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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baby asking Sambhav what was he doing. He says I was clearing their doubt. She asks whats your plan now, I think Suhani is doubting you, as she was staring on your hand. Suhani comes there. Sambhav covers himself with ghunghat. Suhani says I have to meet kunjumaa, where is she. They hear sound from bathroom. Suhani knocks the door. Sambhav burns his hand by putting it in hot water. They all go inside and see Kunjumaa. They get shocked. Baby says Kunjumaa punished herself. Suhani says there was no need to do this. Bhavna rushes to get ice. Suhani says I will put cold water on your hand. She does not see the mark on his face. Suhani goes. Sambhav says Suhani got doubt, I have to end her doubt.

Baby asks how do you know, she did not say anything. He thinks Suhani

remembers the burn mark. He says I have to stop her, you mind your own business, you will get gift tomorrow. She nods. He goes. Suhani cries seeing Yuvraaj’s pic and hugs it, recalling him. Dadi comes and sees her. Suhani says I had doubt on Kunjumaa, my doubt was wrong. Dadi says she is villager. Suhani says Sambhav can do anything, I did not get Yuvraaj here. Dadi says Sambhav would have taken him.

Suhani gets Sambhav’s call. She gets shocked. Sambhav asks why did you get quiet, you know I came back. She asks what do you want. He says my revenge, its our incomplete story, I have to complete it. She says it means you added poison in kheer. He says yes, old woman cheated me, she had to get punished, don’t use your brains. She asks why are you troubling everyone when you have enmity with me. He says you love them, I will kill Yuvraaj so that you stay alive and die, like you killed me. She asks him to stop nonsense, you can’t do anything, you will threaten me on phone, come infront of me and talk, I know you well, you are a coward, you threatened me using Yuvaan, not you are using Yuvraaj, this time I will kill you. He ends call. Suhani gets angry and goes.

Saiyyam sees the dog and cries seeing him unwell. He says I will not let anything happen to you. Krishna sees Saiyyam. Dadi and Bhavna see Suhani upset. Dadi asks Bhavna to talk to Suhani. Bhavna thanks Dadi for taking care of Suhani. Dadi says I m doing this for Yuvraaj, tell Suhani to be strong, we have to find him. Bhavna hugs Suhani and asks her to calm down. Suhani says I know Sambhav, he is bad, he said he will kill Yuvraaj, I m scared. Bhavna says he will not do anything.

She hears some sound. Bhavna says its coming from room, its windchime sound. Suhani says when I was talking to Sambhav, this sound was coming. They go to Kunjumaa’s room and see Kunjumaa. Bhavna says I think its Kunjumaa’s bangle sound. Baby comes and says Kunjumaa is fine now. Bhavna says Suhani come, we will go. They leave. Bhavna asks Suhani not to be mistaken, its bangles sound. Suhani says no, its windchime sound, I heard same sound on phone call. Bhavna says how can Sambhav come here, rest for some time.

Baby says they have gone. Sambhav says this is Suhani’s problem, she becomes alert and wants to fail me, today she will lose. Baby says do anything tomorrow. He asks her to go and sleep. She goes. He changes clothes and says enough of rat and cat game, I will show my true avatar today, this night will be dark for you Suhani.

Rags goes to Dadi. Dadi says Sambhav wants to kill us, I just want to kill him, he ruined Yuvraaj’s life, Yuvraaj was in jail for 20 years. Rags asks shall we tell truth to police, you know commissioner. Dadi says what will we tell police, Sambhav is dead in records. Rags says yes, when you show torture marks, he will believe you, we will not let Sambhav know this, trust me, we don’t have better plan. Dadi agrees. She thinks to talk to Suhani. Rags says Suhani is scared. Dadi says even I m scared, Yuvraaj is with Sambhav, Suhani knows Sambhav well, we have to talk to her. Rags says as you wish, but this is better plan.

