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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya and Rags coming from shopping. Menka gets annoyed and asks why did you both not take me along, I helped you so much in your plans. Snoopi runs with pendrive. The kids run to get the pendrive. Yuvraaj comes and his pendrive also falls. Suhani gives that pendrive to the kids, and asks whats in it. Krishna says Sambhav gave games to Yuvaan. The kids leave. Yuvraaj gets the other pendrive and asks Suhani which pendrive did she give to kids. She says it has games. He says no, it had our wedding recording. She asks what.

Sambhav plugs in pendrive and asks the kids to play. He goes. Yuvraaj and Suhani leave, and collide with Leela. Leela falls down. Yuvani says there is no game here. Krishna calls out Sambhav. Yuvani says wait, we will open this file and see. The

kids see Yuvraaj and Suhani’s wedding video. Yuvraaj and Suhani come there and get shocked seeing the video already playing. Sambhav too comes and sees this. Yuvaan says mumma and Papa take rounds, whats this. Krishna says its wrong, my Papa married my mumma. They ask Sambhav about this game.

Yuvraaj takes the pendrive and asks Suhani did you do this intentionally. Sambhav interrupts. Yuvraaj asks him to leave them alone, its their family matter, I won’t say alone. He tells the kids that it’s a mistake. Suhani says its not mistake, we have to send the truth some day, why not today. Yuvraaj asks Krishna to take Yuvaan and Yuvani home. He sends them. He asks Suhani why did you give pendrive to Krishna. She says I asked her, she said its games pendrive, how can you be careless, how did you think I will show the video to kids. He says I was going to delete the video. She says I m going to my kids, I hope you also care for them.

Suhani and Yuvraaj go to the kids. Rags says its simple, your parents cheated you. Yuvraaj and Saurabh ask Rags to be quiet. Suhani tells the kids that Yuvaan and Yuvani are her children. Yuvani asks Soumya how can she be Suhani’s child. Yuvraaj says Suhani is your mom. Yuvani asks what. Yuvaan says whats happening, I don’t understand anything. Menka says wait, I will explain, and gets a board, with kids and parents name. Saurabh asks Menka to go. Pratima says no, let Menka do what she wants. Menka thanks her for not stopping her.

Menka says Yuvaan and Yuvani are real brother and sister, and Yuvraaj and Suhani are your real parents, when you were born 6 years ago, Yuvraaj and Suhani had a big fight. Suhani asks Menka to stop. Pratima asks Suhani to let Menka say. Menka says Suhani took Yuvaan and Yuvraaj took Yuvani, he asked Soumya will she become Yuvani’s fake mumma, Soumya agreed and asked Yuvraaj to become fake Papa of Krishna. She explains them the relations. Soumya cries.

Menka says Krishna, Yuvraaj is your fake Papa, and Yuvaan, Yuvraaj is your real Papa. Pratima explains Yuvani about Lord Krishna having two mothers, Devki and Yashoda, likewise you also have two mothers, Suhani and Soumya, and Yuvaan you said you want a Papa like Yuvraaj, Dadi told me that Lord fulfills good children’s wish, Lord fulfilled your wish, Yuvraaj is your Papa. Krishna asks but why is Yuvraaj not my real Papa. Pratima says he is your Papa. Krishna cries and runs.

Yuvani cries and says you all are bad, and runs. Yuvaan says I want to make Sambhav my dad and runs. Pratima says kids got a shock, we have to manage them carefully, you three trust me right, then do as I say. Yuvani cries and says Suhani is not my mumma, you are my mumma. Soumya cries and says yes, I m your mumma. Krishna asks Suhani who is my real Papa, tell me, Yuvraaj is my Papa, I won’t leave him. Suhani says no one will separate you from your Papa. Krishna asks is Yuvani not my real sister. Suhani says you love her truly, then how can she be your fake sister, don’t cry.

Yuvaan shows the letter he wrote for his Papa. Yuvraaj smiles reading those letters. He says I will give all this to you, whatever you wish, I will fulfill. Yuvaan asks him to make Sambhav his dad, as they promised each other that they will always stay together. Yuvraaj gets upset. Suhani hugs Pratima and says I did not wish the kids to know like this, what shall I do now, Krishna is scared. Yuvraaj comes and says Yuvaan hates me. Pratima asks what happened. He says whats the use to say, you will take Suhani’s side. Suhani asks what did Yuvaan say. He says Yuvaan asked me to help him in making Sambhav his dad, it would be better if I did not meet him, this hurts me. Suhani says even I get hurt seeing my daughter calling someone else as mum. He asks why did you come here. She says I will go away from you all. He says sorry, you don’t have this option. He goes. Soumya comes and tells Pratima that Yuvani needs some time, she will be fine, how is Krishna. Suhani says she is scared. Soumya says I have to meet her. Pratima says yes, meet her, kids got a shock, I will talk to them now. Soumya cries and asks Suhani what shall I do now. Suhani hugs her and says I m with you, everything will be fine.

