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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad telling Pratima about Dadi’s words. She says Yuvaan is the reason of Yuvraaj and Suhani’s meet, talk to Suhani. He says yes, but Suhani is not answering. She says call Soumya. Soumya asks Yuvani not to tell Suhani about Yuvraaj. Yuvani says fine, but we shall leave for home now. Sharad calls Soumya and asks her to give phone to Suhani, I have to tell her that… Soumya says fine, I know what Dadi told you.

Sharad says yes, ask Suhani to stay outside and I will meet her. Soumya says fine and gives phone to Suhani. Sharad tells Sharad that he is planning surprise for Pratima and don’t tell this to Soumya, stay outside house and I will tell you. He asks her to react worried about Bhavna. Suhani says what, Bhavna Di….. Soumya thinks maybe Sharad made some

excuse to take Suhani back. Suhani ends call and they all leave for home.

Everyone come home. Suhani tells Soumya that Sharad asked her to stay outside, he planned some surprise for Pratima. Pratima tells Yuvraaj that Sharad went out to meet Bhavna, and Soumya came with kids. Suhani messages Sharad that she is outside. Sharad asks her to wait there near the door and Pratima should not see her. Suhani smiles and stays there with Yuvaan. Yuvraaj opens the door and hugs Krishna and Yuvani. He asks them to freshen up. Soumya takes the girls. Pratima asks Yuvraaj to freshen up too.

Sharad asks Dadi to give him blessings for the work he is going to do. Dadi says yes, my blessings are with you, you succeed in every work. Pratima goes to Suhani and Yuvaan. She says I got to know about surprise. Yuvaan says Sharad does not know to hide surprise. Pratima asks them to come and see surprise. Rags looks on. Pratima asks Yuvaan to go to Yuvraaj’s room and get fresh. He says I don’t know how to run taps. Suhani says I will take him to guest room. Pratima says there is no water there. Suhani says fine, I will fill water in Yuvraaj’s bathroom, Yuvaan you come there.

Rags runs to Dadi and says Pratima got Suhani inside house. Dadi asks what. Yuvraaj is washing his face in bathroom. Suhani comes there and starts the tap. Dadi says no, we have to stop her. Sharad says now you can’t do anything, I will tell you one reason for Suhani and Yuvraaj’s meet, Yuvaan.

Yuvraaj slips and Suhani holds him. Yuvraaj holds the tap and shower starts. They hug. Saware…..plays…….. Yuvraaj and Suhani get shocked seeing each other. She moves back and slips. He holds her. She gets away from him and cries. She stops herself from holding him, and cries holding his face. He cries too. Yuvaan calls out mumma. Yuvraaj looks at her. She goes out to Yuvaan.

Suhani hugs Pratima and cries. Yuvraaj comes there and turns away. Pratima says I wanted to tell you both something, but could not, you both talk, I will leave. She goes. Suhani says sorry, I did not know you are going to come soon, else I would have gone earlier. He says but why did you come Suhani… She cries.

Yuvani comes and says oh no Papa. Soumya comes there and gets shocked seeing Suhani and Yuvraaj. Yuvani says Papa, we had to give surprise to Suhani and Yuvaan. Dadi and Rags come there. Dadi asks her to go with Yuvraaj and see the gifts. Soumya says I m sorry Suhani, I got to know today. Suhani says its okay, you don’t need to give any explanation, I should have not come here. Soumya cries and says no, I should not come between you two. Rags signs Soumya and asks her to cry more. Soumya cries and says forgive me. Suhani turns and Rags hides. Suhani says its my mistake.

Dadi says its Pratima’s mistake who changed Sharad’s mind. Pratima says its not my mistake, you did what you felt right, I did what I felt right. Yuvraaj gifts Krishna and Yuvani. Krishna likes a dress. He says its for Yuvani. Yuvani asks Krishna to take it. The girls say Yuvraaj that Suhani aunty is very good and changed Yuvani. Yuvaan comes and greets Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj asks how are you here. Yuvani says Yuvaan is our friend. Yuvaan tells them that he will take gifts from his dad when he comes. Yuvraaj asks don’t you have your Papa. Yuvaan says yes, but my mumma gives me lots of gifts. Yuvraaj asks is your mumma here. Yuvaan says yes, come, I will introduce her.

