Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj asking Suhani to stay without him always and blows off fourth diya. He says you have stayed as Suhani Yuvraaj Birla, but from now, you are just Suhani Srivastav, you are not related to me. He blows off the last diya. Dadi and Rags smile. He leaves from there. Suhani cries. Dadi says you all felt everything will be fine if we leave this on Lord, see now. Sharad says you did not see Yuvraaj’s pain, you think he is happy doing this. Dadi says whatever, but he took this decision himself, its better if you all accept this, Pratima you see the result of making them meet, now bear this. She tells Soumya that you are my bahu and Yuvraaj’s wife, this truth won’t change if anyone comes or leaves. Sharad tells Suhani that you know Yuvraaj’s temper. Suhani says I should

have not come here. Pratima says its enough, we will talk later.

Soumya tells Dadi that don’t know what happened to me when I saw Yuvraaj, I think he wants to stay with Suhani. Dadi says it does not matter, we have to learn with what we get in life, I did not wish Suhani to become bahu, even then she has become bahu and came here, I accepted her, and she left house by her wish, now if she wishes to come back, she will never be able to come back. Menka is writing novel on Soumya and Suhani. Dadi asks Rags to kick out Suhani soon.

Soumya is with Krishna, Yuvraaj is with Yuvani and Suhani is with Yuvaan. They all play some game. Krishna shows the dress Yuvraaj got for her. Soumya says whenever I feel bad for Suhani, your happy face comes infront of me, I realize I m doing this for your happiness, I don’t have any regret. She hugs Krishna.

Yuvraaj thinks Sharad came and says I don’t want to argue with you. He turns and sees Soumya. She asks shall I call Sharad. He says no, he will argue. She says because he feels you did wrong, I m sorry, you reacted this way because of me, I don’t want to force you. He says no one can force me for anything, whatever I do is by my wish. She asks don’t you have any pressure to be with me and Krishna. He says no. She holds his hand. Suhani comes there. Soumya tells Yuvraaj that everything will be fine, I know sometimes heart gets sad, look at your children you will get much courage, I do this, you also try it. Suhani goes.

Suhani recalls the fire incident in sleep and wakes up. She goes out to get water and sees Yuvraaj. He pushes the water jug towards her. She takes water and cries. She says Yuvraaj, why are you fighting with me. She turns and sees him gone. She drinks water.

Everyone sit and talk. Sharad tells Menka did not change till now. Rags says yes, infact Suhani also did not change, she did not do what she said, she said she will never come back, and even then she came back, she daily says she will go tomorrow, but not going. Sharad stops Yuvraaj from leaving. Dadi says its fine Rags, Soumya is our bahu. Pratima says yes. Rags says Soumya gave so much love to Yuvani. Pratima says yes, we are thankful. Soumya says this is my family too. Pratima says Rags will not understand that Suhani has right on Yuvani, like Yuvraaj has right on Yuvaan, Suhani gave birth to Yuvani and Soumya raised her. Dadi says Yashoda and Devki can’t stay together. Pratima says Yuvani was snatched from Suhani. Yuvraaj says like Yuvaan was snatched from me. Pratima says yes, we have to sit and solve this matter. Menka says its Dadi’s matter. Saurabh asks Menka to leave and go to her son. Menka goes.

Saurabh asks Pratima to stop these arguments, kids will come any moment. Suhani comes there and says no need to say anyone, I m leaving with my son, Sharad can stay with his family. Sharad says you are my family too. Suhani says you can meet us anytime. She tells Pratima that Yuvraaj has right to meet Yuvaan, I can’t snatch his right, he can meet his son when he wants, and I hope I m permitted to meet my daughter.

Menka asks Suhani are you going this time for sure, or fooling us. Suhani says I m really going, this is Soumya’s house, I will not snatch her family, I don’t want anything from anyone. Yuvraaj says good decision, and Maa tell me when Suhani is gone from here.

He goes to storeroom. He sits crying and sees the cradle. He recalls Dadi’s lie and Yuvaan’s words. Pratima and Suhani come there. Pratima says whenever Yuvraaj is worried, he comes here and sees this broken cradle. She stops Yuvraaj and says he got the answer of his other child. She asks Suhani will she keep away Yuvaan from Yuvraaj, does Yuvaan has no right to get his father’s love.

Pratima asks Yuvraaj to think about Yuvaan. Yuvraaj says I decided Suhani can stay here. Suhani says I don’t want anyone’s favor. He asks Pratima to see Suhani is not agreeing when I m asking her to stay.

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  1. Tripti Roy

    Again that stupid things.very bad massage is going …..seerat is not anything but suratis everything.that because suhani always cry .sorry enough..bakwas

  2. roz

    Oh plz Yuvraj.,..u broke ur relation wid Suhani and nw u r ordering her to stay back….she z nt ur maid….she will do as per her wish,,,
    Bt I’m damn sure that diz prathima will emotionally blackmail Suhani and then she will agree to stay back,,,..

