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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad asking Yuvraaj where did he go. Yuvraaj says how could you all let Suhani marry Sambhav. Suhani asks whats your problem. Yuvraaj asks why did you marry. Dadi says I told Suhani to wait for Yuvraaj and not hurry. Menka asks whats the confusion.

Bhavna says there is no confusion, Yuvraaj never loved Suhani, he had to marry her because of Papa, and then we all had to explain him till one year that he loves Suhani, now he was marrying her for kids’ sake. Yuvraaj scolds Sambhav for doing this. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to talk with manners.

Pratima cries and asks what did you do, where did you go, did you not believe me. Dadi asks Pratima why is he blaming her son. Yuvraaj says now there is no use to answer. He tells Sharad that now I can’t tell anything

to you for supporting Suhani, I kept Sambhav here as Yuvaan liked him, this man snatched my family and ruined me.

Yuvaan pushes Yuvraaj and says don’t say anything to him, he is my Papa. Yuvraaj gets shocked and asks how can you say this. Yuvaan says because you left us again and Sambhav agreed to become my Papa. Yuvraaj asks so this was your plan. Sambhav says shut up, I did not do anything. Yuvraaj gets angry and holds Sambhav’s collar. Suhani asks them to stop fight. Yuvaan says I hate you, you are very bad and runs. Suhani says enough Yuvraaj, stop this.

Yuvraaj says you don’t know how is Sambhav. Rags says I don’t think Suhani does not know Sambhav, else she would have not done her ghatbandhan. Yuvraaj asks what, did you marry by your wish. She says don’t blame me for your mistake. He says yes, its always my mistake, infact I got saved from doing a mistake this time. She showers flowers on Suhani and Sambhav and congratulates them for a great married life. He leaves.

He goes to his room and shuts the door. He recalls Rags’ words and cries. Suhani hugs Pratima and cries. Pratima consoles her and asks her to take rest. Sharad sees Suhani crying and leaves. Suhani sees Yuvraaj’s words on mirror. Saurabh comes to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj asks him to leave him alone. Saurabh asks where did you go. Yuvraaj says no one would trust me, Sambhav ruined my life, Suhani helped him in doing this. Saurabh says then don’t let Sambhav go.

Yuvraaj says leave it, whats the use. Suhani gets angry and says Yuvraaj wanted to marry me. Sambhav thanks Pratima for support and says Yuvraaj did wrong. Dadi says you can leave, but Yuvaan will stay here. Sambhav argues with Dadi. Pratima says Suhani and Yuvaan will leave with Sambhav. Pratima and Bhavna ask him to keep Suhani happy.

Menka asks Soumya what did you do. Soumya says I did not do anything. Menka says Yuvraaj and Suhani did not get married, give me my necklace. Soumya goes. Rags tells Menka about necklace matter. Rags says I m tired, and want to sleep, I m waiting for Suhani’s bidaai , once she leaves, I can sleep peacefully. Menka gets glad and says I will do special arrangements for Suhani’s bidaai.

Menka is happy that Suhani is finally going. She asks servant to give basmati rice in plate. Yuvani asks Suhani why is she leaving, and asks her to leave Yuvaan with them. Suhani says he can’t stay without me, as you can’t stay without Yuvraaj, Sambhav and I stay in Lucknow. Suhani asks Bhavna to manage home. Yuvraaj gets his bag and says Suhani is daughter of this house, I m wrong, so I will leave. Suhani is great and truth statue, so I will leave from this house, Suhani you do my bidaai with your own hands.

Dadi says enough, I m still standing here, I took marriage decision to keep family united, and you guys are breaking family. Yuvani asks Yuvraaj not to leave. Dadi says my grandson will not go anywhere, if Yuvraaj steps out of house, he will see me dead. Yuvraaj says let me leave, I can’t bear the blame to separate kids. Pankaj says this is your house, you won’t go. He asks Pratima to do Suhani’s bidaai.

He tells kids that he will keep Suhani and Sambhav with them, kids can meet in school and stay together. Everyone agree with this solution. Sambhav says if your happiness is in this, I don’t mind. Suhani asks Pankaj did he forgive her. Pankaj says I can stay annoyed with you, not break relation with my daughter. She hugs him and cries. He asks Yuvraaj not to go anywhere. Suhani says its my bidaai Yuvraaj, and takes rice from the plate.

Sambhav stabs the goon, and Dadi gets shocked. Sambhav looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kyaaa bakwaas episode hey…

    1. Worst episode on 23rd July 2016

  2. This serial should be taken off the air.
    All the characters lack common sense.
    Writers are giving wrong messages. Same thing over and over again. What happened to Suhani who was supposed to have some brains, She
    looks so stupid and gullible. Please
    get new writers or this drama will go down the drain.

