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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj messaging Suhani and apologizing for not meeting her. He thanks her for helping Yuvani. She thanks him for helping Yuvaan. She writes abbreviations and he recalls Suhani. They smile. He writes looking forward to thank you in personal. She writes even I want to meet you. Soumya sees Krishna sad. Krishna asks why does everyone not love me. Soumya says everyone love you. Krishna says I m not important and special, Dadi loves Yuvani. Soumya sees the stars and says there is someone who loves you a lot, see that star, the one shining the most, that star loves you the most in the world.

Krishna asks who is that star. Soumya says that star name is Krishna, I named you on that star’s name. Krishna says really, I love you star Krishna. Soumya hugs Krishna and cries.


goes to Yuvaan. Yuvaan is sleeping. Sambhav tries to scare him. Yuvaan asks him to try new trick. Sambhav says I know Suhani won’t come here. Yuvaan shouts mumma. Suhani hears him and goes to him. Sambhav hides and Yuvaan laughs. Sharad and Bhavna come there and asks Sambhav why is he here at this time. Suhani asks the same. Yuvaan says he came to scare me, I scared him. Sambhav jokes. He says I got location pics, check that. Suhani says you came at this time just for pics. He asks why did you go to hall at this time. She says I went to have water. He asks what about the water kept there.

Bhavna asks him to give pics. Sambhav gives the pics. Suhani says I will see pics later. Sambhav asks Yuvaan to rock the camp, and be away from girls, they will come after you. He goes. Yuvaan laughs. Suhani smiles seeing Yuvaan.

Yuvraaj and Yuvani come home. Soumya hugs Yuvani and asks about her trip. Yuvani says it was good and hugs Dadi. Dadi tells Yuvani that Krishna has torn her birthday dress and gives her new dress. Krishna tells the same to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says its fine, Krishna said sorry. Yuvani says I won’t talk to Krishna and goes. Bhavna talks to Golu. She scolds him and scares of some ghosts. Suhani smiles.

Soumya asks did Yuvani really get lost, maids can’t be trusted, I will come with you next time. He says yes. She asks him to thank the lady. He says sure, we have another problem now. She says yes, formulae number 231. He asks why formulae always. She says its exciting for kids.

Suhani tells Bhavna that she does not want to meet anyone. Bhavna says Golu is saying about Yuvaan, maybe he will get his sibling. Suhani says you know that child is not in this world. Bhavna says yes. Suhani hugs Bhavna.

Yuvraaj asks Krishna to come with him. Soumya says Krishna is going. Yuvani asks where. Yuvraaj says boarding school. Yuvaani asks why. Soumya says Krishna torn your dress. Yuvraaj says this is her punishment. Yuvani says but Krishna said sorry. Krishna says sorry. Yuvani says if I talk to Krishna, you won’t send Krishna to boarding right. She hugs Krishna and asks her to take all her dress. She asks Yuvraaj not to take Krishna to boarding. Yuvraaj says fine, if you say so. They smile. Suhani asks Yuvaan to stand straight, and checks his height. He says its fine, Sachin’s height is also short. She says yes and smiles.

Menka makes baby sleep and asks servant Meena not to have kids, she will be happy. Meena says babies just trouble for a year, they are blessing. Menka says Dadi loves just Yuvraaj. Meena says Soumya is not Yuvraaj’s wife, she is someone’s widow, I know this. Meena provokes Menka against Soumya.

Dadi asks Yuvani not to play outside in sunlight. Yuvani hugs Krishna. Dadi says kids can get ill, why did they keep summer camp. Meena asks Soumya why did she not send Krishna, she is so fair, do you love her a lot and can’t stay without her. Soumya says Yuvani went in summer camp, as she is selected from school, if I could, I would have not sent both my daughters. Yuvraaj and Yuvani are at temple. Yuvraaj asks Yuvani to come fast. Yuvani says I have to tie thread for Krishna, she is my sister, I don’t need any brother because of her presence, I will tie this thread to Krishna now. He says no need, come. The thread falls there. They leave, and Suhani comes there with Yuvaan.

Yuvraaj messages Suhani, we are talking since long and did not know our names, let me introduce myself, I m Yuvraaj Birla, and you are?? Suhani read message.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Plz reunite Yuvraj and Suhani both bcoz we r fed up of this. Also punish dadi, bcoz we all hate these type of women. Soumya have to go from Birla house and Suhani have to come there. Dadi makes Suhani’s daughter evil just like her. Give Yuvani to her real mother for stop spoiling more.

  2. Really felt bad for little krishna..poor girl,,wats her mistake…,,where is soumya’s mom and many characters are missing after leap..also this new maid is really disgusting…wer is Ramesh…they alwys said that Ramesh is lyk a family member

    1. jab suhani kp ghar se nikal saktha. hai tho ramesh kya cheese ho.

      1. well..that’s also true..

