Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima talking to Yuvraaj about his lies and says if its lie is good for someone, it can’t be wrong. He says what if we did not get what we planned. She says its fate and what next now. Sharad comes and says going Paris with Soumya on honeymoon. They are shocked. Suhani comes home and sees Dadi asking Yuvraaj to finalize the designs. Yuvraaj messages her. He says about the honeymoon plan by them and they have to plan their next move soon. Yuvraaj asks Suhani think of some idea and she thinks he appears to be smart and is not thinking anything now.

Menka talks to Rags. Rags sees Soumya and starts acting. Soumya comes and says I m going to be bahu and it will be good we don’t fight, and play games against each other. Rags says I won’t get Dadi’s scolding

because of you and Menka says even she can’t say. Rags says she will regret on her decision all her life.

Soumya comes to Dadi and says she has to talk about Yuvraaj. She says don’t know what happened to him, I called him to ask something, he ended call and spoke rudely. Dadi says fine, I will come. Suhani messages Yuvraaj about Soumya. Dadi comes to him and asks whats happening, why is he not giving time to marriage, don’t shout on her if she says something. She takes his phone. He says I was driving when she called, I tried to say and she did not listen, police caught him so he got angry. Soumya says I m sorry, I did not know. He takes his phone and asks her not to worry.

He asks her not to take tension, I don’t want to go for shopping. Soumya asks him to come, she wants to buy by his choice. Dadi asks him to take her. Suhani says she will come if he is not coming. Soumya asks seriously. Suhani says yes, and signs Yuvraaj to take Soumya, its his duty. He gets puzzled and thinks. He says fine, I will come along. Soumya smiles.

Lalita tells Rakhi that she made a mistake, Dadi was giving 10 lakhs, she would have given more if they bargained. Krishna hears this and looks at them. Suhani asks Yuvraaj why did he refuse. He says I don’t want to. They argue as she messaged short hand and he calls her mad, to do mistake and not accept it. Dadi says she will also come along. Lalita asks Krishna when did he come. Krishna says she wanted a banarasi saree and he can’t buy it. He says he will get it for her and she gets glad. He says he will do as she says. He winks to dad and asks her to go with dad. He signs his dad, and says Rakhi will go with dad. His dad says yes, we will get good clothes and jewelry. Rakhi leaves.

Pratima calls Ramesh for some work. She asks for tea, she has head ache. Sharad whistles to Snoopi and he starts barking at Dadi and Soumya. Dadi’s saree gets spoiled and Sharad smiles. Yuvraaj asks her to change, they will wait. Soumya says mall will close in one hour. He says but we can’t go without Dadi. Dadi asks them to go and he agrees. He thanks Pratima and hugs her. Suhani smiles. He says come and they leave.

Suhani asks shopkeeper to show best clothes for Soumya. Soumya thanks her and says she is her real friend, she will buy clothes for her too. Murali and Rakhi come there to buy clothes. Suhani sees them and turns. Murali asks Rakhi to choose dresses and he has some work. He leaves. Suhani messages Yuvraaj that Rakhi has come and he does not see phone. She asks him to see phone as it maybe for Pratima’s health related. Yuvraaj reads message about Rakhi and they send Soumya to try some clothes. Soumya is shocked seeing Rakhi.

Soumya and Rakhi argue, and Rakhi says Krishna did not take money, they took the money. Soumya is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode…

  2. Nice episode

  3. great precap

  4. I think soumya will change the decision after knowing rakhi&her mother took the money and not krshna

    1. minina, do u remember me???

  5. precap was good

  6. Awesome episode and also waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  7. Finally dadi going to kick soumya out…. Watch the spoiler guys…yippie

  8. only when suhani do somethings good for that witch soumya then she consider suhani as her friend otherwise suhani is her enemy but can’t wait for her to leave that house she is a obstacles in yuvraj n suhani lifes as well as tanu in abhi n pragya lifes

  9. Guyss i read d spoiler tat dadi cal off d mrge coz of soumya cme along wid krishna ,he cme wid soumya in his arms,dadi c ths n gt shock n she clof d mrge whn soumya wake 4m unconsious dadi dint listen her words.n BH family is hpy n yuvani move ahead in their lyf

  10. End with sowmyas story fast make some changes so the story goes further more interesting

  11. This Saumya is mad..more mad is daadi..raving about good looks..for the record..even Yuvraaj doesn’t look good..daadi herself doesn’t look should be of heart, mind and soul..not face..

  12. awesome spoiler 🙂

  13. nive itzz exciting

  14. Not that good episode as I expected

  15. As expected one day or another saumya will realize the evilness of her so called?dadi…..but i wish directors should start with new track in the show ..but sauumya also justifies her role but suhani is superb

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