leave now. She says I will call Yuvraaj. Menka says I don’t remember where I kept medicine. Dadi says I told you to make Pratima unwell, but take her life.

Yuvraaj throws the sand glass which Suhani gives. Soumya says there is some mistake. Yuvraaj says my mistake is Suhani. Suhani cries.

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  1. The same old story. What is all this drama every time. What do you want to achieve with this drama mr. Producer?? Let the truth come out and stop this bullshit!!! I am done with this serial. Stop this rubbish. Ek haseena thi is the best serial and suhani si ek ladki can never compare with that.

  2. I am getting tired to give my comment every time because it has no use. Because you as a producer should read those comments ans do something about it so that fans will watch but it seems like that you are blind or stupid!!!

  3. This drama is so boring.for gods sake let suhani know the truth and finish this and let her get into glamour world with her dark skin and be a role model and dadi to get ashamed for mistreating her ..please hurry up with this boring story

  4. pls now stop all this nonsence change the track now

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