Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sambhav paying the man and buying the snake. He asks the man never to tell anyone. He takes the snake home. Krishna looks for the rice. Sambhav comes there as Kunjunmaa. Saiyyam comes and asks Krishna what happened. He sees she is making rice kheer. He asks do you want rice. He sees the box and shows her. Sambhav signs I will help. Saiyyam says no thanks, I will help Krishna. She says its okay, I will manage. She tries to jump and take the box. Saiyyam lifts her and asks her to take the rice box. She gets the box. He puts her down. She starts preparing kheer. He wishes her good luck and goes.

Sambhav smiles seeing the snake in the basket. Sharad and Suhani meet a mask maker. The man says we make simple face mask, what you are saying is complicated mask. Suhani

shows Sambhav’s pic. He says I did not see him. Suhani says I don’t think Sambhav came here, maybe he went some shop who does not know Birla family. Sharad says I have an
idea, come with me.

Dadi, Yuvani and Krishna cook food. Sambhav tells Baby that Dadi is asked to cut onions, so that when she opens that bag, she does not see the snake. Bhavna asks Kunjumaa to come and help her. Baby says I will manage here. Dadi scolds Baby for not doing any work. Dadi cries and cuts onions. Baby thinks Dadi put the hand in bag to get vegs, see how the snake bites you. She smiles and goes. The snake goes out of the bag.

Sharad and Suhani come home. Yuvani says I have made the juice. Sharad takes some vase angrily and says if Sambhav cares for his son, he will see Saiyyam injured and come out. Sambhav hears them. Suhani says I don’t want Saiyyam to see his father’s truth like this, Saiyyam hates me, he will think I m playing game, let him find out who is wrong, his father is wrong. Yuvaan says I will have kheer today. Baby sees Dadi alive. She checks the bag and sees snake gone. Sambhav comes and gets shocked seeing Dadi alive. Baby signs Sambahv. Dadi asks Baby to come with her. Sambhav looks for the snake. Yuvaan says the food smells tasty. Bhavna says we all cooked food today. Sharad asks him to have food. Saiyyam says I don’t want anything. Sambhav rushes back to kitchen.

He sees the milk marks on the slabs. He realizes the snake has drunk the milk. Saiyyam says I want just kheer, Krishna pass the kheer. Sambhav says kheer is made by milk and snake has drunk milk. Yuvaan says food is tasty. Saiyyam asks for kheer. Bhavna says try other dishes also. Saiyyam says I don’t want to eat anything else, thanks. Sharad says leave it, his wife made kheer for him. Krishna takes kheer for Saiyyam. Sambhav worried. Saiyyam’s dog barks. Saiyyam goes to the dog. Sambhav pushes Krishna and makes the kheer fall. The dog eats the kheer. Dadi asks Saiyyam to take his dog outside.

The dog falls after eating the kheer. They all get shocked. Saiyyam checks the dog. Sharad says take the dog to hospital fast. Saiyyam takes the dog. Sharad goes with him. Bhavna says how did dog faint, what was in kheer. Krishna says don’t know. Suhani asks Baby if she knows. Baby says you will blame me for this, ask anyone else. Suhani says its no use talking to you.

Sharad calls Bhavna. She gets shocked. She tells everyone that kheer had poison. They get shocked. She says doctor is trying to treat the dog and remove poison. Krishna says I didn’t know of it. Baby says I did not do anything. Dadi asks Baby to stop it. Bhavna asks kunjumaa does she know of it, did she add anything in it by mistake, I remember you went storeroom to find sugar. Baby says what are you saying. Sambhav acts to cry and leaves. Baby goes to stop him. Sambhav acts to hurt himself. Bhavna stops him. Suhani sees his hands. Bhavna apologizes to Kunjumaa. Suhani sees wound mark on his hand.

Suhani goes to room. Bhavna comes and says the dog is fine, they are getting him home. Suhani says Sambhav killed snoopi, even Sambhav did this. Bhavna says he is not here, we were in kitchen. She says I did not tell you, Sambhav burnt my hand by iron once, I did not tell you before. Bhavna says I know it was tough for you. Yuvraaj sees them. Suhani says I have seen a mark on kunjumaa’s hand, even Sambhav had same mark, my doubt can be right, I have to clear it.

Sambhav tells Suhani that I will kill Yuvraaj. She asks him to come infront of her if he has courage, than threatening her on phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I wish this gets over with…just dragging like other shows

  2. luved KRIYYAM Scenes

    1. So do I love Krishna and saiyyam, they are the best in this show.
      The rest I find irritating.

      For me it felted like a whole year, went by. This last couple days, was boring.
      If they want to show boring suhani and yuvraj. Because I know some people love them. Fine!
      Put some of KRIYYAM scene, so I won’t get bored.

  3. today starting episode best krishna saiyam jodi superv

  4. krishna saiyam to bahut kam dikhai dete hain main to kriyam ko dekhne ke liye hi show dekhti hoon

  5. oh suhani, u r mistaken saiyyam just loves u so much. i think saiyyam will misunderstand krishna for poison matter n he wil do somethng…

  6. sarita sharma

    interesting precap I mis
    s yuvaani alot

  7. #KriyYam…that was cute,,,,,,,,Sayyam accepted Krishna as his only family,,,,,,,sad he was nt able to have the kheer made by his wife
    Bt Baby is Sayyam’s childhood frnd,,,,how come he didn’t ask anythng abt this new relatv-Kunjumma,,,,,
    Now what’s the need of planning and plotting,,,,,Sambav came to knw evrythng,,,,,Just pull off Kunjumma’s veil and beat him red n blue so that he will free Yuvraj,,,,no more flop plans plz……
    Baby was going to kill Dadi,,,,,I thought she z lyk Menka,,,,bt noo….she is more eviiiiilllll

  8. Mystery

    Wow I m so happy as they show KRIYYAM scene…but I guess now saiyyam will scold Krishna for what happen to tiger….but yah…today he smiles a little seeing Krishna ….I just love it….