Dadi and Rags talk to everyone. Sharad agrees with Rags. Suhani says if Sambhav knows and does anything to Yuvraaj. Rags says we should not waste time, I think Dadi and I should go and meet commissioner. Sharad says no, we will go. Bhavna agrees. Rags asks Dadi to call commissioner. Someone rings the bell. Suhani goes to see. She gets Yuvraaj’s blood stained shirt at the door step and cries. She shouts. They all get shocked and cry.

Sambhav says you remember how I killed Soumya. Suhani shouts come in front of me if you have courage. Sambhav says I m not threatening….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. today episode is boring i miss kriyam scene

  2. Stop this track for god’s sake enough of this sambhav torture plz bring some strength in these dumb people so they find yuvraaj and end this sambhav game

  3. If the writers loved sambhav then y they made him negative….???
    Why soumya was killed by sambhav…???
    Just to make sambhav negative n to bring leap….
    Which make no sense……????

    In YouTube… I saw krishna is inside the bathroom n suhani,sharad n saiyaam r trying to open the door….

    Sambhav positive side was appreciated by everyone n now the writers r targeting baby n Krishna….. As soumya was targeted….

    Can’t understand writers…… Writers minds r full of hatred, jeolous, crime….. N many more….

    Y can’t they show some positive…..

    1. Krishna is inside bathroom….why?

      1. @mystery…
        It is sambhav who locked krishna….. Something like this….. Didn’t gave full information

  4. I thought after 2nd leap…. Sambhav will bring YuvAni together…. But no….. Many hoped that YuvAni will b married once again…..

    But writers r worst….

    Now, if there is leap…. Then show some positive n interesting…..
    Y to wait for yuvraj…. Aka sahil mehta…. He is enjoying in Hong kong….. They r just dragging sambhav track …

    Instead of they can show suhani n saiyaam mother son bonding…. The reason must b known to saiyaam… Y his mother left him….
    Bring saiyaam n krishna scenes like YuvAni nok jok…. Baby involvement in kunjaamma…. Bring a guy for poor yuvani…. Yuvan to know the true colour of baby…. N baby should b changed to b good….

    Y can’t they show like this….. Bring snoopy or a kid. .. In every soap, kids involvement attracts the show…. But here the writers r ….. I miss small yuvan n yuvani n anant…. They were so cute… In childhood…

  5. anay bangalore

    OMG yuvaraj was in jail for 20 years then in that case Siyyam is below 21 & he got married. he is a minor this serial is really stupid they forgot what their story is actually

    1. 21 is not a minor.

  6. Krishna plzz stand for saiyyam….he really needs u…he is all alone….plzz give him ur love….I bet he will become the best lover n hubby…

  7. Saraswathichandra

    Boring episode. I am from Kerala so anybody from kerala here??

  8. again the cvs started to torture us pl when will sahil sir? everytime he is at stake in sambhav’s plan.. suhani is suffering again… very bad..

    1. I guess …. Sahil seems not happy with this show… Dats y he often takes leave…. This show must b offair…. N I wish Rajshri get new show…. Now this serial lacks brain… Which the writers don’t have

      1. i agree with u somi how can they offer him leave when he is much needed in tis track. i feel pity for rajshri mam…

  9. yuvraj ke bina ssel boring lag rha h lekin aaj saiyam ko rota dekh accha laga i hope saiyam ko ab samajh m aaye ki suhani ko us din kaisa laga hoga jab saiyam ne yuvraj ki situation ka galat use kiya ab to saiyam ko samajh aa jaye

    1. Agree with u… Writers must show something useful…. I don’t like any1 bashing suhani or yuvraj….

  10. i am big fan of kriyam i love kriyam scene

  11. Suhani and yuvraj is such an irritating characters.
    Not just that, HYPOCRITE as well.
    They bores me. But I need to win the bet against Mo.
    Alone the writers dragged it, I don’t care.
    It would be nice to have more scenes of Krishna and saiyyam. Then people won’t complain that much.

    1. Kriyam r the new guest of ssel… But yuvraj n suhani r heart of ssel then y u r bashing…. I know many r watching coz of kriyam… But dat doesn’t mean to bash suhani n yuvraj…. They r lead actors of the show….. It is best to stop watching… If the characters irritates….

