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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj telling Pankaj that he can’t do this marriage. Pankaj says its only few hours left for marriage now, how can you tell this. Yuvraaj says sorry, I can’t marry. Pankaj shows him a file and says this is the loan’s file which you applied for your new project, which I passed being the bank manager, and I can cancel this loan anytime. He says you will lose your house too, you don’t know Birla House is in bank hands. He asks him to think again, if Suhani’s happiness ruins, I will ruin your family. He says you have to do this marriage Yuvraaj. I can’t give my daughter so much pain, you have to marry her. Think whatever you want. Yuvraaj is shocked. Pankaj leaves. Bhavna comes to Suhani and sees her smiling being ready and looking pretty.

Bhavna gives

her strength and asks her not to be tensed. She says you made me ready to marry and I m very thankful to you, as this is best phase of my life. She says I know Yuvraaj will keep you very happy. Bhavna leaves. Suhani talks to herself. Yuvraaj is angry and thinks of Pankaj’s words. Soumya says Suhani will be waiting for me. Suhani says Soumya made me look pretty, else I would have not, but where did Soumya go. Lata comes and asks Suhani to do puja first. Suhani goes with her. Yuvraaj and Soumya pass each other.

Soumya meets Krishna and says we have to tell this truth to Suhani, before I take this decision. Pratima tells Dadi everything is fine. Dadi says I m coming tomorrow and do Mu Dikhai ritual. Dadi taunts her. Rags asks when is Dadi coming. Pratima says tomorrow afternoon. Rags smile. Menka says she is missing Dadi a lot. Rags asks where is Yuvraaj. Pratima says he had some work, he will come. Rags and Menka leave. Pratima says I don’t know what to do. Rags and Menka hear her saying and stop. Pratima calls Yuvraaj and says why is he not taking my call, what would have happened in Suhani’s house.

She calls Suhani and thinks she is looking very happy. Pratima asks is she happy. Suhani says yes. Pratima says Suhani still does not know this, if Yuvraaj does not marry her, what will they feel. Rags and Menka smile. Soumya comes to meet Suhani. She sees Suhani very happy and stops. She comes to her room ad sees their pic. She writes a letter for her. She keeps it in the jewellery box and looks at the room for the last time. Suhani is missing Soumya. She says I will go to my room now. Soumya cries and leaves. Suhani sees the jewellery box and says it means Soumya came here, why did she not meet me. She says I have to meet her, but how.

Suhani asks Amit to help her. He takes her to meet Soumya. Yuvraaj is coming to meet Suhani and is very angry. He goes to her room. Soumya comes home. Her mum says I m going out for some important work, will be back in one hour, don’t go anywhere. Soumya says ok. Her mum leaves. Soumya cries and packs her bag. She comes to Krishna and they elope from home. Suhani comes there and Amit asks her to come back fast. Yuvraaj sees Suhani is not in her room. He sees the jewellery box and thinks about Soumya’s words. He throws it and gets Soumya’s letter in it. He reads it and is shocked. Suhani finds Soumya’s house locked and says where is Soumya. Where can she go? Yuvraaj reads Soumya writing she is going far and Yuvraaj will love her a lot. She can’t tell where is she going and why. She says she has always loved Krishna and he also loves me. Yuvraaj fumes. She says my mum will not agree to this, so we got married and are leaving now, sorry to hide this, congrats for your marriage. Yuvraaj cries thinking about Soumya. He thinks of Pankaj’s words and says it means Soumya wanted to fix me with Suhani and acted like she loved me, such a big cheat. He gets angry.

Yuvraaj bumps into Suhani outside the house. They look at each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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