Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd November 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Part 1. The scene starts in the hall(sitting room) where rags says no dadi it was about me but krishna said a lot about u. Dadi wakesup and just than Souyma and the rest comes and she says what did krishna say about dadi. Yuvraj says sorry dadi krishna is a rotten(dirty) person. And tells souyma I am sorry but your krishna and souyma says no yuvraj u are right he is a dirty person. And now I wnt be quiet and how can he speak anyway with dadi. And dadi says no souyma and not to worry about such ppl and souyma says how can I stay quiet and I have to teach him a lesson. And dadi says teach him a lesson bt dnt speak make a decision and make such a decision to show he doesn’t have any rights on u and no r/ship. And we are all keeping quiet here coz

of the r/ship u have with him. And souyma says what r/ship now there is no r/ship btw me and him.(Yuvraj gives her look of wow my heroine is finally gona be free and than whilst dadi and her goons are smirking and looking at each another and than uff what a look btw the future lovers souyma and yuvraj burns my screen up- vomit. Suhani is also looking at her and than looks at sharad looking at souyma and than sees snake eyes looking at some1 and thinks that its sharad lol.)

Dadi finally says that once u take a decision do it with a calm mind and says ok and dadi and her goons leave and lover boy yuvraj gives her a last look and than he leaves and the rest of them as well. Only suhani is left and she starts thinking(hai ram this 1 shouldn’t think lol) and says to herself that now the decision is made souyma is never gona go back to krishna and so now why not sharad and souyma can be paired together. And than this way souyma would never leave the house and she will always be with me. (Bunch of lesbians I tell I have a lot of gfs that dnt mean I want those fools near me 24/7 really suhani just got shit for brains rofl).

Just than Bhavna phones(which part of the woods did this 1 come from lol) and suhani they greet each another and bhavna asks her what is she doing and can she go shopping. And she asks why is it important? And bhavna asks did she forget it and suhani asks what and to tell her what she needs to assist her with. And bhavna tells her its their parents anniversary and how can u forget it. And suhani says yes she forgot it and she will come shopping and bring souyma with her.

Part 2. Every 1 is having supper and suhani asks ramesh where is dadi and ma and he says that dadi is doing something in her room(I couldn’t understand what probably giving herself her injections shots again lol) and that maji wasn’t feeling well and so she was resting and she says that she will go and check and yuvraj said he will go to but ramesh tells them that she doesn’t want to be disturbed and she is sleeping. Just than Suhani sees her next victim sharad and tells him to come and eat as the food be4 the food gets cold. And he comes singing a songs and sits next to souyma. Anuj tells btw suhani bhabi I heard that some ppl love old and broken things and I also have some like that and looks at menka and they all start laughing. And menka says that she will hit him(and does). Shaurab says every1 keep quiet and eat and anuj says something (I couldn’t understand). Suhani than notices souyma and sharad(gona call them s and s) and sharad is helping her dish her food out(oh god like really now that girl cnt even dish out her own food). sharad starts talking about cricket and rohit sharma and how great he was and yuvraj does a little clap, saurab says he missed the game and anuj says he doesn’t like cricket better. And suhani continues looking at s and s and how happy they are together. And she starts talking to herself again and says sharad with souyma it even sounds the same and they look so good together and they like the same things. And souyma wnt get any1 better than sharad. And just let them get married and than sharad will become the house mama(I didn’t at all understand what she meant by that part) and souyma will always be with me. (Lesbians) and just than the lights go off and menka says oh god jiji what happens and grabs onto anuj and he tells her to let go and she says that she is scared. Suarab tells ramesh to get a touch. Suhani already went and got candles and is lighting them. And useless souyma says ouch her spoon and S asks her what happened and she tells him that she dropped her spoon and he helps her get it and she tells him thank u. Suhani is overjoyed watching them. And yuvraj says ramesh that u back and he tells them that every1 got no lites and saurab tells him to put on the generator and he tells him that it went for fixing and saurab asks how are they gona sleep, suhani says saurab why dnt we got outside and lite a fire and he says u mean a bonfire and she says yip english bonfire and hindi u say etc etc etc I didn’t understand. Souyma says we will play games and rags says good idea and she is ready and menka says what happened and than says she is also ready. And than saurab says that let’s go and rags says let’s call dadi as well( hope she melts at the bonfire lol). Dadi comes and says who is callling me and menka says rags. Dadi tells suhani get out of my way I want to go to the garden and she asks hw she knows they want to go outside and dadi says since there is no lights tonight and coz of their noise she knew she was up to something. And suhani says yes even my mom says something about her own mom. Suhani than says souyma and sharad can go outside and set up everything and she wil get ma. Saurab says thatrags and menka can start the fire since they experts at doing that lol. Suhani says hurry and do everything every1 wants to have fun.

