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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani’s bidaai happening. She stumbles and Yuvraaj worries for her, being away. Sambhav holds Suhani. Suhani cries and hugs Pratima, Bhavna and others. Sambhav takes elder’s blessings. Pankaj, Lata, Yuvaan leave with Suhani and Sambhav. At night, Lata informs Bhavna that they reached fine. Yuvaan gives best Papa award to Pankaj.

Pankaj asks him to find better dad than him. Yuvaan asks him to help Sambhav in becoming good Papa. Pankaj says fathers are always good. Suhani looks on and cries. Yuvaan tells his wishes. Pankaj says Sambhav will get everything and will never leave you. Yuvaan says now I have a Papa too. Lata gives him milk. Lata tells Suhani that Yuvaan is happy. Suhani says I m also happy seeing him. She goes and looks around. Sambhav comes and

says I m here.

Sambhav says I remember what we decided, we got married for Yuvaan, I will not do anything that hurts you. She says whatever you did today was for me too, not for Yuvaan, you saved me from failing in his eyes, else how would I manage Yuvaan, I did not wish to marry, but my heart said its right to do this marriage, I said yes for kids, person should take decisions from mind, not heart. She says today my son is very happy today, all this is because of you. He smiles and asks her to forget everything, I know its tough, but we can try, we are happy and that’s enough, we will talk of future, not past.

Dadi goes out and meets the goon. Goon asks for money. She gives him money. He asks for more. She says you are threatening me, if my partner knows this, he will kill you. He says if I tell truth to everyone, they will kill you, do you want me to go inside and say truth. He laughs. Sambhav stabs his back with a knife. Dadi gets shocked. The goon falls dead. Dadi recalls Sambhav meeting her and planning everything with Sambhav.

Sambhav asks who would save you Dadi if I was not your partner. She asks why did you kill him, you should have just scared him. He says I can’t let anyone fail my plan, I came here by hardwork, everything should be fine. He calls a goon to hide this dead body. She says I don’t want anyone to know. He says no one will know, what will Yuvraaj say that someone kidnapped him, Suhani won’t believe, Pratima got against Yuvraaj and our work got easy. She asks if Yuvraaj knows about us.

Sambhav says no one will tell Yuvraaj, when you acted to sleepwalk, I doubted on you and followed you, then I understand we both want same thing. She says yes, I was scared thinking I lost the game, after varmala. He says we forgot about Soumya, she is loser, he has no courage, she wants to win, but she melts heart soon, anyways we got what we wanted, about Yuvraaj, if he did not say anything in anger, what will we say in future, Suhani thinks I did favor on her, truth won’t come out, even if Yuvraaj says truth, this is beneficial for you, its time to enjoy, take a deep breath.

Suhani recalls Yuvraaj and wakes up. She cries and says I should not think of Yuvraaj now, I should think of Sambhav now, he did a lot for me. She looks for Sambhav and does not find him. She calls Sambhav and hears his phone ringing. She sees Sambhav caressing Yuvaan, while Yuvaan is asleep. She leaves. Sambhav smiles and says Yuvaan, you don’t know you are a trump card for me.

Its morning, Yuvraaj see Suhani getting breakfast for him. He asks her to go to her husband. She asks him why did he not come. He asks could she not wait, you always wanted to marry Sambhav, maybe you got me kidnapped. He calls her cheap. He shouts and wakes up from his dream. He thinks what happened and how, does not matter, Suhani married Sambhav when she got the chance, Maa feels I have run away, its no use to tell them about my kidnapping. He sits angry.

Rags and Menka trouble Soumya and taunt her. Bhavna comes and tells Rags and Menka that she will make tea for them. Rags and Menka do not take Bhavna’s help. Rags asks Soumya how can she expect Bhavna to forgive her, did Yuvraaj get late because of you. Bhavna says no, Yuvraaj did not come by his wish. Yuvraaj hears this.

Suhani says I m making juice for Yuvraaj, and then realizes her marriage with Sambhav. Sambhav hears her and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Haripriyacivil

    Im quiting this totally backwass

    1. Aqsxxh

      Same. Sticking with writing my fanfics…

    2. i am also

  2. Aqsxxh

    I knew it! Sambhav is evil!

    1. It is a shame that the writers made Sambhav bad. Sambhav was there to be a new love interest for Suhani. They should have stayed that way.
      But I am happy that finally she left Yuvraj. Nothing changed with him, Dadi is the proof .
      I want Suhani to be strong again. Not all this trying to please everyone. In life I know you can’t please everyone.
      Sambhav might be a bad husband, but for me Yuvraj is worst.
      It is that woman in life as in show should stand up.

