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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani agreeing to marry Rohan for Lata’s sake. The pandit says he will get all arrangements done. Lata gets glad. Suhani says I can’t bear if anything happens to Lata. Lata says you will not regret for this, you will be happy. Suhani says I trust you, I will not go anything that hurts you. Pankaj takes pandit’s blessings. The pandit leaves. Pankaj sees Yuvraaj coming. Yuvraaj says I want to talk to Suhani, its imp, call her. Pankaj says you can’t meet her now, as you don’t have any right on her, she said yes to marry Rohan. Yuvraaj gets shocked and asks what… when… and why did you not stop her.

Pankaj asks why will I stop her, last time I took wrong decision, this time I don’t want to repeat that mistake, I will not snatch her right to choose

her life partner. Yuvraaj says Rohan is not right for her, she hates lies, how can she marry a liar, she is independent girl. Pankaj says no use of all this, its very late now. He turns to go, and snoopi stops him. Yuvraaj says give me one chance please. Pankaj says fine, I give you 5 days, if you prove that Rohan is not right, I promise I will not let this marriage happen, I won’t let Suhani’s life ruined this time, tell me do you accept this, can you prove? Yuvraaj says yes.

Sharad and Anuj ask out what… Yuvraaj says why are you reacting like this. Sharad asks whats this 5 days drama. Yuvraaj says its our plan, Pankaj said he will help me. Pratima blesses him to win Suhani’s love and expose Rohan. Yuvraaj says now I have to show Rohan’s true face to Suhani. They get glad that Yuvraaj took a step towards Suhani. Yuvraaj packs his bag and hugs Pratima. She says Suhani is my bahu, I want you to come back with her. I want you both to be always together. Yuvraaj smiles and says I have to do this work alone and want Pratima’s blessings to succeed. She blesses and hugs him.

Pankaj recalls Yuvraaj’s words. Rohan says he will take Suhani and everyone on shopping. Lata asks Pankaj to come. Pankaj refuses saying he is tired and wants to rest. Suhani asks shall I stay at home with dad. Lata says you have to do all shopping, don’t waste time in talks, come with me. They all leave. Pankaj calls Soumya and asks for her help.

Yuvraaj is on the way and recalls Suhani. He smiles seeing samosas and buys for her. He sees her in the mirror and turns to see. Nahi saamne ye alag baat hai………. Mere paas hai tu…………..plays……………He holds his ears and apologizes to her. They run towards each other and get teary eyed. The traffic fathers there and he turns by the horn. He sees Suhani disappearing and says sorry to the people. He goes to his car.

Suhani comes home and see Yuvraaj. She closes her eyes and thinks Yuvraaj can’t be here, maybe I m thinking a lot. She opens eyes and sees him walking to her. Lata asks what are you doing here Yuvraaj. Rohan is tensed and sees Yuvraaj’s bag there. Lata asks whats all this. Soumya asks them to sit, they will talk. Lata asks Pankaj about him. Yuvraaj says this is my sasural, my wife stays here so I have come. Pankaj says yes, he is still our son in law. Bhavna says he has kicked out Suhani, sent her belongings and did not ask about her, why are you supporting him Papa. Suhani asks Yuvraaj why did he come here.

Yuvraaj says for you, court wants to give us a last chance, I know its Suhani’s marriage after 7 days, so we got 5 days grace period, if our decision does not change in 5 days, then Suhani can go ahead. Rohan asks whats this nonsense, show me the papers. Yuvraaj asks Rohan who is he. Rohan says I m to be son in law of this house. Yuvraaj says I m son in law of this house and can come anytime, you are staying here without invitation. Rohan says I know law. Pankaj says Rohan, don’t argue, we have to agree to court orders, its matter of 5 days. Lata gets annoyed and leaves. Soumya asks Suhani to think again, its still time. Yuvraaj stops Suhani and asks does she really want to marry Rohan. Suhani asks do you care. Yuvraaj says yes, I care. Suhani asks why, that you lost rights to shout on me. Yuvraaj says I care for you, Rohan is not right for you. Suhani asks from what right is he saying this to her. He looks at her.

Rohan argues with Yuvraaj outside Suhani’s house and Yuvraaj challenges Rohan if he truly loves Suhani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Suhani try to understand yuvraj feelings yaar! Yuvraj all d best! …win or love from DAT liar rohan

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