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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima telling Yuvraaj how can we stop the marriage now, what did we do. Yuvraaj says I won’t be happy in this marriage, I love Soumya, how can I marry Suhani, please don’t take stress, I will see how to stop this marriage. He leaves. Krishna talks to Soumya’s mum and says he did not do any mistake. Her mum asks him to leave else she will call police. Soumya says no, please don’t do this. Soumya gets a slap from her mum. She asks Krishna to leave and not come here again. Krishna says I came to take your blessings, now I want to see who separates us. He leaves. Pankaj is doing the arrangements. Suhani says she is going to meet Soumya. Lata says now? Its your marriage, go to your room.

Soumya asks her mum to let her go in Suhani’s marriage, else she will

feel bad. Her mum scolds her about Krishna. Soumya says I will not meet Krishna, but let me go to Suhani. Her mum says no, you will not go out of this home till I fix a good marriage proposal for you. Soumya requests again. Her mum says fine, but don’t break my trust again. Soumya says I promise and smiles. Pratima thinks about Yuvraaj’s words and says what to do, shall I talk to Yuvraaj.

Yuvraaj tells Sharad that he has cleared everything to Pratima. He says now I m going to meet Soumya and take her to Suhani to tell her the truth. Lata is emotional and hugs Suhani. Soumya comes and smiles. Suhani is happy seeing her. Suhani shows her the necklace which broke. Lata asks Suhani to go parlour and Suhani refuses to go. Soumya says I will make her ready and I want her to look very special. Yuvraaj comes to Soumya’s house and says I will call her first. Menka says she will tell the truth to Pratima to become her fav. Rags comes to her and asks why is she going to Pratima. Menka says I was thinking to tell her the truth, the confusion is lot, else Yuvraaj can marry Suhani.

Rags says if she asks why did we not tell before, what will you say. Menka says I did not think. Rags asks her to do as she says and maybe Dadi will come, so don’t worry. Pankaj brings a laptop for Suhani and says I heard you telling Soumya that you need a laptop. He asks her is she happy with this marriage. She says yes. He is glad and says my daughters are my pride, and I m happy in their happiness. He hugs her. Pankaj gets a file and smiles seeing it. He says I will give this news to Suhani first.

Yuvraaj calls Soumya and says I spoke to Maa and told her the truth. Soumya is shocked. He says now we don’t need to worry, I will not marry Suhani now. She says what about Suhani and her family. He says I don’t know, I can’t ruin my life thinking about others, come here in 30mins else I will go there and tell them the truth. She says I will meet you at 5pm. Pankaj comes and she is shocked seeing him. Pankaj leaves. Suhani is getting ready and Soumya helps her. Suhani holds Soumya’s hand and says she is very scared of going far from everyone.

I knew I will marry one day and now I m feeling strange thinking I won’t meet you again. She says you are with me since childhood. She says their friendly moments. Suhani says I feel you are my shadow, not my friend. Soumya smiles. Suhani says I can share all my feelings with you. She says I m taking a good part of life including you, nothing will change between us, promise me. Soumya cries. Soumya says I want you to be happy always, and you promise me if I m there or not, you will be always happy.

Suhani asks are you going anywhere, you also be in this city and we will be always in touch. Soumya says I will come back later and leaves. Soumya gets a call and says I m coming. Yuvraaj keeps calling her and waits there. He gets her message that she can’t come to meet him. He says fine, if you can’t meet me, I will tell the truth to Suhani’s mum and dad. Pankaj comes there and Yuvraaj says its good you came here. I want to tell you something. He says I can’t marry your daughter, as I don’t love her, it was a misunderstanding, I m sorry. Pankaj is shocked.

Pankaj asks how can you do this, please I request you don’t do this. Yuvraaj says I can’t marry Suhani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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