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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor checking Pratima. He asks her not to take stress, this is not good for her health. Everyone sit with Pratima. Suhani hugs her. Pratima asks her to go to Yuvraaj, he needs her. Suhani goes to him and hears him talking on phone. She asks is he fine. He says yes, but I m worried as everything is at stake, we have to do anything and bring family out of this problem. She asks what did he do. He says he is sending mum to his Maasi, she will tell mum that she needs mum and convince her to come. Suhani says I don’t want anything to happen to mum. He says nothing will happen, I will end Krishna’s game.

Anuj asks Yuvraaj to explain mum, Pratima is saying she wants to go to Maasi. Yuvraaj says let him go, I will drop her, don’t worry. Anuj gets annoyed with Suhani

and leaves. Rakhi throws things and asks Krishna and Soumya why did they leave Pratima after she slapped Radhe. Soumya says she is ill and Radhe did all the drama. Suhani and Yuvraaj come home after dropping Pratima. He says I feel this was good decision to send her. Suhani says she is trying to understand how Dadi is bending to Krishna and Soumya. He says Dadi is just trying to get the formula and prove that we did mistake by giving job to Krishna, she is annoyed with Soumya and disliked Krishna, and now they are ruling our house, she holds you responsible for this.

Suhani says Dadi is right. He says Dadi is controlling her anger. She says Dadi dislikes me, still Dadi can’t be quiet infront of anyone, there has to be reason for her silence this time. Krishna says Radhe did mistake. Soumya says I know we came to take revenge, but have to respect elders, what will we get if Dadi eats non veg. Lalita says we will get satisfaction, why are you ruling on us. Soumya says no, Pratima is ill, she has gone, if anything happened to her, who would be responsible. Krishna says Soumya is right, we have to focus on work for which we came here.

Krishna and his family sit to have food. Menka stares at food and Rags takes her. Rags shows Yuvraaj to see how badly they are eating food. Radhe gets hiccups and Rakhi says give him water. Krishna asks Suhani to get glass of water. Yuvraaj gets angry and Suhani stops him. She goes to give water. Lalita makes Suhani fall and water falls on Radhe. Krishna scolds her. Suhani says she did not do mistake, your mum kept leg in my way so I fell. Lalita calls her shameless. Krishna argues with her. Suhani says she does not refuse if she did mistake and can’t hurt anyone to prove herself right.

Menka and Rags asks where is food. Dadi comes and Krishna smiles seeing their helplessness. Ramesh says food got over. Lalita laughs on them. Menka says Suhani makes good food and praises her. Krishna asks Dadi to cook food.. Yuvraaj asks is he mad. Menka says Dadi does not know cooking. Yuvraaj says she knows, but she will not cook. Menka says it means she has lied to us. Dadi says I m not maid. Soumya asks Krishna how will Dadi cook in this age. Krishna says Dadi has to cook, he will decide who will do what work in this house. Yuvraaj argues with Krishna. Dadi recalls Krishna’s warning and agrees to cook, saying Suhani has made her helpless to do this and she is ready to cook for her family. Suhani asks Dadi to refuse them, why is she bending to them.

Suhani asks Soumya how can she do this, why is she taking revenge from Dadi, Dadi has loved her a lot. Lalita scolds Suhani. Yuvraaj gets angry and throws things in kitchen, saying he is quiet because of Dadi. Suhani says where is ration, why are the boxes empty. Krishna smiles. Yuvraaj asks Krishna what else will he steal now. Krishna says its tit for tat. Dadi says what will she cook now. Lalita says its her turn to cook. Lalita asks Dadi to beg to them. Suhani gets shocked.

Dadi says she will never forgive Suhani, as all this is because of her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shameless creeture “Dirty Dadi” all this is happening bcs of her still shamelessly blaming Suhani in frnt of every one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. No one is posting there comments.this shows the failure of the show.

  3. dadi is responsible for all… she is tooo bad…. pagal aurat.

  4. Nizra nazreen mutaliph

    What to say….poor story line..looks like a stage drama.

  5. Vry bad story line from the beginning dis drama was too gud nw thy dragging it

  6. vary bad

  7. Interesting

  8. Very worst story
    Soumya and krishna has to be punished in front of suhani

  9. Soumya is just making away suhani from yuvraj whom helped her to rejoin to krishna. I hate soumya alot now. If i get soumya in hand then i will chop her in to pieces and give it to dog

  10. I dont like wats going on they always blame suhani for everything n soumya n Krishna dont deserves to be in the birla house

  11. reading up is enough too much blaming Suhani…get over with the truth against the old witch and done with

  12. plzzzzzzzzzzzz stop all this non-sense…!!!!

  13. ayyo…….wat rubbish please make an last episode and give a new exchange.

    otherwise please give good episodes and make suhani and yuvraj united.

    who is the director.

  14. this is the very worsts seriel in entire channels i think

  15. Yaaa,waste has no meaning.blo*dy dadi and sowmya.they r the only reason for all this..suhaani was always a gud frnd to sowmya and helped her alot and in return sowmya is gvg no respect to her and blaming her………..

  16. Revathi Anandh

    dam irritating.
    I think after soumiya knows the truth she will ask sorry to suhahi.
    And she will also say ok no problem.

  17. they don’t have the formula.krishna already told 2 soumya that they are not having the formula in 1 episode.when will they end this idiotic track????

  18. Please stop this all nonsense please is this family show

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