  3. Marriage seems to be a joke in India!! This is Suhani’s 3rd marriage in two years. Twice to Yuvraj and now this one. The writer need to take a close look at the message that their giving out!

  4. I hate it!! Why is sambhav bad?!!?? He is such a useless and annoying character!! Sorry to the director of his drama but u should not be called a director because u are terrible at ur job!!!! Either get Suhani to marry yuvraaj or end this drama!!? U r losing so many viewers!!!

  5. Big horrible show suhani si ek ladki. This serial should be stopped. Writers are really giving wrong message. In this show asli gunhegar toh Hamesha saamney nahi aata. True relations ki koi value nahi dikhatey bachoun key 2 maa,2 pita kya asar hoga logoun pey aisey gatiya galat batein dekhkey. Please koi sensible dangh key writers ko show likhna chahiye. Writers aisey bakwas shows dikha key apna image kharab kartey hai. Lagta hai writers ko real life mein aisey hee galat batein pasand hai

  6. Again, Dadi will be save. She always manage to change the subject and blame Suhani. No one is ever going to talk about the dvd?

  7. The viewers will be highly obliged if this show is canceled and they are saved from the unnecessary torture of watching it. The writers, producers and the director all have lost their minds and they don’t know what message this serial wants to convey to the society. I think the moral of this serials is that if even if you do bad things, you will always be saved from the punishment so that you can continue doing it. The glaring example is DADI. Wish her character was removed from this serial. She is the one who is the mastermind behind the pain and suffering of the Birla family and anyone associated with them. Sadly, no body in the family has guts to confront her. Would be very happy if this show is off the air for good.

  8. Hated this serial

  9. I regret the day when I started watching this serial. I thought this serial is about natural beauty of suhani who is a simple girl and she will win everyone’s heart with her sweet nature.I used to like this show..But this show is dragged to completely different story.No real picture left. What a shame…
    Hope this show ends nicely???

  10. kya yeh ho sakta hai ki sumbhav dadi ke saath milke uski asliyat bahar laana chaahta hai? kya poori shaadi hui? mereku doubt hai ki shaadi nakli hai. suhahi janti ya nahi pata nahi. agar usse pata nahi to bilkul wahyad baat hai, phir sach ki shaadi ho na ho. air precap me dikha woh dadi ko convince karne ke liye lagta hai, nakli khoon hoga.

  11. Now wats next….yuvraaj wil proove sambhav was behind his kidnapping n in dat process dadiz face wil also get revealed dat she was his partner in crime isi me kuch mahine nikal jayenge n den wat aftr sambhav is proven evil wat wil suhaani n yuvraaj do marry again?????may b next yr suhani wil agn get mrd lolz…n wat bot soumya wat wil she do til den..isse to acha hota ke serial happy note per end ker dete dono ki shadi kerwaker n soumya ko seedha banaker n krishna ka bhi kuch na kuch kerker

  12. This serial has lost my vote of confidence. I will just stop watching it now.

    Saathiya has a better story line, much punch in it.

    Suhani and Yuvraaj maketh the storyline of Suhani si ek ladkhi NOT Sambav and Soumya.

    THIS PROGRAM IS EVIL EVIL EVIL and not worth watching, it makes my bp go skyhigh and makes me sick in my tummy seeing Yuvaan pushing away his own dad, che che che

  13. Why do children have to be envolved in making matches for their mothers and it was really horrible to see yuvaan pushing his father.Dadi loves yuvraj but yet she got him kidnapped beaten and insulted by his son what kind of love is this

  14. Suhani is bad mother,she is a disgrace to motherhood.i don’t understand the fact that she love one child and hate the other one. She is ever ready to make sacrifice for yuvan but yuvani no way.she is a terrible mother. I hate her and this serial. Wife of 3 husbands.

    1. No 2 husband! How many wives did Yuvraj have 3.
      She need think for herself, before anyone else.
      Putting other before her got her in this mess.

  15. I agree with amu .It may be……nobody think like this….good point…..because starting mein menka,soumya ,rags,dadi,ki asliyat dekh raha tha tab sambhav ko positive dikha rahe the so lagta hai dadi ki sachchai dikhane ke liye nakli shaadi ka natak ho raha hai……agar aisa hai to thik hai dekhte hai……..

  16. This serial is impossible. Its becoming a joke. Either dadi gets away or she is forgiven. Loosing interest in this stupid story line. Pls change the story line or just go off air.

  17. What have they done why don’t they talk about the DVDs or kidnapping and I hate Yuvan he just wants Sambhav as his dad horrible

  18. I don’t understand this film anymore, why did everyone hate suhani,bad film,is this India behavior to dislike good people, please end this story.

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