    • queen

      Why dadi and rags will do anything to make suhani leave and can big war for yuaraaj and suhani. His brother should be doing right and not following the stupidity cuz now they are uncles to a boy child and it’s some kind of game.

    • queen

      But Wat will he do now he disowned his marriage with suhani and allowed everyone to ruin it its yuaraaj fault in that it got this far and his anger made him ignorant.

  3. And yuvraj don’t hurt suhani more
    Everyone selfish in the family
    Rags first tumhari family planning ke bareme socho
    Aur Soumya ye koyi tarika hai tumhari friend ko dhoka dek kar tum kushi hona chahi thi hu
    Dadi ke ek number ka mentally retarded
    I don’t know why her thinking is like this
    She is family head she is teaching wrong things to her children

  4. ash

    one thing i was not understanding yarr. suhani is not a women maid on birla family.. she was a daughter-in-law of this family.. but yuvraj ws full stop of those relation what suhani held in her family …..’!
    now he wish to stay back suhani.. he s a mad r fool..
    but suhani have alrights live alone and leave this hell of birla family and yuvi tooo
    how many tyms they seprating and unite together.. but this tym yuvi did a very big mistake on suhani’s life…
    she always insl*ting by birla family again and again.. she forgive all things but this tym yuvi words are heart coming words no frm mouth…

    suhani pls become a bold lady ..

  5. Now suhani will stay in birla house
    Daily fighting with dadi and other people
    They won’t allow suhani to leave peacefully mainly Soumya ,dadi .and all rags menka
    Their characters should change to positive
    Why Soumya came in yuvraj life

  6. mo

    This is stupid, why is she still there, yuvraj had divorce suhani, just take your son and leave.

  7. Sushma

    I really pity yuvraj what a confused character is he. ….always wants to take things in his stride wow! Do you even consider suhani a human being? It’s always ur wish if u want her to get out she should &when u want her she should be obeying u how ridiculous. ……I felt ashamed of u when u said I take my own decisions when u were talking to soumya. Do u need ur mother to tell u yuvan is important fr u &u hv to think about him? When will u be independent? When will u stop thinking of yourself first?
    Pratima why the hell do u do this to suhani, each time either fr yuvraj, fr yuvani fr yuvan ,fr herself, fr fmly blabla. ……why always fr a third person ? where is suhani in the picture? do u ever think what pain suhani is going through? U urself r a door mat &u want suhani to follow ur footsteps. …..
    Soumya u r the most ridiculous character I hv ever seen. U feel happy to see krishna happy but she will be the 1 who will hate u once she knows the truth when she’s grown up.
    Suhani what’s wrong with u even after such harsh words blabbered by yuvraj what makes u stay there? U r not a birla anymore. …If ever yuvraj wants to see yuvan let him come to u why do u hv to stay there &lose ur self respect? &did the writers forget suhani is a professional now?
    All though menka is a sych she was right today but was made to shut her mouth.

  8. NaveenS

    So a man cut all ties with his legally weded wife to play house with another woman and her daughter as he claims to be duty bound. What about his duties to his wife?
    I’m a mother and I know the toll childbirth can take on the body. It’s quite shameful that yuvraj or Pratima as a woman herself never enquired about Suhani. Yuvraj was so busy being called dadu so nothing else matter. He alone is to be blamed for not knowing his son exist.
    I hope Suhani don’t agree to stay there as she alone will suffer time and again hearing her child call Soumya mama, at least Yuvraj don’t have to hear his son call another man daddy or nor is there a man in his life.
    As for Soumya I have little words for her as people like her always suffer and end up with nothing while trying to take every and anything that don’t belong to them!

    Shame on the writers of these ridiculously, silly plot and storyline.

  9. katy

    Suhani should slap Dadi and yuvraj at least once in front of everyone
    Then they will realise

  10. Shona

    This serial became worrst…and suhani never had any self respect. ..high level of stupidity

  11. Poppy

    Pratma should stop this she is, mental abusing suhani, she doesn’t understandings that she causing more problems, then solving it.

  12. Joy

    Suhani should go, what is this crap???
    Now Yuvraj will stay with his wife and ex wife under the same roof???? The writters are completely mad!!!
    Yuvraj is dumb and doesn’t understand that if Suhani has gone it’s because of him, she can bear the distance between them but not the growing hatred that Yuvraj had for Suhani, that’s why she had gone.
    He is the one because of whom Suhani went. If she would have take her 2 child he would have been angry and if she would have left them, he would have been angry also, so what was the solution?