Sharad tells Lata that they will leave now. Bhavna says if they don’t want to meet Suhani, what will we do here, and Papa does not need to see Suhani’s face, she stays in outhouse. She shows Suhani’s bridal saree and asks them to atleast bless this by touching this saree, I will tell her that I could just get this much of blessing. Lata cries and tells Pankaj that its much anger now, Suhani is our daughter, we can’t break relation with her, I will come in marriage tomorrow, I will get Pankaj too. Sharad and Bhavna smile.

Pratima sees the kids sad and asks them to have icecream. They refuse. Pratima asks them to see good side, Yuvani and Krishna have a brother now. Yuvaan says I want to make Sambhav my Papa. Pratima says it would be good for Krishna, she won’t need to share her Papa, you have mumma and Papa, don’t think who is real or fake, just think you three are together now. She makes them have icecream. She says Yuvaan said he wants such family, and see Lord gave you such family, we all are yours, today you have two sisters. Yuvraaj and Suhani look on, and smile.

Yuvaan and Yuvani run away from home. Suhani thinks where did Yuvani go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally!! End Sowmya track

  2. Nithu

    Loved todays epi n waiting for tom. Epi awsm precap….

  3. Ohhhhh God!!!!!!! they confused kids??!!,,,,,and I never thought that they will reveal truth this way,,,,,,,that too via Menka,,,,,,!! ..I’m gonna watch this epi,,,,Poor kids

  4. #UniteYuvani vs #UniteSubhav

    Cannot wait to see this episode! thanks for the update Amena! Finally kids know the truth….looks like they will only bring Yuvraj and Suhani together! Krishna definitely will!

    1. Aqsxxh

      This is why I LOVE Krishna! She is the most mature and understanding! Nothing like her mother! 😀

      1. Nithu

        Yes ua rit

  5. Wow at last truth is out…

  6. Resiel

    Its becoming more interesting where are they going ? I think that they will brought their parents close but its become opposite don’t know wat will happen

  7. todays epi is fantastic … i really enjoyed todays episode with full of excitement.and waiting for next epi .i wish all problems will solve out and i want yuvani reunit with their cute children.

  8. They are just dragging it for no point…. Yuvi seems so dumb at times….

  9. I am now scared.Agar krishna yuvraj ke liye kahim yuvaan ko thakleef na pahucha dega.

  10. I think Yuvan loves Yuvraj as his pa,bt he wont snatch anything frm others..he has a lokasamastha suginobhavanthu attitude like his mum….dats y, he said so,he want 2 make Sambav his, i feel pitty to Soumya..she played well bt aftr all she became a loser..its very bad dat if they all family wouldnt know about Soumya and Ragz plans..Krishna..poor betta…in dis cndition,YUVANI’s reunion is very difficult..hw can they slv all th problems…Special thanks 2 dadi 4 her absence, other wise…ho…patha nahi..precap..what are they kids doing..leaving home..OMG …….will they lose their children???????frnds,whats ur opinion????

  11. today i had abid sign of relif ..infront of kids knws the truth..

  12. Beedyalakshmi

    oh god i cnt wait for 2mrw , hope somyas plan would fail .there is stil time to patchup for yuvraj and suhani

  13. Finally kids know truth. Why are they running from home??

  14. Beedyalakshmi

    what a relief

  15. Beedyalakshmi

    as krishna want yuvraj as her papa then she may take her mums plan ,acting like a like mother like daugther or posibly do smthng which would scare yuvan

  16. But I don’t like the episode….especially soumya’s fake tears….I really hate her character…suhani is the only one and there areare four big villains…its not fair…and so called what shambav calls that ediot boy chocolate boy….is a hand puppet of that ugly character soumya…

  17. The kids are surely up to something?

  18. poor Yuvraj, despite Yuvan knowing that he is the father, now wants only Sambhav as his dad…… Such is the venom of Snaky Saumya…….. i wish her truth comes out………… Yuvraj needs to know how she tricked Yuvan into hating him, just for her selfish reasons of securing Krishna’s future. This is how she repaid Yuvraj, for all that he did for Krishna since Krishna was born.

