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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj running to Soumya. Suhani sees him and says why is he running like this. He asks what is she doing. Soumya cries saying he is good in his life, and no one is with her. He says the family is with you. She says I m all alone and tries to jump. He says I m with you and holds her hand to get her down. Suhani comes and sees them holding hands. Soumya cries gaining more sympathy from Yuvraaj. He turns and sees Suhani watching them. Soumya leaves. Suhani asks what happened Yuvraaj. He says Soumya is feeling disturbed, after what happened in her life.

She asks why did she not tell me. He says I don’t know that, I just know she would have jumped if I did not come. She is shocked and says I will talk to her. He stops her and asks her to talk later. He leaves.

She thinks Yuvraaj spoke to her, why can’t I, if she can share pain with him, why can’t she talk to me. She passes by Soumya’s room and sees Soumya smiling. She recalls Yuvraaj’s words and says he said she is very upset, she looks very happy. She comes to Soumya and asks is she fine.

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Soumya says yes, I m very fine, I m feeling good as there is no tension in life, I stood on the railing to celebrate it, and Yuvraaj stopped me, saying he won’t talk to me if I don’t get down. Suhani leaves. Dadi comes to Soumya and they smile. Soumya asks what is she asks Yuvraaj, I feel she is doubting on him. Dadi says if she did not ask you, why will she ask him, she has fear in her heart. Soumya asks what fear. Dadi says that Yuvraaj can get a better life partner, he went with you on valentines, and gave you gift, and now this terrace matter, this will bring doubt in her, she knows you are better than her. Soumya smiles.

Murali asks Lalita about asking for car which is dowry. Lalita argues. Krishna comes from office. Murali asks will he meet the girl. Rakhi and Lalita say he will go, and ask him. Suhani writes on her laptop that she has seen Yuvraaj caring for her, but there is something which she does not know, else two people will not say different things for one. Yuvraaj said Soumya is sad and Soumya said she is happy, it means one of them is lying, Yuvraaj does not lie, and Soumya does not have reason to lie.

She gets a call from Lata and talks to her, asking how is she and dad. Lata asks why is she worried. Suhani calms down and says you did not call me. Lata says your dad got promoted and his work increased, so we got busy. Suhani gets happy. Lata asks her to stay truly is she fine. Suhani says yes, and asks how to find out is anyone lying to me. Lata asks who is lying. Suhani says I will tell later, I just have doubt. Lata says doubt brings drift in relation, and doubt should be cleared. She asks did anything happen between you and Yuvraaj.

Suhani says no, we are happy and says he took me to farmhouse on valentines, and he takes care of me. She ends the call and writes that mum is right, she won’t let doubt ruin her relation. She smiles and Yuvraaj comes to the room. He asks why did she not sleep. She says she was waiting for him. He asks why, will I sing any lullaby for you. She says no, your face is like lullaby, I feel sleepy seeing your face. He says you have problem with my face now. She says not problem, its love. Saawre……….plays………….

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She thinks she is not able to understand, she will talk to him tomorrow. Suhani works in kitchen and her hand burns. Yuvraaj comes and cares for her. He asks whats happening, she got hurt even yesterday, it means she is not working with her focus. He applies the ointment and asks what is she planning that she got her hand burnt. She says I met Soumya. He says I know, as you don’t listen to me. Soumya comes and gets angry seeing them.

Suhani says Soumya told me…… Soumya interrupts and asks when to leave for exhibition. Yuvraaj says I forgot. Suhani asks what exhibition and how did you plan suddenly. He says it will be good for Soumya, we did not go out since long, get ready. She says you did not ask me. He says why, should I take your appointment and leaves. Lata gives tiffin to Pankaj, and says she met Suhani long time ago. He says I asked you and you said it does not look good to go often, we will go after some days. He leaves. Lata recalls Soumya controlling the house.

Dadi and Rags praise Soumya and taunt Menka. Menka says about stealing the box. Dadi scolds her. Soumya says I will go, Yuvraaj will be waiting. Dadi says I will also come to see him. They leave. Menka tells Rags that the day when Soumya becomes bahu, Dadi will make her fav and they will make her fun. Rags says no one can be Dadi’s fav except me. Menka laughs and asks her to see the truth.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani why did she not change, won’t she come. He asks is it paining a lot. She says somewhat, but you and Soumya made the plan. He says no, I met her and the plan was made, if you want to come, change soon, I m waiting.

Krishna waits for the girl and tells Lalita that he will leave if the girl does not come here. He sees Soumya crying and hugging Yuvraaj. He is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i think story is just being dragged ….. fine… hope everything will end up nicely … bt yeah after a loooong time

  2. Yuvraj how can u also became soooo dumb like Suhani how can u believe Soumya blinbly by knowing she is after u earlier & cant u realise after the gift matter & today u r saying 2 her that I’m with u don’t u have brain stupid

    Rags later u will regret lot 4 what u doing dadi aur soumya milkar menka jaise tumko bhi bewakuf bannegi wait & see……………

    1. suhani is not dumb! thers difference in being dumb and being innocent! and yuvraj.. he never loved suhani so its natural he isnt so close to her

  3. yeah rags is soon going to pay for this……maza toh tab ayega..

  4. yuvraj clearly wants to be with soumya…coz no one could be that naive ….take my advise ..just tell suhani the truth…..and she’ll be out of your hair in no time…
    PS suhani deserve to be with some who loves and appreciates her…!!
    and you deserve that golddigger soumya. indeed.

  5. Fullllly foul episode…

  6. Oh suhani u throw d watch vch was giftd by yuvraj throw it infront of yuvraj he want to get upset;->

  7. Please make Yuvraj realise Soumya’s intensions. Let him take some solid action to end this witch manipulating him. Yuvraj should realise how this is affecting his relationship with Suhani and do something about this. He should have a reality check

  8. plz update who are writing the stories on ssel on forum

  9. Pathetic serial poor audience !!!

  10. yuvraj can never take any solid actionnnn…..if he had so much brain or confidencee he would have told suhani wats the truthhh…. sab ke sab chupaya hai sacch hai koo..pata nahi sacch jankar suhani kese react karegiii…innocent logo ke saath hamesha yesi hi hota hai…and yuvraj cannot see wats rite and wrong ….not fitt to beloved by suhaniii …..

  11. The complete secret of yuvraj and soumya wil be revealed by the great sharad!!!
    now it’s time to c how suhani is reacting after dis!!!

  12. Why do you drag this serial? ??? You ( the producers) cannot show the true acting of these actors!!!! BACK TO BEING BORING AS ALWAYS!!!!!!

  13. All I can’s over the top drama with Soumya. If I ever had a friend like that, I would never want to see her face again! I hate it when they change back to be good and all their wickedness is forgotten

  14. She ain’t dumb
    Use correct terminologies
    She’s just naive

  15. Um fed up dis onli dragging story wastge of tym as well plz track p law serial ko let suhani knw bou ol let yuvraj realise bou his feelings…

  16. this ts the biggest worst worsttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt serial ever seen

  17. Everyone should stop watching like I did. Just read the updates and when they finally get it right then watch it again.

  18. yaa vry true ….agreed with Ashley

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