They all go outside and 1 of them says its cold, saurab says thanks souyma for the bonfire and anuj says that suhani should be thanked as she has come to this house and than did brought her friend and suhani says sharad also helped and says souyma. And sharad says souyma helped him with everything. Dadi says to make the fire fast coz she is cold. Rags than comes up with a game for them to play and its about hindi movies and that she will make teams and suhani wants to be with her gf souyma and rags says no friends cnt be in teams and saurabs say she and menka cnt be in teams and yuvraj says that not fair. And rags says no obviously not and dadi says make the teams. She makes saurab, anuj and menka in 1 team and suhani, ramesh and sharad in 1 team(lol like obviously she was gona do that)

Part 3. Dadi says that they got their lovely sister lil. She puts herself and yuvraj and souyma in 1 team. Menka than says that rags didn’t put dadi in a team and dadi says she wnt play and that she is gona watch. And than tells souyma to come and suhani tells her to go and sharad grabs a hold of her hand andtells her to be her partner and souyma gives him a look lol. And sharad says he means that in cricket she was his partner and even whilst they where doing everything now she was his partner and now she should be his partner also. Dadi says why, what happiness would he get from her being his partner? Prats says let them be and they work well together. And dadi says listen Prat and prats starts coughing and she says she was just saying and the rest is up to them. Yuvraj says that u, souyma and rags are 1 team and he will join suhani. And asks ma is that ok? And she smiles. Menka starts the game and is useless at it. Sharad says she wnt be able to do it and to leave and he gives her another movie name jaane dushman and she tries again and hugs anuj for the 1st and they still cnt hget it. And than she points at dadi and than at suhani and yuvraj laughs coz he got it and says dushman and the other 2 get the 1st part lol. Suhani hits yuvraj for getting the 1st part lol and tells him that dadi isn’t her enemy and he says that no, bo they are best friends. Dadi tells prats to go inside and not be in the cold. Yuvraj than starts they get it they got maine pyarr kiya. They super cute and sharad s mocks them and yuvraj says no they got it wrong its maine pyarr kyu kiya and suhani says really? And he goes and sits next to her

Part 4. Yuvraj tells her she didn’t play to bad and she says she can play better and he tells her its ok its just a game. Sharad than jumps up and wants to playa and goes to them for a name and suhani says a romantic name and yuvraj says oh please and tells her to shsh and tells him garam masala and he ok. And suhani tells yuvraj that she said that coz so every1 wouldn’t know and he told her every1 would know veer. (I didn’t understand much). Sharad starts the game and souyma cnt get it at 1st. And yuvani laugh and suhani says its an excellent name and yuvraj said that he knew souyma wnt get it and than she finally gets it. And than dadi says the game is over and that its late they should sleep. And menka says that whatever u thought would happen didn’t happen and than stands up and says she meant that yuvraj your fav didn’t win and that’s why u didn’t like the game. Sharad says no guru he was on the same team with souyma and she just guessed. Yuvraj says lies and he says he swears and suhani says when some1 losers they think the whole world cheated them. And sharad says u are right suhani and that u just jealous I won with souyma(or something like that) and suhani says your team I think in reference to him and yuvraj is the best. As they continue their banter yuvraj jacket gets on fire and souyma saves him and she uses her scarf and they manage to get tangled up in it and they fall on the floor on top of each another. ( It really was as bad as it looked in the precap bt yuvraj didn’t have an in love look or anything).

Precap- I think its morning and they all at the dinning room table and dadi asks suhani what she has in her hand and she tells her ma’s medicine and she asks for it and says she will give it. Than dadi is shown at the parlour saying its a good plan they came up with. And than we see pratima falling on the couch and dadi is asking menka what she did with the tablets and she just wanted prats to get sick not die.

Update Credit to: sandiab

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