      1. I am angry that the writers made Sambhav bad. Some how I hope that they change Sambhav and make him good again. It is such a waste on a good character.

        But I am also happy that Finally Suhani left Yuvraj, as I always believed that if those two got back together again. Everything is going to be back to square one again. It is also true that it had already got back to square one.

        Suhani needs to be strong again. Since she went back to Birla house. She lost herself respect, any common sense that she had, it all went because of the Birla Family.
        That Birla Family can get the worst out of people. Especially that Dadi.
        I know now the show is going to be interesting, which I am very much happy about.
        Soumya is going to get what she deserves for listening to Dadi. I don’t think anything well happen to Dadi. This is because Yuvraj is always going to forgive Dadi. Suhani is safe for now, because of her parents.
        Best thing about Suhani marrying Sambhav, that there is always divorce.
        We women have to thank god for that.
        Speaking of god, didn’t Yuvraj swear in front of god that he cut all ties with Suhani.
        This is Yuvraj doing, he is not going to change.
        I hope Suhani find happiness without having Yuvraj in her life.

      2. Aqsxxh

        No, Yuvraaj may not have changed, but the ray of hope for uniting them has disappeared… When she knows the truth about Sambhav what will happen to her then? She will be even more broken… Sambhav was supposed to have “loved” suhani but now he is just using them… it’s very unfortunate! I prefered the trach with Rohan than this… At least Rohan wanted to reunite the lovers after realising his mistake….
        I don’t think suhani will ever be strong again… I want Yuvraaj to fight for suhani as that’s the only way he will prove to the fans he deserves her… As for suhani howcan she be sooo gillible- couldn’t she at least wait for Yuv to tell what has happened… The writers have messed up big time…

      3. friends I am sorry to say… this show is really incomplete without yuvraaj and suhani’s love and friendship…. because their love is the power of this show….

  3. Really disgusting…. sambhav is very very bad…. how they will know the truth of sambhav n dadi…. May b after 2-3 months…. really fully bakwas…. but y they r after yuvraj n suhani…. any guess

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ik disgusting… I miss YuvAni.. I dont think Saware will be playing anymore.

      1. Nithu

        Im missing saware sooo much….

  4. Sambhav.. You cheapo.. You cheated Suhani and yuvan.. You are so mean and selfish

  5. Really they made marriage a joke and see instead of giving some kind of moral these writers
    are made it worst …I am gonna stop watching i really regret to vote this as best serial some
    time before…..really a disgusting serial…..

    1. Grace, marriage is all that it made out to be.
      Do you think that everyone that marry and then divorce is an easy choice to make, It isn’t!
      Sometimes it is best to see this in TV program, because for us is entertaining, but at the same time educational. You might as well experienced this emotion in a safe environment, which is your home.
      You write about morality, what is that?
      Life is not happy ending. It is far more harder then that.
      Marriage is not the answer to everything. It can destroy life as well. It is better of everyone to come out of this bubble.
      Peoples have to find out that marriage is not that is made out to be.
      I know this because I was in one. You know what save me DIVORCE.
      With my friend and family support, I have moved on. When I look at Yuvraj it remains me of my ex husband. He was just like him. The mental abuse, that Suhani having, is what I had.
      You say the writers made marriage a joke. In my experiences it is a JOKE. I would have not got back together again. Not even for my kids. Sometimes in life you have to put yourself first. Because if you don’t, then no one else well.

  6. Sambhav is just faking to love suhani n yuvan… he may harm to them…. yuvraj must know this truth… coz varnamala with poison thorns reveals that he want to harm both yuvraj n suhani n may b bh member

    1. i also got doubt about varmala .if he want to harm suhani then y did he want to marry her ????
      really disgusting…

      1. Nithu

        I think sam bcame like viraj in my frnds ff…ufff…..

  7. Disgusting serial. I stopped watching after Suhani got married to Sambhav. I have been waiting for suhani n yuvi to get together for months. I was not expecting that. Writers r making marriage a joke.

  8. sambhav oly want suhani not yuvan ah????
    sambhav u disgusting …

    1. No ash… in varnamala scene is was abt to harm YuvAni… sambhav n dadi want something same…

      1. OMG…! IF yuvani wear that varnamala … evils are try to kill them..

  9. Yuvraj should confide in someone maybe sharad, but he shouldn’t say anything inside the house to him. Maybe the maid can help him too, that dadi fired. Please don’t drag this track too long. Yuvaan should also be shown doubting sambhav, if Suhani isn’t.