Suhani says there is nothing left between me and Yuvraaj, I will leave today, if I knew Yuvraaj is coming today, I would have gone. Yuvaan brings Yuvraaj there and says uncle, this is my mumma Suhani. Yuvraaj gets shocked and looks at Pratima. Pratima nods. Suhani cries.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani why did you make my son away from me. She says I was not told about my daughter. He says you filled poison in Yuvaan’s heart that his dad left him, when you left us. Suhani says even I feel bad seeing my daughter calling Soumya her Maa. Dadi smiles seeing them argue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG!!
    How could yuvraj say that to suhani?? That she had poisoned yuvaan’sind against him? Doesn’t he know her??

    1. Exactly yaar… yesterday’s epi also he said to Sharad lyk “Suhani must hv stopped u” and nw another stupid dialogue….He never tried to understand her

  2. Wow nice episode super Yuvraj expression super chance yeh illa samayaa irunthuchu Yuvaana paathuttu suhaniya paathu than Pratima va paaththu than Dadi ya paaththa paarva irukke super ……………

    1. S ramya super ah irunthuchi sema episode…romba naal aprom…

    2. Hm amaa written episode padichathulaiye supper ah irukku I want see this episode

  3. Oh God! I couldn’t even imagine that they will meet in bathroom!!!!?. I loved today’s epi a lot!! and their scene! ?? I’m gonna watch it again!

    1. I missed the epi…;(
      But even I didn’t expect such a confrontation..
      I will watch it on hotstar.. 🙂

      1. Me too missing the episodes frm last 10 days, hv to wait till tmr 🙁

  4. Oh!!!! Super excited…
    The precap….Yuvi hv no right to blame Suhani…..She raised her son alone…She never said anything wrong abt u to him…see Yuvan ,eventhough he don’t knw abt his papa,he loves his papa…..

    .and Yuvi ,see urself …as soon as Suhani left the house u got married to her bestie…u didn’t even tried to search her……bcoz of you, Yuvani is calling someone else mumma,,,Yuvani dnt even hv a clue that Soumya is not her mumma…u faked relations and cheated her….both Krishna and Yuvani will be hurt when they come to know the truth…..

    and nw u r blaming Suhani….go and ask ur stupid Dadi…she will say somethng lyk it was for u,for ur future bla bla bla,, and u will again believe her


  6. Oh pratma how could you, all blame is Suhani. That Yuvraj is going blame Suhani for everything. Even if he find out that his Dadi did the doing. Yuvraj won’t care, it is what happened, the writers well Suhani weak again. Girls marriage is a partnership. Yuvraj is to going tell Suhani she is the wife, she should have do the most hard work on their marriage. This is not right, I know this is only a TV show, but it is more of mental abuse, then anything else. If any of you end up like a husband like yuvraj, Just leave him.

  7. Wow …wat an episode…again after a long tym …bathroom scene ….both rajshri and sahil nailed it….both were crying…and it was awesome…??love u both…wanna watch it again…hope director will not spoil the upcoming episodes…and waiting for the day when kids will knw the truth? and it will b again a super episode..

  8. suhani ke liye mujhe ye gana yaad a rahi hai
    kitni baatein kahani se…….kaisi aayi he yesi dooriyan.I agree with u saaya.agar yuvi ko soumya ko support karna tha tho use aur bhi talika tha.aur ye math bathana ki yuvani ko mumma chahiye.soumya se zyada yuvani par dadi ka asar hai.koi nyay nahi yuvraj ke pass.

    1. Which song is it??

  9. Can anybody tell me on which site I can get the epi to download at the earliest?? I missed the epi but after reading the written update, I just can’t wait!!

    1. U can watch in

    2. Ananya sachedev
      Its awesome
      It shows the shoq within 1hr of getting over

  10. today episode was really amazing yar.. but they met it on bathroom 😛 😛 :-* :-* 😉 why someother place r there in birla house even outside also they meet na. suhai even gorgeous when lookin yuvraj on shower…
    all the truth was came out this time punish the devil dadi :-\ the story now came back the real drama

  11. superr epi. i agree with everyone. bathroom scene was soo awesome

  12. This Yuvraj is very stupid, Suhani didn’t tell anything bad about Yuvraj to Yuvaan, at least Yuvaan isn’t calling someone else papa, Yuvraj can still be Yuvaan’s father but what about Suhani? Her daughter will never call her maa, and that is the worst punishment for a mother.
    Yuvraj is always talking without thinking before,
    If Yuvaan doesn’t know him it’s not Suhani’s mistake but dadi’s one, but as usual Yuvraj is again blaming Suhani for dadi’s mistake, He didn’t learn anything from his past mistake.