      1. It is not my fault, that yuvraj and suhani, yes I mean sahill and Rajshri. Do NOT GET ON, REAL LIFE.

        When Two people do not get on.
        It it not the show fault.
        Who can not accept, replacing or changing character.
        The character Sambhav, was meant to be a new love interest for suhani.
        But oh NO, people like you didn’t want that!
        Divorce, is BAD!
        Now the writers, has no idea for these characters, because the actor’s don’t get on.
        The only character that can save this show is Krishna and saiyyam.
        But you don’t like that either.
        That is not my fault.
        Maybe you should STOP WATCHING.
        I have found something to replace in suhani si ek ladki, and that is yuvraj and suhani.
        It is not my fault that you haven’t.

        If anyone that is going to make Krishna negative. It is sahill and Rajshri. Why because they are drama QUEENS!
        Also people like you, the die hard fans.

      2. @somi
        What is the matter with you?
        This is my and r bet.
        This nothing to do with YOU.

        I can see that you love suhani and yuvraj.
        I also can see that you are upset with Krishna and saiyyam.
        That is not the faults of the fan’s of kiryyam.
        Maybe you should ask sahill and Rajshri.
        On why they don’t get on ?
        I also feel that you want the show to end.
        Because you are not happy, but remember this, sahill and Rajshri, hate each other, and they well never work together again.
        Peoples like me and r, we well find something else to watch.
        But you well be sad my friend.

      3. Actually Somi, this show is about SUHANI LIFE!

        This show was about suhani, her up and down.
        All the romantic scenes that we are seeing, with Krishna and Saiyyam.
        Supposed to be Sambhav and suhani.
        It is true, it was people like you that didn’t understand, what the show was meant to be.
        I didn’t understand!
        I also wanted yuvani, but now I understand, that it was a mistake.

        There is another problem, the two main star’s.
        They don’t like each other.

        R didn’t say that, to get rid of your two favourites character.
        R just said, she finds the two characters boring.
        Even I find them BORING! So what are you going to do about it.

        Now it is up to the writers to do something about.

      4. Ouch!
        Shanti, shanti, shanti.

        What the matter with you Somi.
        Calm down girl… O:-)

        I am on this bet, with (r), mo, and my website a strange, relationship problems, Hanna.
        Sometimes in life, you shouldn’t take things to seriously.
        That is why, we are at this side are having fun, and your at the boring side.

        I keep telling Hanna to lighten up, this is the reason that we are having relationships problems.
        Come to the fun side, I know that you are miserable at that end of the website.

      5. I agree with Shanti, yes somi is at fault here, but you all need to calm down.

        One thing that I have learnt, is to never mess with (r). ( r ) has in common with the actress Rajshri, both of them are divorced.
        if these two women meet, both of them well have a cup of tea together and they well understand each other pain.

        somi you are upset, but you have to ask yourself, on where it all went wrong for the characters. Suhani and yuvraj.
        I can tell you, but I am so feed up on repeating myself .

        So it is best to laugh at them, and make bets.

        If love watching this show, then enjoy it.
        we all can agree or disagree.

        The that I find irritating and problems
        with the character suhani. Well it is a shame that she don’t feel her son, saiyyam pain. So yes suhani is a hypocrite, she no different to sambhav. Also I can say the same thing about yuvraj.
        But it is up to the writers to do something about.

        @ Hanna, I am so sorry, but I have to do this. Please forgive me.
        Shanti Hanna shanti.
        So sorry, I hope that you don’t mind.