  10. What the hell!!!!! Can’t yuvraj and suhani reunite??? ?

  11. this program is in bad taste
    disgusting, disgraceful and repugnant
    I feel ashamed, this program has no morals, no values and no culture, no sinskreet

    I live in the UK and feel disgusted that this kind of abuse is shown worldwide

    1. Aqsxxh

      I don’t think the writers know how to write anymore…

  12. But why sumbhav wants suhani as if he truly love suhani he would make her Mary yuvraj

  13. This show has no plot left! Everytime same evil people doing same evil plan and never get caught and suhani always have to be so innocent. So stupid! Shauni could’ve waited for yuvraj. Please stop this nonsense and kick daadi out of house!

  14. I feel very bad.story is going wrong way……bh ka beta kidnap hua kisi ne janne ki koshish kyu nahi ki .they are very rich but there is no security.koi bhi ghar mein ghuskar kidnap kaise kar sakta hai????????? Ssel ko mazak bana diya hai.writers plzzzzzzz let take some help from Ekta mam …..buss story khichne se kuchh nahi hoga……

  15. I wonder what it is that they both want. Is this the real dadi? Why would she try to hide real jewellery if she’s the real dadi? As there were spoilers of her twin coming in her place. Suhani was shown before that she gets doubtful and suspicious, what’s happened now, why the sudden change shown in her character? Show some improvement in this show writers.

  16. I stopped watching this serial recently…the story is becoming worst…all bakwas and no realty in the story..three time suhani’s marriage took place..finally suhani and yuvraj never together…

  17. I think that Soumya is going to help Yuvraj.
    I am very disapointed that they made Sambhav bad, it´s not going to make things better between Yuvraj and Suhani because Yuvraj will say that Suhani has trust the wrong person again and if he hurts Yuvaan then yuvraj is not going to forgive Suhani
    But i dońt understand why everyone that comes in this house hate suhani, i was hoping that this “twin” will support Suhani

    1. I hope so too, I am disappointed with the writers making Sambhav bad. He wasn’t meant to be bad. It is the writers idea for the show to continue. Imagine if Suhani and Yuvraj got back together. They all well be out of a job.
      It is a shame really, they could have made a good man out of Sambhav, and Suhani second marriage a successful one. But you see the reaction that the people well given. You and I know that people do get married to someone new. Also that they are happy with the second one then the first. But in India I don’t know what contact that they made with the actor’s. If this was anywhere else in the world, we would have seen a better show.
      The problem with indian drama is that the writers can do anything new in each of the show. They want good woman to be weak and the strong one are bad. It is such a waste, but what can you do.
      I hope Suhani become strong again, I personal would have not marry Yuvraj again. But it is this Indian culture, the shame of it! You Guys should come to Bangladesh. We don’t give a shit any more. Weather we are Hindu or Muslim. If this guy don’t want our daughter, who care, it is his lost. But going back to Yuvraj is not right answers.

      1. I meant can’t write anything new. Sorry about that my English is not to good

      2. Excuse me why r u degrading indian culture just because of a serial ? Contry and its cultures has nothing to woth this serial….My mom is an Indian and by dad is a Bangladeshi so I know the cultures and traditions of both countries. I’m sorry if i hurt your feelings…

      3. Not at all, you have right to your opinion. I didn’t mean to come out like that. It just what people are saying. Especially on the internet. Also some of my Indian friend.
        I was at Hindu wedding the other day. The Marriage didn’t take place, all because the groom change his mind. No one in my villages said anything bad to her.
        They told kind words to her. Like when the time is right it well happen. and if it doesn’t who care. I am shocked what people are saying. That all. Even though it is only a TV program.

  18. Writer, i thought you portray suhani to be sensible. Then why can’t she see sambah to be a bad person. Now her life and that of yuvan is in trouble. Am sure sambah is after suhani property . And am sure it will take 2-3 month to get to know the evil. U just stress the serial for no just cause.

  19. Crap and more crap.I hope Yuvraj comes down from his ego and realise that he loves and misses her.I hope he now respects and stops blaming her for all the evil doings in Birla house.I hope he finds out about Dadi which leads him to Sambhav evil doings and so decide to win Suhani back PROPERLY.I hope it brings back the intense feeling of love and longing for both Yuvraj and Suhani…here you go WRITERS something to think about..

