Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj asking Suhani to get the hatred out. Suhani says my dad also taught me to be strong and tells what happened in her childhood and how he has always supported her, and boosted her esteem. She says when she go cheated by bad, everything broke and shattered. He explains her and says you have chance to rectify your mistake, which I lost, if relation hurts, it does not mean you break them. She cries and he hugs her. He moves away and turns. She looks at him. Saware………..plays……..

Its morning, Sharad asks Yuvraaj what did he do. Yuvraaj says he has some work, he will not do anything today. Sharad says fine, you end the work, if Dadi and Soumya see you, they will catch you. Yuvraaj leaves. The man brings card samples for checking. Menka says great. Sharad

sees the card and laughs. Menka asks whats written. She reads Yuvraaj weds Suhani and laughs. Soumya comes there and Menka taunts her and shows the card.

Soumya gets angry. Dadi asks what happened. Soumya says it has Suhani’s name and shows her. Dadi asks who did this. Sharad asks Saurabh. Saurabh signs no. Dadi asks who dared to joke like this. She scolds the man. He says its not my mistake, I was given chit and it had Suhani. Dadi asks him to change, as its wrong. Dadi asks who did this. Pratima defends Sharad. Rags says maybe its mistake, we don’t have proof, we can’t blame anyone. Rags smiles.

Suhani thinks to call dad. Pankaj gets restless and takes a call saying hello Suhani. Bhavna says its me Bhavna, you just care for her. He says no. She says I was joking, happy birthday, were you waiting for her call. He says yes. She says she will call, maybe she is planning surprise and ends call as Amit calls her. He says maybe our Suhani did not forget us Lata. Suhani thinks to talk to Yuvraaj. Lata calls her and Suhani says I was thinking to wish dad. Lata says I do not need to understand, I did not call to talk about your dad, but about you, can we meet. Suhani says I will come home. Lata says not at home, I don’t want to trouble your dad, we will meet outside. Suhani asks where.

She comes to a hotel and the waiter says private room is booked for her and sends her. Yuvraaj locks the door and she asks the open. She sees the childhood pics and gets emotional. Pankaj comes to her and hugs her. She cries and Lata says they both forgot her. Suhani smiles and hugs her. Suhani sorts her differences with Pankaj and hugs him. Bhavna says thank God, if I give him my good news, he will not give sad smile. Yuvraaj stops her and says 5mins more. She nods.

Suhani asks him not to apologize, its my mistake to hold that thing and stay annoyed. She says she will not do this again. She cries and says she wants to say she loves him a lot. Pankaj hugs her. Bhavna says even after all this, you care for Suhani. He says like she cares for my family, this is nothing infront of it, its my duty to care for her happiness, I did this toi bring a smile on her face. Pankaj promises he will never lie to her again.

She says I will also get annoyed and hugs him. Yuvraaj sees the family group hug and leaves. Bhavna says this lie of dad, gave you such a good friend and a life partner. Lata says if lie gets such husband, then every girl will marry like this. Suhani thinks of the aftermath. Yuvraaj comes out and says I m lying so much, what if Soumya does not realize her mistake, what will I do, no lie has done good till now.

He gets Soumya’s call and does not take. She calls him again and asks where is he, why is he not taking call, and asks him to choose the mehendi designs, she has to tell designer today. She say she to buy some sarees. He says just shut up Soumya, I don’t want to hear anything, do whatever you want, don’t disturb me. She says its less time for marriage. He says we are not doing marriage first time, I told Dadi I want simple marriage. He ends the call and she wonders what happened to him, how can he talk to her such bad way.

Dadi asks Ramesh did he get her hair color. He says yes and gives her. Menka gets angry seeing her and is irked by Soumya and Yuvraaj’s marriage, as if she did not do anything for her till now. Dadi gets a friend’s call and comes to know her grandson is not well, fine I won’t force you to come, whats the need to do that, fine. Soumya says she will talk later, she has head ache and leaves.

Rags fills Dadi’s ears against her. Dadi says its good she went, and opens the door to receive a parcel. She says my friend Kavita has sent Paris package for Soumya and Yuvraaj. Saurabh says wow, Paris. Dadi says they should not know this. Sharad hears this.

Soumya talks to Yuvraaj and asks him to come for shopping. Suhani says she will come, and signs Yuvraaj to agree.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Not sure who they are trying to make understand, Somouya or Dadi….Dadi is too mean to understand anything..she is only looking at color of skin not heart…stupid!!! Other than that, this show has some plus points between Suhani and Yuvraaj

  2. itzz good bt dragging

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