  12. saiyam sambhav ka beta h lekin harkate yuvraj ke jaisi h yuvraj apni maa ke kareeb h snoopy se pyar karta h saiyam v maa or tiger se pyar karta h lekin saiyam bhut badtameez h yuvraj to bhut accha tha bcs saiyam m wo habit sambhav ki h saiyam or krishna ko dekhkar aisa lagta h ki cvs fir yuvraj suhani dikhana chahate h suhani snoopy se darti thi krishna tiger se darti h yuvraj ke time m suhani girti rehti thi saiyam ke time m krishna girti rehti h yuvraj ki unwanted marriage thi idher krishna ki unwanted marriage h major difference h ki yuvraj suhani ki soch alag thi ek seerat ko doosra soorat ko ahmiyat deta tha cvs fir se track repeat karna chahate h kyu yuvaani ki love story unique thi yuvaani ki love story ko repeat na kare krishna saiyam ke liye story alag banao pz cvs

  13. somi u r right m v yahi kahungi if suhani yuvraj itne hi boring h to na dekho bcs ssel yuvraj suhani ka show h to focus unhi par rahega yuvaani ki wajah se ssel 2 and half year tak run kiya h or wo acchi trp ke saath jab show start hua tha to sahil rajshri ki koi fan following nhi thi fir v inhi boring yuvraj suhani ki wajah se highest trp3.1 aai karan ki to fir v fan following h so kriyam fans se yahi kahungi ki kriyam ko dekhna h to in boring couple ko dekhna padega

  14. Somi u r right.yuvraj n suhani r heart of one of new genaration of ssel can create the magic than yuvi suhani.kriyam love story is also nice but not that much of yuvani.who ever dont like yuvraj suhani plss stop watching show.but dont bash them n cvs plss unite yuvani.waiting for yuvani reunion frm 8months.stop sambav track getting u sahil n rajshri

  15. Why writers showing suhani as dumb? Why can’t anyone watch what kunjaamma does and end this track? Again dragging of sambhav track. Truth needs to be revealed to saiyyam about his dad, how will he feel when they come face to face?

  16. mujhhe v problém h agar aapko boring couple ko nhi dekhna h to mat dekho someone says here ki kriyam ki wajah se ssel save h agar aisa hota to kriyam ko screen space milta na ki yuvrraj suhani sambhav ko agar aisa hota to maker or channel sahil ko wapas nhi late agar aisa sach m hota to maker sahil ke wapas aane se pahle is track ko end kar dete track ko drag nhi kartě kriyam ke bina kaam chal sakta but yuvaani ke bina nhi jis din kriyam ko screen space milna start ho jaye us din samjhana ki ye show kriyam chala rhe h or rhi baat sahil rajshri ki fight ki to ha kuch logo m nhi banti but they r professionals agar unhe kaam nhi karna hota to sahil ke pass accha moka tha par nhi kiya it means unhe koi problém nhi yuvaani boring kriyam fans ko lagte honge ssel fans or yuvaani fans ko nhi aap apna dekho ham apna dekh rahe h jab ham aapke baare m kuch nhi kahte to aap kyu bolte ho show suhani ka h to focus to focus to yuvaani par hi hoga maano ya na maano aage ka pata nhi par abhi to boring couple ko dekhna padega

    1. I don’t have problem with kriyam…. In my comment u all can see… I said kriyam must b given scenes as YuvAni…. But the people were saying worst,selfish,hypocrite n all..m dats y i said don’t bash…..

      We can’t blame them also….. If the writers will not change script or storyline…. This will continue n leave it….

      @r sry… If I offended u….. @mo,@shanti n lucy.. I didn’t say anything to u….. So u all can’t say I’m at fault

  17. Hii guys n…im sorry mai thoda busy thi to mai kch din comment n kr payi

    Ye suhani ko to sambhav ko pehchan lena chahiye tha ab tk wo unke samne game khel ra h n they r stupid koi bhi use pehchan hi n pa rha h

  18. Hii guys n…im sorry mai thoda busy thi to mai kch din comment n kr payi

    Ye suhani ko to sambhav ko pehchan lena chahiye tha ab tk wo unke samne game khel ra h n they r stupid koi bhi use pehchan hi n pa rha..

