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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima and everyone meeting Suhani. Lata says we will start haldi ritual now. Dadi happily applies mehendi to Suhani. Everyone apply haldi to Suhani. Menka and Rags joke on Suhani. Rags says haldi can’t change Suhani’s face, when Birla creams have failed, now Suhani has to invent a special cream. Dadi asks Rags how dare she talk to Suhani like this and raises hand to slap her. Rags gets shocked. Everyone look on.

Yuvraaj smiles seeing Suhani’s name tattooed on his hand. Sharad sayus its looking great. Anuj asks how did he bear this pain. Yuvraaj smiles and says he has thought Suhani will like this. Anuj sits to get tattoo. Sharad says Yuvraaj could bear pain thinking about Suhani, will Anuj think about Menka. Anuj says no, I don’t want tattoo, Menka

is mad. Sharad says its tough thing, come. Lata says Suhani did not feel bad, its fine. Suhani says haldi is for ritual, not for glowing face. Dadi says I did not know Rags will fall so low.

Rags comes home and fumes recalling her insult. She throws things and says Dadi changed after Yuvraaj accepted that junk, how could Dadi raise hand on me. Menka comes and looks on. Menka says yes, Dadi became saint from evil. Rags says I will not let this marriage happen, sometimes small needle does the work which sword can’t do. Pratima asks Yuvraaj to sit and get haldi applied. Yuvraaj refuses. Dadi says its shagun tika, just one. Yuvraaj says he has made tattoo to surprise Suhani. Pratima says its nice surprise. Yuvraaj goes to have bath. Dadi says we all should get ready, we have to leave for marriage.

A man comes and tells Pratima about booking in Park Royale, where Pratima gets confused and says Royal Park. The man says its traffic because of political procession, so leave from home soon. Rags hears everything and confuses Pratima more. She asks Pratima to inform Suhani’s family also. Pratima says fine and goes. Rags smiles and says whatever happens, I won’t let this marriage happen today. Suhani smiles seeing the ancestral necklace. Soumya comes and compliments her. She says I m glad seeing Dadi happy, I thought Dadi is responsible for bad mehendi, but Dadi scolded Rags, I think she really changed. Suhani says yes, Rags should also accept me and stop all this. Soumya says you will change her too.

Rags tells Menka that no one will reach right venue now. Yuvraaj gets ready and smiles. Pratima comes and hugs him. She says she is really happy for his new start and asks him to promise he will never hurt Suhani. He says ask her to promise, she tortures me more. Pankaj tells Suhani that Yuvraaj is really a nice guy, always solve misunderstandings, I m very happy. She smiles. Lata says we have to reach at venue, did you ask Pratima the address. Pankaj says you were supposed to ask. Bhavna says its not late, call now and ask. Pankaj says Dadi booked the hall by difficulty, we have to reach on time.

Lata calls Pratima and asks about the venue. Pratima gets confused and asks Rags to tell the address. Rags gives the wrong address to Pratima. Pratima tells the wrong address. Rags smiles and looks at Menka. Lata says Pratima said Royal Park now and I remember Park Royale as she told me before, she was confused and she forgets name. Pankaj says she gave full address. Suhani says if we have address, why to trouble them. Soumya teases her and they laugh. They all leave for the venue. Rags tells Dadi about Royal Park and misguides everyone. Yuvraaj and his family reach Royal Park Banquet Hall. The man asks why did they come so soon. Pratima says its my son’s wedding function. The man says but bride is taking pheras with someone else. Sharad asks did he go mad. Menka asks did Rohan come back, did Suhani marry Rohan. Anuj asks Menka to shut up.

Pratima asks Yuvraaj whose marriage is happening. They all go inside. Menka stops the marriage and says this marriage can’t happen. The pandit says its completing. Menka asks what did Suhani do. The bride asks what and shows the face. Menka says fair Suhani jiji, did haldi work. The bride says I m Preeti. Suhani says I m here and stands with her family. Sharad asks the manager to check the booking. The manager says its misunderstanding, the booking is by other name here. Dadi asks whats happening Pratima. Pratima asks Rags for receipt. Rags says she left the receipt at home. Menka asks will this marriage happen or not. Lata says place was Park Royale. Sharad says we can’t go now, it will be late. Rags smiles.

Rags tells Yuvraaj that last year so much happened, it will be bad to marry without mahurat. Dadi says they want a new mahurat. Rags smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  7. Dadi is a snake. From day one she is just pretending and instigating stupid Rags to do all her dirty work without anyone pointing a finger back at her…of well a leopard can’t change it color

  8. Rags is so evil now n don’t tell me dat suhani marry Rohan wat a flop

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