Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj apologizing to Sharad and asking about Golu. Suhani hears them. Rags says I like this surrogacy idea, I don’t have any problem with this. Menka says I am calculating about property, Barbie is clever, she is planning to get property. She explains Rags and says Dadi will give property to Barbie and we will get just one fifth share, after sharing property with Gauri and Barbie, our bad days will come.

Rakhi sends voice message to Radhe, that Soumya is scared by that video and agreed to become Devi Maa, its happening as per our plan. Soumya looks on. Rakhi goes to take bath. Soumya takes the phone. Lalita comes there. Soumya hides and leaves. Rakhi says I m taking bath, Soumya went out. Soumya deletes the video from Rakhi’s phone.

Yuvraaj tells

everyone that he will take food for Dadi. He makes Suhani sit to dine and says I will just come. Rags asks Suhani how are you now. Suhani says I m fine. Rags asks what did Dadi do with you in storeroom, I mean I did not see such superstition thing before. Yuvraaj goes to Dadi and apologizes. She says fine, I will not pressurize you, but just think about it. He says fine, but Suhani and my decision will be final. She says okay.

Rags asks Suhani what did you think about Barbie’s offer, I think I should accept her offer. Saurabh looks on. Suhani asks Bhavna where is Barbie. Menka laughs and tells Rags that Suhani ignored you. Rags says yes, Barbie became the drama heroine this time. Suhani stops Sharad from reacting. Bhavna says Barbie is sad, she felt she said a lot. Menka says about surrogacy. Sharad asks Menka to have food silently or leave from here. Bhavna says I will take food for Barbie.

Krishna comes home. Soumya asks Krishna to listen. Rakhi says I have to show you some video. Soumya worries. Krishna says I m worried, I will see later. Soumya says show me, and makes Rakhi’s phone fall down. Rakhi says its fine, my phone is not cheap to break. Krishna says I want to rest, I don’t want to see video. Rakhi says Soumya felt I have just one video, I have many copies, do as Maa says, else I will show this video to Krishna. Soumya gets tensed.

Rags comes to Dadi and asks her to share her plans. Dadi says I have no plans, you spoiled all the chances I gave you. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that they should talk to Barbie. He says no need. She says Barbie is feeling strange after saying yes to surrogacy. He says let it go, we did not tell her anything, fine we will talk to her, else you will stay upset. Barbie looks around and is leaving. Snoopi barks at her and she falls down.

Yuvraaj asks snoopi to leave Barbie. Suhani asks Barbie what was she doing. Barbie says I was running away. Suhani says I know you said yes while arguing, you don’t need to do anything, no one will pressurize you. Barbie says thanks, I was going as you both won’t like me saying here, I m serious about it, I don’t have any problem to become your surrogate. Snoopi barks. Yuvraaj asks Snoopi to stop it now. Barbie says I took this decision with my wish. She goes. Yuvraaj asks Suhani not to decide today itself. Suhani says it will be our child, given birth by someone else. He asks her to take time. She says I don’t understand. He asks her to consult Lata or Pratima. Suhani says I will talk to Maa. He asks mine or yours. She says both or any. He smiles and says talk to Pratima tomorrow and hugs her.

Dadi asks Barbie to do as she told her, and not use her own mind. Barbie says I m doing your work, you should thank me. Dadi asks why to say thanks, you did mistakes, I told you not to argue with Menka, I mixed sleeping medicine in Suhani’s juice. Barbie says I did that intentionally, I made your plan successful. Barbie thinks I went to get the reports.

Pratima says I have to talk to Barbie… and is restless. Dadi says it was my plan, I told you to fill poisonous gas in the balloons. Barbie says I kept that balloon there. Dadi says so what, I made the plan. Barbie says fine, then make Rags and Menka do your plans, when you fail, you will know my value, I told you things to scare Suhani and dragged Suhani to store room, I made Yuvraaj reach storeroom. Dadi asks her to shut up. Barbie asks her not to talk this way with her. Pratima comes to their room.