  13. I really like today’s episode after a long time
    Dadi is older that doesn’t mean she always be safe for punishment and done her evil plans

    1. yeah i agree with u… whtever she did not a single punishment no one blaming het always suhani ill suffer

  14. Woow I am waiting for this noment, I want to watch this episode,….

  15. Whatever it was………
    But now am confident that YuvAni will unite once again & itz reason will be yuvaan
    Now yuv dont let yuvaan go and yuvaan can never stay in BH without suhani
    So suhani will have to live in BH
    And one more thing
    The evil dadi dont need to become happy by seeing YuvAni’s arguement bcz
    Wo kehte hain na ki ladai jhagre wohi hote hain jahan pyar hota hai
    And they must be come together again

  16. wow Today episode was awesome..

    1. hi ruby wht happpen y u stop ur ff

  17. Oh bathroom scene, come on, look at what is happening! Yuvraj again is going to be a big ass hole. He doesn’t care about Suhani. You well watch tomorrow, when suhani well say to him, how do I feel, when my daughter calls soumya mum. Yuvraj is going to laugh at her face. Lucy and Joy is right, this is disgusting. You know what it worsted, Yuvraj is going to blame Suhani and make her to say sorry to him. Why should Suhani apology to Yuvraj, when it should be him. All you guys go Oh bathroom scene oh how romantic. What the matter with you?

    1. Because the bathroom scene was an unexpected confrontation scene I was surprised… maybe it wasnt romantic as Yuv was just giving suhani evil looks… HE does miss her though… He is just surprised I guess… we will c what happens tomorrow

    2. You are totally right, Yuvraj is going to say that dadi did that for him as she didn’t want him to be away of his child contrary to Suhani, Suhani should give him a slap, that’s what he deserves.
      She did a good thing by taking Yuvaan away from them otherwise he will be spoil like Yuvani. This whole family, in particular Yuvraj doesn’t deserve Suhani and Yuvaan,
      Suhani should go with Yuvaan and move on, she doesn’t need anyone else in her life, she is a good mother and even father as Yuvaan said that she is both, she is the proof that a single woman can have a successful carrer and give a good education to her child

  18. Oh my what an amazing episode and please don’t let yuvraj and suhani separate now please make them understand that they can be family again and let him find out that dadi has everything to do with this and soumya pack your bags you gone

  19. Spectacular scene. Nice shower to shower

    luv it =

    Excellent Yuvan introducing his dad to his mother

    Best re union todate

  20. I do hate how this drama goes but can’t help from reading hoping to see new changes, always evil Wins, I don’t know what kind of massage to society, any way I hope it’s get better

  21. I am having a bad feeling about this, Yuvraj is going to take Yuvhaan away from Suhani. Pratma you have made things worst, you giving Dadi more excuse to hurt Suhani. Sometimes I asked myself do you even care for her, because I know Yuvraj doesn’t. I hope Suhani leave Yuvraj for good, and move on with her son. I hope the writers well write a new life partner for Suhani.

  22. main kahathi hum serial hi sahi koi bhi ladki ko suhani jise haal na aana chahiye.

  23. main kahathi hum serial hi sahi koi bhi ladki ko suhani jise haal na aana chahiye.
    koi mujhe bathayega hotstar ke alava ye mobile mein kaise download karthe hai.plz.

  24. serial hai phir phi mein chahathi hum suhani jise halat kisiko na aana chahiye.

    koi mujhe batqyega episode kaise mobile par download karte hai other than hotstar

  25. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Stil dogs chading der own tails…lol…was watching came to read stil show dominated by dadai dadai n more dadi….boring….al series now copying…

    1. absolutly crct

  26. What crap..Yuvraj who the hell ar.e you to talk to Suhani like that.Firstly do you know her at all.Dummy why did you not look for her to ask her why she left her dtr behind but instead you fetched her best friend into your bed r being disgusting..lying to to the 2 girls and lying to Yuvani about her real mum and don’t blame Suhani..Have the guts to be a man and confront your Wretched Dadi and traitor soumya…Use your brains for a birlas owe alot to Suhani so stop your Dummy question.

  27. Absolutely right, @joy and Poppy.
    This, isn’t right, I blame the writers fabuser. I don’t blame the actor’s, they are just doing their job. Everyone must ask themselves, would you want someone that you care about in real life to go though what Suhani is going though. Would you able to stand there and watch. Again this is not about men against women. Let me tell you something I won’t able to see, someone that love and care about. Seeing them going though mental abuse, this is mental abuse. Just because they are kind and everyone else finding it easy to pick on them, because they are weak themselves. I know the writers know this, I want them to show, that the only way to get out of this abuse, is to walk away from the abusers. That is the truth. You are far more likely to be weak, if you are staying with the abuser, then leaving them. With the right support, with people that truly cares for you, you can move on with your life.

