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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Menka saying I will send Radhe’s pic to Rakhi, then Rakhi will never make fun of me. Barbie scolds the boy and says I m not your mummy. Sharad looks on. Barbie scolds the boy and says why did Radhe come here, nothing happened between us, I left him before, he does not want money, he became rich, then what does he want. The boy says his mummy is at home. Barbie asks do you want chocolates and toys. He says yes. She asks where are his parents. He says at home. She asks who am I? He says aunty and repeats the same. She smiles.

Soumya hopes Radhe manages well there. Lalita tells Soumya that Rakhi has gone to Birla house to tease Menka. Soumya thinks to inform Suhani and her phone is off. Rakhi comes home and says I taught a lesson to Menka. Rakhi and Lalita laugh.

Krishna comes home and tells Soumya that he has to talk to her. Rakhi asks why this sweets, is there good news. Krishna says yes, these are Soumya’s reports. Soumya asks is it positive. Krishna says yes, congrats, we are going to become parents. He makes her eat sweets and hugs her. Lalita and Rakhi make faces.

Radhe tells Dadi that he kept boy’s name dabang. Dadi says fine. Menka says your story ended, I recorded everything, I will show this to Rakhi. Suhani asks what are you both doing here. Dadi asks Menka to shut up. Menka says Rakhi is very bad. Radhe asks her not to show Rakhi anything. Barbie hears this and asks who is Rakhi.

Menka says I will tell you. Rags asks her to shut up. Radhe says why will I make Barbie tie Rakhi to me. Rags says its your problem. Menka says I m saying about Rakhi, your…. Dadi and Rags make her quiet and ask her to leave. Rags apologizes to Dadi and signs her. Barbie asks them to stay here if they want, as she is going to make Radhe leave. Rags asks Menka not to say a word.

Barbie says Dadi, this man is lying, this boy is not my son. Dadi asks how can we believe you, maybe you did surrogacy for him. Barbie says no. Radhe says you are breaking my heart. Barbie says I m proof that this man is lying. She asks the boy to say who she is. The boy says you are my mummy, Radhe is my Papa. Barbie gets angry and ask boy not to lie. Boy asks for food. Barbie says I will slap you. The boy hugs Radhe. Suhani and Radhe ask how can she beat a child. Rags scolds Barbie for child abuse and says if you were not pregnant, I would have called police. Barbie asks Suhani to explain Rags. Suhani says you can’t talk to kid like this. She asks Rags not to say between husband and wife. Barbie says he is not my husband. Suhani asks Radhe to convince his wife.

Sharad tells Suhani that Barbie’s phone has password, I did not find any clue. Dadi says what to do now, we can’t tell anything to Barbie getting knowing about Pratima. Suhani says we will enter her birthday as password, I will check her medical file. Radhe talks to Barbie and says you left me as I was poor, now I got rich. He shows the diamond bangle. She says you know this is not my baby, why are you doing this. He says I love you that’s why, I earned so much just for you.

Suhani says we want to kick Barbie out, we know even you want this. Rags says that’s why Dadi has sent me to outhouse. Rags says everyone know I have problem with you, but I have biggest problem with Barbie, I hate her, I m in your town now, I will get her phone. Dadi asks but Rags, what about Menka. Rags says don’t worry. Suhani says so we all are together. Sharad says Lord will help us.

Pratima is tied and kept in some dark room. A man gives her food and asks her to have it. She hears temple prayers and says its same sound of the temple where I go daily, it means I m close to my home. She tries to get free. Boy asks Barbie to play with him and puts ball on her hand. She gets angry and says Suhani is not here, who will save you. Rags and Menka look on. Barbie runs after the boy. Menka collides and makes Barbie’s phone fall. She argues with Barbie. Rags sign the boy to change the man.

Rags gives the phone to Suhani. Suhani enters birthday and says its not the password. Rags asks her to try 1234. Suhani says no, we have just 2 chances now. Rags says 0000. Suhani checks and says no. Bhavna says don’t try now, phone will get locked, and Barbie will know we are trying to check her phone. Suhani goes to keep the phone back.

Soumya waits for Radhe. Krishna asks some men to keep the things. Lalita says I already got vegs. Krishna says its organic vegs, its for Soumya. Soumya says but that will be costly. Krishna asks her to not to worry, just eat good food, baby will be healthy. He pays the men. A packet falls. Soumya asks how did he get so much money. He says its my boss’ money, I have to put it in account.

Suhani nods no to Dadi. Dadi asks boy to trouble Barbie, then she will give him chocolates and toys. Suhani says this boy is from poor family, so he is doing this work, we will get him admitted in a good school. Dadi says once Pratima comes home, I will give him much money. Boy asks for food and toys. Barbie scolds him. Suhani thinks to keep phone back. Barbie stops her and asks why are you going in my room. Suhani says sorry, I m still habitual, it was my room. Barbie says it was your room….

The man looks for Pratima. Pratima hits the man and runs from there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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