Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd October 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj hearing some whistling music and looking around. Gauri also hears it. Yuvraaj sees Sharad and says its you, I felt….Sharad says we will go after Bhavna comes. Gauri hides and looks on. Gauri likes the music and whistles. Pratima sees Gauri liking the music. She cries hearing the tune and says I used to sing this tune before. She goes out to see who is playing the tune. Pratima thinks the sound can’t come from Gauri’s room. She looks in Gauri’s room.

She sees Sharad singing the tune for Golu and smiles. She says so it was Sharad….. Gauri comes in the living room. She looks around and sees the Lord idol. She sits praying. She starts coughing. Suhani asks what happened, and takes her to the room. She asks her to remove the mask, she will wash the

eyes. Gauri refuses. Pratima comes and asks Suhani. Suhani says Gauri’s eyes are watering by smoke. Pratima shows the dress for Gauri. Gauri likes it and agrees to wear it. Pratima says but no one will know how beautiful she will look wearing this, as she has mask. Suhani says yes, right.

Gauri puts the dress on table. Suhani says she is not removing mask. Pratima says fine, keep mask on, but wear the clothes, clean eyes with rose water. Gauri hugs her. Suhani thinks why does she refuse to show face. Rags and Menka compliment Anant. Rags says Anant went on Bhavna. Menka says yes, its good, if he went on Suhani then.. Rags says she did shopping for Anant and got toys and clothes. Bhavna thanks them. Suhani comes and smiles seeing Bhavna. Rags says now it will be real fun and sees the girls coming for Kanya pujan.

Suhani asks Gauri to sit and watch puja. She says she will not sit with the girls, as she is elder. The girl ask Gauri’s name. Dadi looks on. Suhani says Mili. Bhavna makes Golu sit with the girls. Ramesh brings another boy and makes him sit. Bhavna asks Ramesh about the boy. Rags says I got this special chair for Golu. Ramesh says Suhani asked me to make this boy sit in puja. Rags smiles and asks how can Suhani do this. Suhani asks what did I do. She tries giving explanation. Dadi asks Suhani to first end puja and then talk, guests are waiting.

Rags fills Bhavna’s ears against Suhani. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that she did not want to look partial and did not make Golu sit in puja, to not give him charity items. He says mum says this is ritual, not any charity, talk to Bhavna, your intentions were not wrong. Gauri screams and they look at her. Rags asks Bhavna to find out the reason why Suhani is doing this.

Suhani asks the girls not to trouble Gauri. The girls ask Mili to remove the mask. Suhani asks the girls to go to their home and sends them with Ramesh. Suhani takes Gauri to room and asks her to remove the mask to show her face. Gauri recalls Dadi’s words and refuses. She cries. Suhani says fine, I promise I will not tell anything. Bhavna thinks no use to talk to Suhani, when she does not worry for me. Suhani asks Ramesh for Bhavna. He says she is in her room, she is very sad.

Dadi stops Suhani and asks what happened to Bhavna, maybe small things hurt her, I will explain her. Suhani says don’t worry, I will explain her. Dadi says Yuvraaj was looking for you. Suhani says fine and Dadi sends her to meet Yuvraaj. Rags and Menka say Bhavna is very angry. Dadi says Suhani did not talk to her, Bhavna needs a good friend now. Rags says yes Dadi and they smile.

Suhani asks Gauri to do as she does, and makes her remove the mask to see her face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanx Amena for fast updates.i’m outside from my not able to watch I eagerly waiting for Written updates.after reading I feel i’m watching the show live.

  2. Plzzzzzzzzz stop draging tooooooo much……i hope she agree to remove her mask…..

  3. I can’t understand 1 thing y Dadi don’t want gauri to remove mask???… Y she don’t want everyone to see her face…????

    What’s there in her face….???

    1. Hi jhanvi i think she is pratima real daughter and yuvi sis…..

  4. before 2 months dis show used to b in top 5 in trp list.. but now a days not at all visible in it!!??..

  5. Yes make her remove the mask plz

  6. really very very boring…….please stop this track or else finish this track soon and show the yuvaraj and suhani romantic scenes.please………..

  7. Yes yuvraj and suhani scenes plzzzz

  8. Maybe Gauri has the same eyes as Pratima!!!

  9. Very very boring. What is the programme telling us.? That if you are dark skinned you are ugly. Dadi and her two ridiculous bahus think they are above everyone. Their silly childish games never end and they never get caught. I wish the writers should move on the story and show Yuvraj dadi’s true colours and also get the ridiculous mask off that girls face. Please move on before people loose interest in the programme.

  10. What the hell, how can suhani be so stupid and believe dadi’s suggestion regarding golu not sitting in the puja?? I thought she was more sensible than that? O.o
    And Bhavna is so damn irritating… Why is she suddenly being so dumb?? >.<

  11. Why is suhani so dumb? Bahuu like Gopi and Suhani never learn their lessons. How can she blindly trust Rags and Menaka along with daadi ? How can she forget how they created rift between her and her best friend ? n
    Now they are doing the same thing with her sister. She should see their plans and follow her instinct. That girl in a mask is so irritating. We don’t want to know her secret.

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