  3. It’s strange that Yuvraj didn’t call Suhani to thank her..instead he messaged…whatever,,,,nw Yuvraj introduced himself to her…waat will happen next!!!!! may be Suhani will misunderstand him coz she dnt knw dat Yuvani is her daughter …else she won’t read the msg somehw

  4. So suhani yuvraj innoru marriage pannikittaanga avangalukku porantha child nu ninachu yuvraj kkitta pessamaattaanganu ninaikkren inime dadi unmaya sonna ah thaan

  5. Yeppo yuvrajum suhaniyum seruvaanganu na wait pannittu irukken aana edpisode pora pokka paaththa ah kandippa ah ippothaikku athu nadakkaathu polarukku ini Director thaan sollanum suhaniyum yuvrajum yeppavo meet pannirukkalaam venumne ilukkuraanga serial la

  6. It would be better If yuvraj marry soumya. Yuvhani won’t expect suhani or her brother yuvhaan. Yuvhani life well completely changed, and she won’t like it. Yuvhaan won’t like it either, because he come to know what his mother went though. Yuvhaan well see that his mother well be come weak if suhani get back together with yuvraj. Believe me yuvraj well know how to bring down suhani. What about poor krishna, this is the family that she grows up with, she doesn’t know anyone else. It not just that the story line well become boring if yuvraj and suhani get back together. The writers won’t able to think anything else. Everything well go back to dadi is up to something again.

  7. Is it ssel or yhm. I felt same thread when sambhav came in plot. Anyway join suhani and yuvi

  8. aas ramya said….dadi when she ill opn the truth comeout about suhani…. till they seprates oly.. …
    atleast yuvraj and suhani ah meet pana edhana situatiin create panunga . ipokuda suhani tan yuvraj nu 1st therinjikita… yuvraj ku theriyala avan wife suhani nu…. enavo pa… letss coming frwd episode may be intresting of us…

  9. coming episodesss we have more more enjoyments of.. sambhav..

  10. poor krishna …. once she knws about her father was a smuggler…. she felts what’s on her mind…
    and pls yuvani make is a +ve girl lyks her mother suhani… …

  11. People get confused after seeing yuvani and kisna that Ssel takes 10 years leap because they don’t look like 5 years old at all even yuvan and yuvani does not looks like twins I like yuvan and golu they are really cute

  12. I am not against sowmya but as she is between suhani and yuvaraj i dont like her please unite them fast

  13. Its time to put Dadi to the plate…. Woman like this think they are UNTOUCHABLE they go on living through society and ruin life for innocent woman and children. Not a good message to send out

  14. obviously suhani won’t read the message some1 will distract her and she forgets.thats wat happens in all the serials that cannot create something new

  15. Please Suhani when Yuvraj tells you in message that he is Yuvraj Birla, please tell him the truth that you are Suhani 🙂

  16. this daadi will never change……..she needs to be exposed b4 everyone…………….want 2 see suhani & yuvraj together,but we know this part is not going to come so easily & so fast……. how could soumya betray suhani,why is she with yuvraj if they aren’t married & when she still loves krishna? feel so bad for yuvaan when yuvani insults him time and again…………

  17. I wonder what will happen next!?

  18. This is what I am talking about, the abuse that yuvani well put her brother though would be massive. Think about it, would you want a sister like that. A sister like that who would wants enemy. Yes it is dadi doing, but it also Yuvraj fault as well, he could have said to dadi, she is my daughter and I don’t want her to be like that. But as always yes dadi as you wish dadi. Yuvraj loves dadi so much, that he don’t give the same respect to his own mother. Suhani won’t able to fix yuvani, the girl is damaged. In life you have do risk assessment, even with your own child. Suhani has to think is it worth it going back to yuvraj, and suhani has do this in the best interest of yuvaan( her son). Even if it means divorcing his dad.

  19. Yes, this is what I am talking about, the abuse that yuvani well put her brother though would be massive. It is dadi fault, but it also yuvraj fault as well. He could have told Dadi, No she is my daughter, I well decided what is best for her. But no, yuvraj just said yes dadi as you wish dadi. Suhani won’t able to fix yuvani, because she is spoilt and damaged.. in life you have to do risk assessment. Suhani have to think in the best interest of yuvaan, he well have to come first even if it means divorcing his dad. This is the reason why I said soumya and yuvraj should stay together. Krishna can cope with all the abuse that she is getting from dadi and yuvani.

  20. afrr sees yuvraj msg … she didnt rply him….
    then yuvraj thinking abt her y she didnt rply fr my msg……

  21. How rude and disgusting that Yuvraj does’t stop to thank the family of Yuvan..listens to his rude dtr and walks away..selfish.Texting to thank someone is hight of ill manners.Why is Suhani thanking him? Soumya for sake of luxury life you are not fair to your this what Krishna wanted.Soumya Yuvraj is blinded by his Dadi .Soumya why do u need them??Your dtr will always be treated 2nd u want that.A young woman can do alot in this day and age. why can’t you?U had one true friend and u stole her husband.Yuvraj what have you given to with her best friend..still angry that Sugani left her dtr..why..compared to all that Dadi did you are respecting her and still following her orders just like Pratima..i am disapointed in one got any brains.Writers make Birlas suffer only than they will realise Suhani and Sharad worth.Make Yuvraj pay for his anger.Love is not plain sailing but in order to last there should be total trust and understanding regardless of any situations and any other person.

  22. if Suhani and Yuvraj unite. Then what will happen to Saumya and krishna??? Saumya raise Yuvani and devote her time to the family.. krishna think that this is her family and Yuvraj her dad… Saumya has live with Yuvraj for six years and Suhani for only two years..

  23. Where are somyas inlawas… Bring suhans back

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