Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Krishna to answer Saiyyam. Krishna says Saiyyam is ill mannered, I don’t know how to react, like this contest, why are we doing this. Suhani says we are doing this to assure Saiyyam that we are not weak, you will manage this, for Soumya’s sake. Krishna says I can’t do, please. Suhani says just you will manage. Yuvaan says I will see Saiyyam does not do anything wrong. Suhani goes. Yuvaan sees Krishna worried and asks her not to take tension. He feeds her samosa.

Yuvani asks Rags to see her clothes. Rags asks her not to be over dramatic, you will participate even now, but way will be different as Suhani is here. Yuvani asks will mumma refuse if I ask. Rags says you are doubting on me, I make your every wish true, I got much hurt today. Yuvani

says I m sorry, I don’t want to hurt you. Rags says please give me time, I will make things fine. Suhani comes. Rags says I was saying Yuvani I was supermodel in my college times. Suhani says yes, you are not less than model even now. Rags asks Yuvani to try modelling. Suhani says Yuvani has exams, she does not like this, I don’t want her to do anything which she does not like. She asks Yuvani to come and help.

Yuvani asks Rags shall I say truth to Suhani. Rags says no, she won’t let you go in fashion industry. Krishna asks Pratima to choose the curtains. Pratima chooses one. Krishna says I will order this.

Yuvani comes to talk to Pratima. Rags calms down Dadi. Dadi says this is my house, I make rules, I will not live according to Suhani. Rags says yes, but if we tell her, she will give lecture to Yuvani, I don’t want Yuvani to get conscious about her color. Dadi asks shall we get scared of Suhani. Rags says no, sit here, have water. She says I m thinking by Yuvani’s point of view, think what will Yuvani think, we did not let Yuvani feel complex by her color, Suhani is proud of her color, Yuvani can’t bear all this, I don’t want Yuvani to shatter. Yuvani says I was thinking I did not experience many things, like college fun, parties, ramp and all. Pratima asks do you want to do this. Yuvani says no, I was thinking, you would have met many models. Pratima says yes. Yuvani says it would look good to ramp walk. Pratima says you can ask Suhani, if she says yes, then there is no problem.

Yuvani gets sad and thinks to ask Suhani once. Suhani and Yuvaan see Krishna talking to a flower garlands man and bargaining. Yuvaan gets angry. Suhani asks him to go out and see work, I will manage this. He goes. Suhani talks to the man. She asks why are you fooling this girl, she is Soumya’s daughter Krishna. The man says I knew Soumya well, she used to buy things at 50% rates. He goes. Krishna gets glad. Suhani asks Krishna to see, when anyone fools you, you fool by words, Soumya will be happy knowing I taught you bargaining, do preparations, I will go. Krishna sees the spiders webs and asks servant to clean. He says I will do that later and goes.

Krishna starts doing work and cleaning the house for the Beauty contest. She gets stuck and shouts for help. Yuvaan comes and asks her to give her hand, he won’t let her fall. Krishna falls over him. He gets hurt. She says you said you won’t let me fall. He says I was saying filmi dialogues like hero. They both laugh.

Suhani tells Dadi that Pratima went out. Dadi says I will give final contestant list. Suhani says I will also give advice. Yuvani is upset and tells Yuvaan that she is not a coward. Yuvaan jokes on Yuvani and Krishna. Dadi says I like this girl. Suhani sees the pic and says as this girl is fair, I will not promote fairness. Dadi says you don’t know what is beauty, the company has encouraged and valued beauty. Suhani says you feel just beautiful people are good, and thinking does not matter, see what that girl said, if she wins, she will make fairness cream, its not that dusky people can’t do anything, Yuvani’s color did not stop her. Dadi says its because of you. Suhani says don’t make Yuvani think of color etc. Yuvani hears them. Dadi says enough, this contestant is final, we won’t talk anything else. She goes. Suhani says its been many years and even then arguments on same thing, nothing changed.

Rags asks Yuvani did you go to Suhani. Yuvani says yes, I went to try, Suhani was arguing with Dadi. Rags says I told you. Yuvani says I want to participate, but I m not able to. Rags says don’t worry, I will think of something. She asks Suhani to see, Yuvani has something to show. Yuvani asks shall I do ramp walk and show. Suhani asks why, you want to participate. Rags says just watch her without any question. Yuvani does the ramp walk. Suhani says don’t do this by force. Yuvani says Rags taught me, let me try. Rags plays music. Tiger comes and barks. Yuvani falls down and gets hurt. Yuvaan laughs. Rags and Suhani rush to Yuvani. Suhani asks Yuvaan to shut up.

Yuvaan tells Yuvani that she can’t do ramp walk, she is good in bhajan. Suhani asks Rags not to force Yuvani, she will just do what she likes. Later, Krishna smiles seeing the perfect arrangements. Saiyyam comes there and breaks the big decoration mirror piece. Krishna gets shocked. He asks her to clear all this as he dislikes this. Her earrings light flash on his face. He gets angry and she turns away being scared. Suhani comes and stops Saiyyam. She says if you don’t like this, its your problem, don’t see mirrors if you don’t it, don’t dare to break it.

Suhani says Krishna is participating in beauty contest. Dadi says even Yuvani will participate. Suhani asks Yuvani will you take part. Yuvani says yes, I will try.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When they will show yuvraj…??

  2. Another boring episode. Suhani’s right, dadi still after so many years still has problem with colour of skin. Someone please prove her wrong. Maybe yuvraj will.

  3. Yuvraj n suhani r perfect couple.plssss yuvraj come back soon.cvs just stop this nonsense track getting bore without saraj scenes and whatabout sharad bhavna menka.why always showing new one of them acts well n no expressions in their faces.plssss sahil come back asap.all want to see our saraj asap

  4. Dadi will never change. Still talks of Krishna as an outsider. Can’t Suhani see what she’s doing with Krishna, yuvani is thinking she doesn’t care about her. Menka has left the show. But why isn’t bhavna and sharad shown with their son?

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