  19. all right shanaya koi baat nahi main bhi new hoon

  20. problém mujhe v h yuvaani boring couple kriyam fans ke liye yuvaani fans ya ssel fans ke liye nhi someone says here ki kriyam ki wajah se ssel save h jis aisa hoga us din se kriyam ko screen space milne lagega mán bahlane ke liye khyal accha h agar aisa hota to sahil ko makers or channel wapas nhi laate agar sach m aisa hota sambhav track ko suhani saiyam ke saath end kar dete h sahil wait nhi karte bcs yuvaani ke sambhav track end nhi ho sakta kriyam ke bina ssel chal sakta h yuvaani ke bina nhi mujhe acche se yaad leap ke baad jab sahil nhi tha to trp kaise 1.8 se direct 1.3 par aa gai thi or sahil ke aate hi trp 1.5 ho gai ab 1.7 h ab aap kahoge ki kriyam marriage ki wajah se lekin nhi kriyam marriage or yuvaan baby marriage week m to trp increase hui hi nhi ye yuvaani marriage announce hui thi us week ki trp h m ye v nhi kahti ki akele yuvaani show ko chala rahe h bhut saare character se milkar ek show banta h lekin main lead to 2 hi hote h ssel m yuvaani h iska matlab ye nhi ki ún character ki important nhi h jaroori nhi h ki savi ún main lead ko like kare jaise kuch log yaha unhe like nhi karte serial m bhut saare character hote h sabki apna fan following hoti kisi ki jyada to kisi ki kam kuch ko kriyam pasannd h kisi ko kriyaan pasand the lekin unki pairing nhi hui kisi ko ssuhani sambhav ki to ko yuvrraj somya ki pairing pasand thi sabki apni apni choice hoti h kisi ki choice ko aap boring nhi kah sakte

  21. sarita sharad

    suhani saiyam ke pain ko nhi samjti to saiyam ke v suhani ko nhi samjta h bcs dono ek doosre ko nhi jante saiyam aap tiger ko is situation m dekhkar ro rha h lekin yuvrraj ko khud usně is situation m daal diya jo saiyam de rha h use v wahi mil raha h rape ko sayad aap chota samjhate h isliye nhi to aap suhani ko blaim nhi karte saiyam ke saath galat hua lekin suhani ki fault nhi h usme ek sambhav ki wajah se kitne logo ne suffer kiya h uska beta h saiyam or rahi baat yuvrraj ki to usne apni life ke precious 20 years kho diye luxries m rahne waale insan ne apna 20 saal jail m nikal diye apni family or love se door saiyam harkate hi sambhav wali karta h jis din saiyam sudhar jayega us din yuvrraj suhani dono use apna lenge suhani us time trauma mi thi jab wo apne sense m aaye to wo use lene gai thi jab usně wapas dekha to uski harkate bilkul sambhav ke jaisi thi saiyam orphanage m raha h waha v uski family hogi yuvrraj ke pass to koi nhi tha m ye nhi kahti ki saiyam ne suffer nhi kiya suffer saiyam ne v kiya h lekin use galat kárné ka parmit kisi ne nhi diya or doosri tarah yuvrraj jo apne ghar m saiyam ko rakh rha jo kitna baar yuvrraj ko marně ki koshish kar rahe agar aisa hota to kab ka nikal deta suhani ke kahne par hi sahi par apni maut ko apne ghar par rakha h suhani koshish kar rahi ab saiyam ko apni harkate sudharni hogi jisse yuvaani ki family complete ho jaye

  22. hai everyone i am navya a silent reader of ssel can i join ur group
    i think sambhav will come in front of suhani to take his revenge as he said in yesterdays episode so i think they have a serious fight scene about what happened between them so i think when they both fight saiyyam comes and will know the true identity of i think he will support his mother from then.And suhani and krishna should understand saiyyam that he is not bad from his heart.i think then saiyyam will bring yuvraj back fighting with sambhav and also suhani and saiyyam will bring baby’s truth in front of everyone

  23. stop please yuvaani fans and kriyam fans do not fight please enjoy ssel

  24. Yaar hw cn sambhv b exposed until sahil return fr holiday. Isliye kheech rahe hai.
    Sachi yaar, in logon se aap kya ummeed rakhte hai. Jaise yuvani ko bigaada, vaise hi kriyam ka karenge. I lik saiyyam, bt krishna has no personality. Yuvani ki comparison hi nhi.

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