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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj hearing Dadi asking Ramesh to keep food back. He goes to her and asks why are you crying Dadi. He takes her to his room and asks what happened. She says nothing, you can’t help me if I say. He asks what is it. she says I m troubled by Suhani, I don’t have energy to argue now. He says I know what all happened after that puja. She says our thinking is different, you feel Pankaj is innocent and I feel he is culprit, if Suhani traps Gauri to free her dad then I can’t bear this. She leaves.

Anuj comes and says I arrange conference call in Saurabh’s room, come. Yuvraaj says no, I have to go. He leaves. Bhavna attends call and stops as Sharad calls her. Bhavna asks Menka to talk and gives her the phone. Menka talks to Soumya. Soumya asks for Suhani.

Menka says Suhani is not here, she will not stay here till she proves her dad innocent, call her at her home, what was the work. Soumya says nothing specific, but its good you answered call, I m giving free nail art service to my customers. Menka gets glad. Soumya asks her to get anyone with her, and suggests Rags, Bhavna or Gauri. Menka gets scared and says I can’t get Gauri. Soumya says I don’t think Rags will come, Bhavna does not like nail art, and you can’t get Gauri, so sorry I can’t give free service. Menka says I will surely come with anyone.

Lata asks Suhani is there no way to save Pankaj, and cries. Suhani asks her not to worry, she will find some way till evening, she got the way. Yuvraaj comes and asks what will you do till evening Suhani. Menka runs to Anuj, while Saurabh is on call. Anuj asks Menka why is she shouting. Menka says I have to go Soumya’s parlor for nail art. Anuj scolds her as Saurabh was on important work call. Menka cries. Saurabh asks whats this Menka. Menka says no one cares for me in this house. Anuj asks Menka to stay here or go her home. Menka argues and says I will go parlor, Rags will not come. He says shut up, I won’t come. She cries. Saurabh asks her why is she crying like kids, I will try to convince Rags to go parlor with you. She gets glad.

Suhani says nothing. Yuvraaj asks did you think of something to save Pankaj. She asks why are you asking. He says I m scared we should not blame anyone. She says you feel I m making an issue, what do you mean, I m trying hard to free my dad from jail. He says sorry, I m saying we already blamed three people and I don’t want to repeat it. Aditya asks the man to return the ring, they will get money. The man says give money first and ends call. Gauri asks Aditya why is he angry, she will get jam roll for him. He says I don’t want anything. He gets call from Soumya. She says I was thinking if you get Gauri here, her mind will be distracted, I m also upset with Suhani, she involved my family and blamed them. He says I understand, I will send Gauri. She says fine and ends call. Aditya asks Gauri to go parlor. Menka says Rags is not coming to parlor with me.

Aditya says take Gauri along. Menka refuses. He asks why, she will get a change too. Anuj says yes, you are right. Menka says Gauri will try to beat me again. Anuj says no, take her. Saurabh says enough, and asks Rags to take Menka and Gauri to parlor. Gauri refuses to go with Menka. Aditya says go with Rags, get nice nail art. Rags says I won’t go. Saurabh says fine, I will tell Dadi to talk to you. Rags says don’t trouble Dadi, I will go with them. They smile. Suhani says my dad is innocent, you can never understand the pain of seeing a father in trouble. He says yes, I lost my father. She says I did not mean to hurt you. He says its okay. She asks did Dadi say anything. He says I can’t bear anyone insulting you, I know blame will come on you at the end, I don’t you to take wrong decision in pressure, so I came to explain you, take care. He leaves. She says I understand, Dadi started pressurizing you, I have to do something today itself.

Rags says no way, I won’t sit on the unhygienic chairs. Menka says I will sit here. Soumya asks Gauri to sit with Menka. Menka says no, I will be away from her. Gauri says I will also not sit with her. Soumya says fine, sit there. She asks Gauri how is she. Menka says ask me, I will say. She says Gauri is after me to kill me. Gauri says she is lying. Rags says I can’t stay here, I m going. A lady collides and Rags falls. Rags gets angry and was scolding lady. The lady scolds Soumya and asks how dare you blame me. Menka and Rags see the drama. Gauri asks whats happening. The lady argues with Soumya. Soumya blames her for theft. The lady says this CD has footage, that you did theft. Suhani comes and asks whats happening, what are you all doing here. Menka says we came to new drama, we came for nail art. Suhani asks why is this lady shouting. The lady says police will come and you will know. Soumya says I did not anything. The lady says when police arrests you, you will know. Soumya says just get out. Gauri starts worrying.

Suhani asks them to leave and come tomorrow. Gauri asks Soumya why will police come here. Soumya says that lady always insults me when she comes in my parlor, what would Suhani do if she insults her daily. Menka says Suhani and I won’t do anything, as he have habit to bear insults by Dadi. Soumya asks Gauri to say, that lady insults me and Krishna daily, I love Krishna a lot. Suhani says I also love Yuvraaj a lot. Gauri says I won’t do anything. Menka says liar, she would have killed her. Suhani asks Soumya what did you do to take revenge. Soumya says I did theft in my parlor and sent that lady to jail. Suhani says you did wrong, and Gauri would not do such thing, she can’t blame anyone, she can’t trouble anyone, am I right Gauri. Gauri gets tensed. Suhani says Gauri knows truth comes out one day, like yours have come out Soumya. Menka says no, if Gauri can kill me in anger, she can do anything. Suhani says no, Gauri knows difference between fighting and blaming someone, she can’t do anything wrong, am I saying right Gauri, tell me. Gauri signs no.

Suhani shows the phone to Soumya and says it has some video. They check the video.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode

  2. I think its truth vedio of gauri molestation case

  3. My two cents. There is no case as Gauri did it to herself. She blamed Pankaj because of Aditya. Maybe Adiya was speaking ill of Pankaj because he is threatened by the fact that Pankaj knows his truth (as well as Suhani) and because Gauri blindly trusts Aditya, she truly felt Pankaj is a bad person. We all see how ridiculous she behaves when she is angry. She acts like a wild tyrant.

    Has anyone noticed how she struggles to speak, but when she tore into Menka, her speech was normal…no pauses, no stammer or stutter.

    As for Pratima, she’s disgusting to me. She forgets how Suhani is the one who brought her daughter there and tried getting them all to see that truth. She forgets that Suhani is the only daughter in law who shows her love and respect. Pratima is a pathetic woman who is weak which is why her other two, good for nothing daughter in laws mock and ridicule her every chance they get. She doesn’t deserve respect as she has none for herself.

  4. Why suhani want to interfere in all the activities. That’s the reason her father is suffering. Look at rags and menaka, their husbands always support them and they don’t have any threat in the house unlike suhani who is always under pressure to leave the house because yuvraj is not by her side. Look at her dress sense. Dark complexion or fair complexion does not matter but how you present yourself matters and suhani is worse. Always annoying and keeps on interfering in the house activities. Why she wanted to bring gouri. She should have taken care of her life.

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