  9. Really I miss old snoopy, old birla house, nok jok of menka anuj, sharad ka masti… Double meaning baatein….. Now it is really boring….. I miss soumya also… Soumya ka jealous when yuvAni r together…. Old ssel can never b back…… Old is gold…

    Atleast bring snoopy instead of tiger…. Tiger is boring…. Snoopy acting must b up to point

    1. Love u yuvani

  10. Really I miss old snoopy, old birla house, nok jok of menka anuj, sharad ka masti… Double meaning baatein….. Now it is really boring….. I miss soumya also… Soumya ka jealous when yuvAni r together…. Old ssel can never b back…… Old is gold…
    Atleast bring snoopy…. Snoopy acting must b up to point

    Atleast bring snoopy instead of tiger…. Tiger is boring…. Snoopy acting must b up to point

  11. you are right soumya

  12. i agree with you soumya

  13. Love you saiyyam

    Guys plz ask starplus to change the behavior of suhani no mother will be rude and leave a child in an orphanage I want her to cry buckets of tears for leaving saiyyam in an orphanage
    Otherwise most of the fans are going to hate suhani and even today she didn’t bother when sharad want to hit saiyyam all she didn’t even got angry on sharad I want this woman to suffer
    I’m not on Twitter so plz tweet on behalf of me

    1. Suhani, is a bad mother. there is Nothing anyone can do about.
      Look what she did to Krishna, which by the way, that I am happy about.
      She threw her under a Bus.
      All suhani care about is yuvraj. Yuvraj is the only way to hurt suhani.
      I don’t care if yuvraj stay in that store room. He deserves it!
      I am just glad that there were Krishna and saiyyam scene.
      Some people called suhani is stupid, suhani is stupid, but only for yuvraj.
      But for me, suhani is cunning, like dadi. If she wants something, she well find away to get it.

    2. Suhani was a good mother until the 2nd leap,,,,in other serials,cvs makes characters other than main lead negative/cunning to glorify the main lead,,,,bt here it’s all opposite,,,,,guess cvs has some problem with Rajashri,,,,,,they are not giving importance to Suhani-Sayyam relationship track to make her the worst mother

      1. I agree, but what can anyone do.
        I am just going enjoy saiyyam and Krishna scene.

        Suhani started to irritate me. I don’t blame the actor’s.
        But I know some people are like that, in real life. I hate people that dramatized situation.
        Anyway take care.

  14. Why are the writers repeating stories? Do they not know other stories? Either end this track and bring out entire truth to all children and saiyyam or end serial, why the dragging? Every time suhani says kids shouldn’t know anything. Why?

    1. Because, suhani doesn’t want them to know, that she is actually evil.

      1. hehe Shanthi _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

    2. you know,,,it’s not a simple truth,,,,if they want to reveal the full truth they should start from Barbie onwards,,,half truth means from Sambav onwards…….still it’s all abt rape,murder,tortures e.t.c……it will be difficult

  15. How does saiyyam not know that his dad’s alive? I thought saiyyam knew everything about baby and her relatives etc. Why not showing suhani sensing yuvraj in the room?

    1. Haha rite,,,,,Suhani sensing Yuvi is a good idea

  16. Saiyyam andrishna ?

  17. Saiyyam and krishna ?

  18. parent ki punishment baccho ko milti h krishna saiyam ke saath wahi ho rha h yuvraj suhani ne accha kiya isliye unke bacche kush h krishna ke liye bekar lagta h lekin saiyam deserve karta h young generation m mera favourite tha lekin usne apni nafrat m krishna ko laya jabse i hate him saiyam khta h ki wo woman ki respect karta h suhani krishna baby ke saath uske behave ko dekhkar lagta nhi or rhi suhani ke yuvraj ko support kárné ki to yuvraj deserve karta h suhani ka love or support jis din saiyam apni harkate chod dega suhani use v support karegi

    1. U r absolutely rite…. Saiyaam me bahut baar yuvraj ko Marne ki koshish ki…. Suhani ko blackmail ki… Krishna SE jabardasthi shadi ki…. Suhani is not worst mother…. Situation made her like this….

      1. Yes exactly my love for yuvani never Dec..Love them

  19. hey friend ssel fan i agree with you

  20. thank u somi na suhani worst mother h na hi selfish suhani ko pahle sambhav ne blackmail kiya ab saiyam ne to worst to saiyam hua baise maa se itna pyar krta h pár má ko blackmail karte time ek bára v nhi socha yuvraj ki jaan lene se pahle ek baar v nhi socha agar itna karne par v saiyam good son h to suhani ko bad mother hi rahne do aage ke episode m suhani saiyam ko forgive kar degi bcs suhani great h par m kabhi na karoo aise pyar karne wale door hi rahe to accha h or rahe baat suhani ne yuvraj ke liye krishna ki life spoil kar di to ye v galat h bcs krishna saiyam ka divorce ho sakta tha but yuvraj ki jaan wapas nhi aati agar krishna ko pta hota to krishna v yahi karti suhani ne to fir v shadi ko rokne ki kosis ki but saari duniya hi uski dushman h

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