Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj leaving. Saurabh and Sharad talk to him and ask him not to worry about home. Yuvraaj leaves, while Suhani looks at him. He stops and sees Suhani. Suhani messages sorry to Yuvraaj. She messages try to understand me, till you come back, everything will be fine here. She cries. He leaves and replies that okay, but your sorry is rejected.

She thinks there is one more weak link in this game. She sees Menka sitting alone and crying. Menka says I can’t show my face to anyone, everyone is laughing on me, Rags’ friend has put me pic with facemask on facebook, and commented bad. She says I can’t go home, else Bhavna will make me sweep house. Suhani asks are you making my sister work, you did wrong. Menka says sorry, this won’t happen again. Suhani says sorry

won’t work alone…. Menka asks then what.

Menka asks Dadi about the work, its injustice that I have to do work all alone. Suhani hides and looks on. Rags asks Menka to get out. Sharad says Menka is saying right. Rags asks him to shut up. Dadi asks Rags to be quiet, I m here to take decision, you don’t like Barbie, you also go from here. She asks Ramesh to pack Rags luggage and send to outhouse. Suhani messages someone to start the work.

Rags requests Dadi. Dadi leaves. Menka asks Rags to come. Rags, Menka leave and Barbie stops Suhani. Barbie asks why did Yuvraaj go. Suhani says I don’t know, you ask him, what is the matter, are you scared that he went to meet Maa, what will happen when he knows everything himself, your plan will flop. Barbie says this won’t happen and shuts the door.

Radhe comes to meet Barbie. She gets shocked seeing him dressed as a rich guy. She slips by the shock and he holds her hand. He laughs and says our love story will start again. He says I know how you feel, I just worked hard since you left me. He shows the slipper which he has worn when she left him, slipper is seen much torn. He says I have become rich to get you back. Dadi comes and asks Barbie who is he. Barbie says I was also going to ask.

Dadi says you are talking to him since long, don’t you know him. Radhe greets Dadi. Barbie scolds him. Suhani comes and asks who are you. She introduces herself as Suhani and Radhe says I m son in law of Barbie’s house. Suhani asks you mean you are Barbie’s husband. Radhe says yes. Barbie says he is lying Dadi. Dadi asks do you have any proof. He says yes, and shows his and Barbie’s pic. Dadi gets shocked and says Barbie, you are already married….. Barbie gets tensed and says no Dadi, its not me, he is lying. Suhani asks whats all this. Radhe says I can show more proof. He asks Barbie why she doing this, she is angry with me, she left me as my slipper had hole, now I m wearing designer clothes, I got lovely gift for her. Barbie says shut up, I m Barbie. She scolds him.

Menka laughs on Rags. Rakhi comes there and shows a gift for Menka. Menka asks what is it. Menka checks her facemask pic framed. Rakhi and Rags laugh. Menka throws the frame. Rakhi says i m not interested to stay here, I heard you are kicked out of house. Menka drags Rakhi and they fight.

Sharad looks for some clue in Barbie’s room, so that he can find Pratima. He sees Barbie’s phone. Radhe gets a little boy from the car and asks him to act well. He does not see Rakhi there. He asks the boy to remember his words well and checks by confusing him. Radhe asks him to call him Papa. The boy calls him Papa…. They go inside the house. Radhe asks the man to call out loud. Rakhi runs. Rags sees a boy hugging Radhe, and says Radhe’s son, when did this happen…..

Sharad checks phone and says its password locked, what to do now. Dadi tells Barbie if this man knows you are pregnant then. Radhe asks did you know that Barbie was pregnant, now you can accept your grandson with open heart. Rags and Menka see this and get shocked. The boy runs to Barbie and hugs her saying mummy. Suhani asks Barbie do you have a child. Barbie pushes the boy. Suhani says it’s a kid, what are you doing. Barbie says this man is fraud, he is trapping me. Radhe asks him to identify her son atleast, he is our son. Menka says I will see and stops her. Barbie argues with Radhe. Radhe says I have got rich, what else do you want. Barbie scolds him. Suhani scolds Barbie. Dadi says I don’t care this man is lying or not, I don’t want more drama. Barbie says make him leave from here. Sharad looks on. Dadi and Suhani see each other.

Barbie tries asking the boy who is she. He says aunty. Sharad and Suhani hear them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hey guys……plz read my first fan fiction “yes,there is true love!”……n plz support me 🙂

  2. today episode ill be little dragging and funny tooo…
    but i wont more twist and turns…
    and yuvraj ill be back soon ..
    ii want yuvani togethrr again :-* :-*

  3. Again I had to read – can’t waste time watching – what rubbish

    Get back to the point please

  4. Again the plan will amount to nothing! If it was only dadi’s plan for evil it will succeed but now that it’s for good according to Indian serials, it has to fail several times.

  5. I think radhe will help bring barbie true colours out n also make her tell where is pratima

  6. Entertaining acting by Radhe. First time in a long time that I was enjoying and having a good laugh. Good entertainment.

  7. I love radhe acting. I hope that there will come a holi episode.

  8. @ Dia. ….I didn’t find it. …where is it written?

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