  20. Guys..good will come out of this..the bad will never win, sambhav and even that b*t*h dadi are going to be exposed eventually. They are doing this to bring yuvraaj and suhani together.

  21. Today’s episode was terrible I hate dadi and sambhav!!?? I can’t believe this this was my last episode of this Crap drama ! I’m done

  22. It all sounds like a flashback. They always do these kind of cheap tricks. I still dont believe sambav suhani marriage happened .Because they didn’t show the full pheraas.
    I think suhani and yuvraaj will come up together and will say they did all this to bring out dadi’s truth because ” they doubt on dadi’s behaviour” so they planned all this….blah….. blah ….. I hate dadi’s new hair look she looks fake!!!!

  23. stop this bakvaas serial

  24. Ricky, yuvraj aur dadi pe doubt? aisi mahaan deviji PE kaise adarsh pota doubt maarega? Na, agar plan hai to sambhav ka. Wu padte ek aur khayal aaya. hame pata hai dadi ka sach kabhi poori tara bahr nahi aayega. yehi kaaran hai ki yeh judwa ko khada kiya. agar pol khuli toh churail dadi ki nahi. aur yeh bhi socho, kya judwa sambhav bhi hai? kuch bhi to karte hain. kya judwa dadi ka pota hai sambhav ( aur shayad uska judwa bhai). suhani to bilkul bewakuf aur nikammi ho gaya hai. mark goli yuvraj ko aur sambhav ko, an akeli nahi rah Sakti? Jon aise shaadi karta hai, bête ke zid PE. sab ke sab chulubhar pani mei doob mare to mei khush.

  25. mere hisaab SE yuvraj ko kabhi pyar tha hi nahi aur suhani ka dimaag wapas aaye aur sambhav ko chhode to bhi aise aadmi ke paas loute nahi jo iss tarah vyavhar kare. mereku samajh nahi aata ki kaise koi isko pyar ka gussa maante hai. soumya ke saath kabhi aise baat karta hai? pyar nahi, usse suhani ke pyar dulaar ki aadat thi. an Jo bhi ho, Jo ek baar cvs NE bigaar diya hai, woh jur ke bhi woh pehle wali baat nahi hogi. fail ho gaya show.

    1. U r right amu, i didnt read today’s epi but just your comments. After reading all your comments ot doesn’t seem the shpw is going to get any better… if u compare the serial’s present track to the storyline it had once , u can find a huge difference.

  26. You are absolutely right amu ??. Nothing can be fixed after this much damage . Writers ka bas chale to unhe judwa bhai bhi bana denge story create karne ke liye. Suhani ko shaadi karne ki kya zarurat thi waise to woh somya ko itna defend karti hai hmesha aub yuvraj ke time usne vishwas bhi kar liya that he is gone. Wo ye bhi to keh sakti thi yuvraj aisa nai kar sakta. Ye sab natak karne ki kya zarurat thi. Aub pata nahi kya hoga but aub yuvraj suhani ki jodi bhi nahi jachti. Ek naya hero laana chahiye writers ko ???

  27. Haripriyacivil

    By seeing these serials im dumb stuck thinking is marriage a play toy. For ny human being marriage is related to so many emotions dreams, nd by the way indian serials should promote our traditions but no here dey show one betraying other it doesnt happen in real life show some reality yar plz

  28. Haripriyacivil

    Are the writers are planning to reduce trps ah ????????

    1. yeah, I agree with you…

  29. Writers should have some social responsibility…. Wat moral will reach viewers…. Serials and movies are most powerful negative weapons …I think so..viewers pls don’t see like this serial…and don’t waste ur time

  30. frnds sach mein bahut khush hum osliye nayi kyuki yivraj suhani ko miss karega.Balki isliye suhani akkal se kam liya.mein wo pehli insaan ho jo suhani ke dukh mein khush ho rehi ho wo bhi uske saath itna bhura hua.Sambhav galath ho par wo suhani ke kilaph kutch nahi kar rehi hei.par use pane ki khoshish kiya.mein ye dekh rehi hum wo suhani ke liye kuch bhi karne ke liye thayaar ho.yuvraj jise nahi.Isliye mein happy.lekin thab thak jab thak suhani ki khushi mein sambhav ke waj se thakleef aa gaya.Then i willnt leave him.but then also i will not support yuvraj.Bcoz he dont deserve that.
    Do saal ho gaya but never see yuvi fight for suhani.even in case of rohan,he readily stepped back after he fail.But agar suhani hothi she will not given up so easily.

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