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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima telling Suhani that I regarded you as my daughter and went against my family, but today I feel I was wrong. Suhani says I m sorry, Gauri’s culprit is still free, we will find him soon, please let me meet Gauri once, just for 5 mins. Pratima cries. Menka and Rags look on. Rags says we should stop Suhani from meeting Gauri, come on. Menka refuses and says I don’t care for Gauri, I got insulted, Dadi called me mad. Rags goes.

Bhavna talks to doctor about Pankaj. She tells Lata that she will get medicines and was leaving. Golu was about to fall, and Soumya takes him. Golu cries. Soumya asks what happened, why are you both lost like this. Bhavna says Dadi’s lawyer Leela convinced judge not to free Pankaj and took time from court.

Rags and Dadi

meet Gauri. Gauri says I don’t want to meet Suhani. Dadi says don’t worry, I will manage everything. She asks Rags to come along with her. Rags says but Gauri… Dadi says come with me. They leave.

Suhani meets Gauri. Gauri says I don’t want to talk. Suhani says have medicines and goes to get water. Gauri hides water jug under the bed. She gets Soumya’s call and does not answer. Suhani gets water and asks Gauri why is she working, her wound he be hurting. Gauri says its not old, its two day old wound, not on puja day. Suhani says I did not say its puja day wound, when did you change nail paint. Gauri asks her to go and not trouble her. Suhani says I m not troubling you. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to come out. Gauri hugs him and asks him to send Suhani. Suhani says Gauri did not have medicine, so I got water. Pratima says Gauri gets angry seeing you, I will give her medicines. Yuvraaj takes Suhani along.

Dadi and Rags look on. Dadi says I won’t let Suhani plan against Gauri, I won’t let her lie win. Yuvraaj and Suhani go to their room and talk. He asks why did you meet Gauri. Suhani says I had to know something, I left message for you, I asked Maa and met Gauri. She shows the phone and says its from our house, someone messaged Krishna that police will arrest him, tell me who can do this. Gauri takes medicines. Pratima says I m afraid when you fainted, why did you not say about your wound. Gauri says I was scared. Pratima says its good you got fine. Yuvraaj asks Suhani what do you mean. Suhani says its complicated, if doctor is saying wound is old, it maybe old, I feel Gauri is hiding something. Pratima asks Gauri not to hide anything from doctor, else he can’t cure her.

She says if this infection increased, you would have got infections, so better say truth to doctor, rest for some time now. Gauri gets tensed and says this wound is one week old. Pratima asks what. Gauri says just say this to doctor, not anyone else, else they will scold me, I don’t want injections. Yuvraaj asks Suhani how can you think Gauri is lying, she is victim. Suhani says don’t know, Gauri is saying wound is not old, her hand was hurt. He says enough, you think she will lie. She says sorry, Gauri can’t do this. He says its okay, lets just finish this topic right here, there is no point. He asks her to go home and take some rest.

Menka eats imported dry fruits and tells Ramesh and Rags. Rags corrects her. Aditya laughs on Menka and asks her to say name correctly. Menka says its costly. He asks for some. Menka insults him. Gauri hears this. Menka saks why did he stay here forever, Suhani is better, atleast she said she won’t stay here till she proved her dad innocent. He says Suhani and I are different. Menka says yes, Suhani is not thief like you. Gauri fumes and says enough. Menka says don’t eat my dry fruits. Gauri says you have it and feeds in her mouth. She scolds Menka and Rags tries to stop her. Yuvraaj and Aditya stop Gauri. Suhani takes water for Menka. Rags asks Menka why do you say anything, you know Gauri is mad. Menka says no one cares for me in this house, no one did anything when Gauri has cut my hand, and today she tried to kill me, you all scold me, and not Gauri. She goes. Suhani thinks Menka said right, Gauri can do anything when she gets angry.

Suhani tells Yuvraaj that Menka is not fine, but she said right, Gauri can do anything in anger, when Menka broke the gift by mistake, Gauri gave her glass piece which made her hand get cut. Yuvraaj says it was Menka’s mistake, she insulted Aditya, Gauri is childish. She says we are talking about Gauri’s anger. He says she gets hyper, you don’t worry, I will explain her, its okay. She says fine, I will leave, we will talk tomorrow. She leaves. Dadi looks on.

Suhani talks to Soumya and says Yuvraaj is not understanding. Gupta waits for her at her home. Suhani greets him and asks about Pankaj’s bail. Gupta says Leela said that Pankaj committed suicide to get sympathy, so his bail got cancelled, we have to bring real culprit out. Suhani says what shall we do. Gupta says we want proof for our belief. She says yes, I need proof. He says one more thing, you are like my daughter, so I m saying, check all the suspects again and their stories. She says they told their truth. He says think again, if they did not do anything, if they are innocent, then it would mean just one thing. She gets thinking.

Lata asks Suhani is there no way to save Pankaj. Suhani says I got the way, give me time till evening. Yuvraaj asks her what will you do till evening Suhani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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