  19. I liked an episode of ssel after a while.. Now it’s gonna be interesting..

  20. Soumya I hate u…jitni b koshish kro tum yuvani ko alag nhe kr sakti

  21. Suhaani se ek Ladki
    Yuvani accept suhani as her mum, Yuvaan accepts Yuvraaj as his dad
    Soumya tells Krishna about her dad
    They both leave
    Suahni and Yuvraaj get married
    Sambhav marries Soumya

  22. FINALLY!!! Yes I read in spoilers that yuvani and yuvan will find out about suhani and YUVRAJ being their real parents which finally happened today. It said yuvani and yuvan will run away from home and later plan to make their parents closer. But if yuvan will be ready to sacrifice his real papa for Krishna and everyone then he will ask yuvani to not say anything about what they discussed and go with the plan. Yuvan and yuvani are really smart kids. I’m sure they will plan something good. Who knows maybe yuvani and yuvan will find Krishna’s real dad and unite soumya with him. The kids can do anything

  23. Finally the kids no the truth n good for the wicked witch soumya

  24. Finally the truth came out in front of the kids! Let’s see, I hope sumya and rags don’t make anymore plans against suhani to get her out of the house.

  25. A very shocking episode, all of a sudden truth has been revealed. ….off late snoopy is getting more naughty. ….can’t believe duffer menka had to give an explanation to the kids. ..& The way she explained was like suhani is the only culprit. ….Once again a clean chit fr dadi. …..
    Felt bad fr yuvraj when yuvan said Sambhav to be his papa inspite of knowing yuvraj is his dad but our duffer yuvraj still blames suhani fr everything when will he realise suhani is going through the same pain like him ?

  26. Very emotional episode today
    Felt really sad for the kids as its so confusing,
    I wonder what Yuvaan and Yuvani will do?

  27. Ab yeh kya ho gaya?itna bara dhamaake? that too so easily. They just rushed this episode but thankfully finally the truth is out

    1. frnds docho agar bache isliye baage kyuki unhem yuvraj ko apni galathi dikhana hai tho.yuvraj hamesha suhani chodkar jaanewali baath kahatha hai na tho bache ye prove karna chahatha hai jab wo log bhag gaya tho yuvi ne toonda.tho jab suhani gaye thab kyu na toonta.

  28. Chala curry

  29. So glad that the kids know..can’t continue to lie or not tell them the truth.It will take time to sink in .Stop your tears Soumya..selfish git sympathy for you as you manipulated your friend and hurt a child.If all this is for your dtr than why did you not rush after your dtr..her emotions would have been far worse and needed you..but you went to yuvani to gain sympathy..selfish shameless woman stop your false tears and why you now asking Suhani what to do?I mean she has stood by you during your bad times but when you were in postion to help ran to the witch dadi and ugly rags and stupid menka deserve a tight slap.I don’t know why suhani is nice to you..she is made weak and her thinking has becone weak.First time pratima has done right by Suhani ..and continue to tell dumraj to grow up and let go of his anger and Big ego.Please stop this blame suhani for everything game is time the real culprits were bought to justice..are the Birla men strong and have guts to punish Dadi for all her tactics.lazy Rags.stupid menka and Shameless Soumya.Is it ok for to pay nurses to lie and give away a child?is it ok to pay goons to kidnap a family member.Os it ok to pay to kill a family member.Is it ok to bring into the house another woman to destroy a a dtr in law?Is it ok to hide a child of the family for years because they have a scare on the face?Is it ok to use your dtr in law to save family and business and than to use and abuse her later?? SO Please tell me is this allowed in India and accepted by the janta?? We the people living abroad love to watch serial but please don’t insult our intelligents by allowing this kind of abuse..and should not be seen as forgiven by family as does not deture others from doing the same…CAN YOU HEAR THIS WRITERS.

  30. I agree with Uaha .real culprit ko samne lana chahiye dadi and gang ka bad face dikhana chahiye… it should to know yuvraj that dadi is real culprit .and she never never..never accept suhani as birla family’s bahu.
    ….and yuvraj kosuhani aur bachho ke sath birla house chhod dena chahiye…i think kal ka episode jaldbazi mein likha gaya hai.chijo ko saaf nai kiya .soumya yuvraj ka gana kyu dikhaya samajh nahi aaya……..but kids knew truth…..its awesome….

  31. nw kid will solve d prblm…bt y r they eloping??…bcz yuvaan himself said DAT he want sambhav s his dad..

  32. y r the siblings eloping??…bcz yuvaan himself said DAT he want sambhav s his dad..

  33. ahaa!! what an episode. i loved it . awesome and thanks ameena. now i am happy and contended

  34. Awesome episode…

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