  13. elize

    Feedup watching this serial.. how many times this yuvraj is getting married.. serial has a moral in there story but in this story whats the moral they want to show us..

  14. Plz dont hurt suhami delhna one day she will heartbroken and the day when she die sabki zingagi khatam ho jaigi bhagwan ji plz writers ko kaho ki yuvraj road ke side khare ho or suhani dusri side she is crossing the road the car ura jaye yuvraj ke samne tab uski jo halat hogi i want to see that just imagine guyyss

    • Sushma

      Well that’s quiet scary. ……what if she is not dead &only gets wounded I don’t want to see suhani in more pain. …why didn’t u think of Dadi in that place “the root cause ”
      It’s better to be a fighter in life, yuvraj is not the only 1for whom she is existing in life.

  15. NAPSHa J

    I think suhani will stay and this track is to remind them of their old days of love whenever they see each other.. But I don’t want her to stay there!!

  16. Rose

    Oh suhani plzz go away from there. Why u still stay there. No member of BF is giving respect to suhani. Just move on…& make yuvraj pay for everything that he had done to you

  17. Ok so at first when the episode started I was like
    Why Yuvraj ? why ? do you hurt Suhani so much ??

    Then at the middle of the episode
    What the hell Suhani don’t you have any shame or any self respect how could you stay over there even for a single minute anymore
    You should just have left that house but instead u stayed that whole night?

    And then at precap I was like
    Yes queen now its your time to show him your new huanty attitude n make him desperate to make you stay at BH ?
    N Soumya get ready for more emotional wounds
    I liked the way she made her face which say NOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ME
    this is what to get to cheat on your so called BFF ?

  18. Yogitha

    Omg !!wats wrng with yuvi !! I cant undrstnd fr wat reason he is angry with suhani!! Even yuvaan is more mature than yuvraj , he is not even ready to listen to her &suhani after all this lecture she is still trying to talk to him . I know love is blind but her love is deaf & dumb also . Regarding soumya its better i dnt say anythng!!

  19. Rubina

    Suhani should sue Dadi in the 1st place for abducting yuvani…instead she’s tolerant to dadis harsh words…she should leave birla house immediately..

  20. z

    There go again pratma poor yuvraj crying over a dead baby, that he thought was dead. Oh boo woo, you didn’t even try to find suhani or know the truth. Now you want suhani to stay as a maid of the birla house. What type of woman are you. Thank You soumya, because of you the family is saved. Dadi said that, No it was pratma herself.
    The things is with pratma is that, she has no respect in the birla house, not even before suhani. it was suhani that made sure that she had respect. Pratma brought up yuvraj as a spoilt brats, he has no respect for his own mother. Since her son has cut all links with suhani, pratma as no right to ask from her anything.

  21. Crap, am sick and tired but can’t stop watching, after what happened? I really won’t understand if Suhani will agree to stay

  22. ci

    He has no feeling for suhani.Ye uski parvarish ka prblm hai.dobt blame him.

    Ye sab suhani. ki galathi hai.wo hamesha hope rekthe hai yuvraj se aur kehte hai nahi hai.uhave to leave that house.kitni baar wo log kaha ki jaoo bas wo jaathe nahi.agar yuvaan na hothe birla family dont need suhani.Then suhani must leave na.kuthe ki tarah reh rehi hai.kabhi wo rishtha kabhi another.I hate u for this.Dont go after yuvraj.He has wife.Usko itni mushkil mein kyu daalthi ho.U have to go.Dadi ne sahi kaha hamesha kisi vach se rukthe hai.kyu?thumari apni ghar heina.yuvraj can meet him.Dont make suhani a loser like yuvraj.

    one more thing at the end of this all may be suhani will die.This will be the story.

  23. Devi

    I feel bad for suhani n Yuvraj… Y s Dadi like ths??? I realy wish ths distnc b/w suhani n yuvraj end soon… Love u both….

  24. Edel

    Rubbish! Now they made Suhani as stupid as pratima. End this serial, it’s painfully depressing to read, I can’t imagine how horrible it will be to watch! Thank God I stopped watching a long time ago. Nonsense. There is no story here, just the toture of one character all the time by everyone! No sane human being can take that. Especially not in the name of ❤. Suhani represents a classic example of women living with domestic abuse. Is this what the writers are promoting? Not good for young viewers. Please end this track or finish up the serial as soon as possible.

  25. #UniteYuvani is now #UniteSubhav

    Seriously!!!!! Suhani should stay back??? Why? Somebody please kill Pratima….she is the most selfish of all…..Suhani came she did not say anything to Dadi even after she accepted that she lied about Yuvani….and this idiot Yuvraj comes and instead of scolding Dadi he is yelling at Suhani…..what relations he will break with Suhani…she herself broke everything 6yrs back and went away… hell with Yuvraj and his BIRLA khandan….. if she knew about Yuvani then …she would have taken her too with her….

