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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rags refusing to come in puja. Saurabh asks Yuvraaj to stop Rags. Pratima says we will start puja. Yuvraaj goes to Suhani and asks her to wake up, else they won’t know truth, doctors said you are fine and you should have will to get up. The puja starts. Menka thinks did Rags go to spa alone. Rags writes a note, and says now Yuvraaj will apologize to me. She leaves. Dadi sees the diary and does not get any info. She traces on the diary and reads something.

Rags gets a rope and looks at the fan. Menka asks Soumya to tell Pratima that she is going to washroom. Rags makes a knot and says everyone is doing jaap for you, when world knows what you did with me, then answer them. She checks the note and goes. Dadi comes there and says why does Rags not die for real and

gets another rope.

Menka gets the note and reads it. Rags goes back to storeroom and says now I will do fake acting of my suicide, I have to see guilt on Yuvraaj’s face, he can’t do anything with me. the puja goes on. Yuvraaj sees Suhani’s heartbeat getting normal and goes to call doctor. Menka runs to everyone and shouts. Saurabh asks her why is she disturbing. Menka says Rags is committing suicide. They all get shocked.

Yuvraaj says this is not time to joke. Menka asks him to read the letter. Yuvraaj reads Rag’s suicide note that her family does not trust her, so its better she dies, no one will miss her, but take my body from storeroom. they all rush to Rags. Rags hangs herself and really gets suffocated. Dadi hides and looks on. Everyone come there and hold Rags. Menka says Rags got saved because of me, else Yuvraaj would have sent you to Lord. Rags drinks water and is in shock.

Sharad tells Saurabh that doctor is coming. Rags cries. Yuvraaj apologizes to Rags. Sambhav thinks Dadi’s mahabharat is going wrong, where did Dadi go. Yuvraaj says I said all that in angry, I should have not said that. Suhani gets conscious. She holds her head and thinks what am I doing here in Birla house, what happened to me. She recalls she was following Dadi.

Saurabh says there was a time when we all misunderstood each other, now Yuvraaj is apologizing. Menka asks will we use his sorry if Rags died. Pratima asks Menka not to talk in between. Yuvraaj did wrong, Rags is part of family, I trust her, but Rags did not think of Saurabh before doing this. Soumya says thank God, Rags wrote in letter where was she and Menka got the letter, else what would have happened. Pratima says yes, thank God. Rags says sorry, I promise I won’t do this again. Yuvraaj also promises to control his anger. Sambhav thinks all the fight ended, this plan flopped. Suhani goes to the same place and sees the handpump. She uses the handpump and hears some sound. She turns and sees the rock door opening. Pratima says we are family and everyone believes and supports each other in good and bad time. Yuvraaj apologizes to Rags.

Rags says I will try to forget this, you blamed me to try to murder Suhani. Saurabh says don’t worry, Rags will forget. Bhavna says we left jaap, we will go and see Suhani once. Dadi comes and asks whats happening, Suhani is not in her room. Yuvraaj asks where will she go. They all rush. Sambhav asks Dadi where is Suhani. Dadi says I really don’t know. She thinks where did Suhani go. and calls someone. Suhani says it means this handpump is lock of this secret way, where does this way go. Suhani gets inside the dark place and sees a rope and fallen chair. She says it means, someone was tied and kept here. She asks is anyone here. A goon catches real Dadi. Suhani says maybe I m mistaken, there is no one here. Real Dadi struggles and makes a sound. Suhani goes to see again.

Real Dadi says Suhani did not lose till now, if she gets doubt, she will not leave now, she writes her own fate and changes other’s fate. Fake Dadi says this time Suhani will lose, as she is facing me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ruksy

    Finally suhani is up.

  2. Little better episode guys.expecting dus fake dadi track may end soon.

  3. Writers kya dikha rahe hai,koi cooma se uthkar seedhe jasusi karne kaise ja sakta hai.kaha uske theek hone ke liye pooja ho rahi hai kaha wo jangal mein ghoom ghoom kar jasusi kar rahi hai…….kuchh to sense dikhaye……..mazak bana rakha hai….

  4. Ithna sab kuch hua wo dadi ab thak suhani ke baare mein bhura hi sochthi hai.Jee kartha hai dono dadi ek doosare ko maar do.

  5. I think suhani will find her or she will show yuvraj the place where she get attack n lead him inside where they both find dadi

  6. what is the use bringing real dadi, she is worst that fake dadi, fake dadi troubling her sister family. But real dadi trouble her own family.

  7. Ek musibat khtm ho jati he toh dushri. Birla pariwar kabhi khus nhi reh sakti kya???

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