Barbie talks to Dadi and says you played good drama yesterday, its was great, try in films. Dadi says I fooled Suhani that I accepted her. Barbie says yes, I also did acting well, I m sure everyone will agree for surrogacy. Dadi says yes, you did what you said, our plan succeeded, now on one can stop Suhani and Yuvraaj from getting separated. They hug. Pratima comes there and opens the door. Barbie and Dadi get shocked.

Pratima tells Suhani and Yuvraaj that Barbie is scared, and refused, she changed her decision, what can we do now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg what a biiiiiig dramaaaaaa….
    Dadi and barbie. Ooooof

  2. Evil never triumphs…. except in Indian Soaps……………..

  3. Very worst story line.i won’t watch this stupid story

  4. I hate that barbie, she is just a b***h. Please don’t seperate yuvani. Why is barbie doing this, does she like yuvraaj ?? I hope that this time dadi get punished.

  5. Muje laga tha barbie ko kuch pata hi nahi he but i am wrong bhagwan kare dadi , menka , rags , barbie truck ke neche aa gai god plz

  6. I knew it….another devil….lol

  7. now going track was very irritating. please end the track.don’t separate yuvi and suhani.pls make suhani to pregnant. this will turn point of dadi .pls end the track

  8. are you kidding me? Barbie and Dadi…ugh!!

  9. I knew it barbie is pretending she is two face just like evil old hag dadi

  10. Please end this track

  11. The serial is losing its charm and becaming more evilish. Couldnt tolerate any more

  12. Omg. Didn’t imagine Berbie to join with dadi in their evils…am sure dadi wants yuvraj to separate from suhani so that he can force yuvraaj to be with Bernie coz she’s beautiful n conceive…I just hope all that doesn’t happen n dadi’s evils to b exposed

  13. Rubbish story line…wake up Pratima…yuvraj…make suhani pregnant or change the story..why does Rags and Mehanka get away..their husbands stupid wake up…writters…rating going down.

  14. Is dadi’s fate sooo good that despite of whatever evil she does she just escapes it with ease & is encouraged to take a higher worsen step next time or the Birla family members r cowards………..
    I think Snoopy is the only one who should &can react. ……..

  15. I agree usha. Wake up everyone. Hope pratima heard a bit of dadi’s convo. Why don’t rags and menka do their eavesdropping like these used to for dadi. I’m sure they find out Barbie and dadi are together. If you don’t want TRP to go down, change storyline writers, make Suhani pregnant. What’s wrong with Krishna as well?

  16. okay, going to stop watch. Just read until something is worth watching. Like Suhani wakes up and smell the stink fish that is Dadi.

  17. sorry, need to add to the above after fully reading up. The educated people in this show has been given the task of acting the dumbest. Somu being outwitted by Krishna’s uneducated mother and sister…according to the show Somu is well is Suhani, Yuvraaj and yet the roles they portray are more like country bumpkins who never went to school and living in the 18th century. Krishna doesn’t deserve Somu, don’t even know why she just doesn’t leave that family and be a 21st century women, independent…as it is, she is the one earning for them.

  18. It is rubbish I am not watching it anymore

  19. I totally agree with Sharmi. Can’t watch the evil Dadi anymore. In my view, if the writers do not change or end this episode, I doubt if sensible people will continue to watch it. It is utter nonsense. Hope future episodes are better than this one! Because of the stupidity on the part of the producers and writers of Mere Angne Mein, I have stopped watching it.

  20. hope Pratima hear something, and not reveal anything to anyone and also do something to spoil Dadi’s plan otherwise she should send yuvani for some Romantic trip for few days

  21. It is not only this series – every other series on Starplus is filled with negativity and evil being the winner. All the series are following the same trends. I stopped watching but come here to read to see if anything has changed for the better but realised it just gets worse.

  22. İnhaling poisonous gas effects lungs acutally but here some other got affected

  23. I’ve am not going to watch this serial anymore until they change the storyline, same old story about Dadi trying to separate Yuvraaj and Suhani. the writers need to have a new storyline.

    This dadi and Suhani storyline is getting old and stale with Yuvraaj always giving in to his Dadi.


  24. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    So the drs judus dadis tai all brilliant! really in india? Making a fool of countrys values n ngo n respect of sad nah????

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