    Pratima should die….she is the most selfish…. she wants Suhani to suffer every moment by staying there just so that Yuvraj can spend some time with Yuvan….seriously???? Yuvan does not need Yuvraj……he was happy in his life….and well brought up…unlike Yuvani who was all wrongly brought up…..Suhani was there to correct Yuvani….what will Yuvraj do? Spoil Yuvan like he spoiled Yuvani??????? Seriously Pratima should die only then Suhani will stop getting brainwashed everytime to make sacrifices and be insulted….

    Suhani should go away and file case for Yuvani’s custody…. and also file a case against Dadi for lying to her and Yuvraj and also file a case against Yuvraj for marrying when he had not divorced her….she should win all the three cases legally and then should divorce Yuvraj and go away with both her kids and then destroy the entire BIRLA dynasty by taking away all her Business! She can chose to be either independent women or should find her true love in Sambhav…Yuvraj and the Birla’s should lead a life of misery….first time Suhani went out of Birla house….their companies were shut down….this time all should be turned to ashes! Yuvraj should live through to see all his family and wealth destroyed and see Suhani and kids happy with Sambhav….he should die in front of Suhani’s house the way Shahrukh khan died in front of Aishwarya rai’s house in Devdas! Hate you soo much Yuvraj Birla!!!!!

    Does anyone agree????

  26. raven

    this is my comment if i were Suhani i would not stay at Birla House too much is going on right now and it will not be right to stay there and involve Yuvhan in all this mess remember he is not accustom to all these gimmicks that is going on in Birla House she should take her son and move out and give Yuvraj his space to see who he really wants to be with and dadi and Somya should back off

  27. Suhani have some self respect at least. You run a big company and you know your so called friend snatched your rights still you torture yourself by being there when the person who made you a member of Birla family has cut ties with you. Take your son and sue for custody of your daughter because you never knew she was alive. What kind of mother doesn’t fight for her daughter?

  28. uaha..

    Suhani stop being emotional and walk out of the shit hole..and Peatima call yourself Ma…slap your son Yuvraj and throw out the garbage Soumya Dadi Rags And mental menkha…All birlas are selfish..Why is Yuvraj being clever…dummy getover your anger….Writerss stop potraying all indian man as shallow ….please give them little brains to see the truth …PLEASE WRITERS.

  29. Yasmin

    Does Suhaani have no self respect and sense!!! Isn’t she supposed to be a business woman with her own house. Can’t she say Yuvraaj can get to know Yuvaan at her home???? In fact if Yuvraaj wants to get back with Suhaani then it should be on her terms and he should move in with her in her house….. After all this is the 21st century.

  30. Edel

    I bet the writers will make her stay. This show is all about the oppression and emotional abuse of Suhani. They cannot help but continue to toture her.

  31. Lucy

    YOU ARE NO LONGER SUHANI BIRLA, YOU ARE JUST NOW SUHANI SRIVASTAV. Really is not being a Birla, is that a total lost. Suhani why didn’t you say that, listen you idiot, I am a Srivastav, I was born a Srivastav and I am Proud to be a SRIVASTAV. GUESS WHAT MY SON IS A SRIVASTAV.
    YOU ARE CARRYING YOUR FATHER NAME, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE CRIED, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT A BIRLA ANYMORE. WHAT THE MATTER WITH YOU SUHANI. I Blame the writers for this, they know how to make women weak. Give your father name respect, keep your head up high, and most of all, USE YOUR LEGS, TAKE YOUR SON AND WALK OUT!

  32. kai

    omg please don’t stay in that house!! buy a house closer if you must but DO NOT STAY WITH THE BRILA FAMILY!!! they will make your life a living HELL…. please Suhani …. Yuvaan can still see his dad. just don’t stay there.

  33. rim

    I dont understand —its such a rubbish serial —-just the baseline is this yuvraj married to a nice girl suhani —- but becoz she is dark coloured no one likes her n want to separate the two —-this DEVIL WITCH GHOST DADI IS DOING ALL THIS SHIT to separate them n doing for more than 6-8-10 years whatever —–
    Can’t this dumb couple sit n talk if they like one n other or not n take a decision —-stay or leave n end the shittty serial ——the witch is controlling the silly couples life like puppets —-look at ur own face SHIT DADI ——

  34. clara

    suhani dont stay in this house u have to go from birla house then only yuvraj will bring u back
    first try someting gud tit for tat for dadi

  35. alma baby

    pls dont stay suhani. they will make fun on you and they will ruin your life again.
    you should and go and become a good bussiness women and a competatnt for borals and also yuvraj should suffer pains due to soumya and her misdeeds. that time he will realize you and he will come to you

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