  28. And you too, @uaha, I am sorry for this. When after I press the sent button, I saw your comment.

  29. Wonderful episode. It was best episode. Great job Pratima and Sharad. I just liked the way you always supported suhani in anyway. I hope writers wont let Dada, saumya win by doing wring things. Writers don’t let evil win

  30. But I am happy because now yuvraj won’t let his son to go and so suhani won’t go

  31. Will yuvi ask Suhani to leave ??? orrr….will he throw her out of Birla house….if anythng lyk that happens then I won’t support Yuvi anymore…..It will be biggest insult to Suhani……Hope Suhani will stand and talk bold……………………….
    and for Soumya the quote is true that
    “I’d rather hv an enemy who admits me they hate me,instead of a frnd who secretly puts me down”
    No need to be afraid of open enemies….bt fake frnds wid fake emotions lyk Somu are too much dangerous

  32. I am not understanding that this is Hindi leads are seperate unite than separate..if everything is ok between them ..then who watch the serial.and it’s two here not agree that yuvi not deserve suhani….yuvi changes his habits ..he completey changes…suhani changes him..this is true love …
    He always make her happy ..even he can’t love her ..he stood with her..pankaj and gauri case are exp of it..
    Problem with yuvi is his blind trust and his short temper and his anger..
    And with suhani is why didn’t tell the truth that it’s dadi who brings barbie…both trusted Dadi blindly…

    Yuvi never say what is running in his heart ..he wants suhani.he wanted to.ask mujhse bina mile ja rahi thi..pata he tumhe gusse me kuch bhi bol deta hoon ..he know Dadi is wrong ….but pain gussa pyaar reflected in form of anger…wo kabhi nhi ruk jao…he never express his feelings..unless someone push him….rohan case is example of it…and his feelings was flooded by when he drunk…

    Still he doing same thing…
    Wait n watch soon he reliases..and Dadi n unki white bahus to gyi…..

    So suhani weak nhi he…wo palat ke jawab degi….

    Yuvan is the key who unite yuvani

  33. Nice episode. …Thefeelings were very well executed by suhani &yuvraj, sharadh too was good but never expected them to face each other like this . In a way it’s good that suhani met yuvraj or else she would hv been looked like a coward &given a reason fr yuvraj to pounce back at her. Why was yuvraj surprised to know about yuvans father? He was aware of the fact ,wasn’t he? Suhani had messaged him once &1 epi where he goes to suhani’s house to pickup yuvani. What’s wrong with the writers. ……
    Most of the fans wanted to see Sambhav &Suhani together,so r the writers trying to divert the mindset of the fans . By showing such things they can never justify yuvrajs doings. If he luved suhani to such an extent why did he marry soumya? He could hv opted fr other options. Why didn’t he go to suhani &ask her to take care of her child as it is he had a habit of pouncing at her then 1 more time would hv hardly made a difference. He has no rights to blame suhani alone.

  34. @ roz. …. I think yuvraj won’t hv the guts to ask suhani to leave the house nor can he ask her to stay back he is trapped. The most disgusting thing is dadi is not repenting fr what she has done &soumya……no words

    1. Dadi will never repent… one dare to questn her…as u said in one epi I too wish if Dadaji was alive he would hv taught her a lesson

      1. That’s true,the magic stick is in writers hand they can do wonders, but don’t know why they r so obsessed with Dadi .
        The quote fr soumya is sooo perfect.

  35. Its the 3rd epi worth-watching again n again after:
    24.07.2015- shower scene epi
    01.08.2015- unique hug epi

    Rajshri’s acting was perfect in all 3, as per the situation and very realistic. Her expressions truly reflected her feelings and pain as well.
    But Sahil, he was better in the previous 2. In this epi, it looked like he needed to do more rehearsal. No feelings could be seen on his face. He just stood like a statue.
    I wish that instead of saawre, we could have a slow song in the BG which could add to the mood.
    Well I’m waiting for today’s epi. Can’t wait.

    1. where can i find these vids?

  36. I wish any such dialogue from yuvi for which suhani gives him a tight slap and that too in front of the whole family..

  37. why is soumya so characterless?

  38. i like the suhani twist very much but please suhani dont b a dumb pls give staight forward answere for dadi and yuvraj too

  39. Yuvraj has been shown as real Lallu who does not anything about either his wife or deeds of others members of his family.One has to think as to how do they must b running their business with such low IQ..Feel pity for Sohani for opting for such Budhu and shame on you raj for not maturing with time and leaving his wife alone at time of delivery.May b story writer has seen such irresponsible persons in his life.A poor serial .

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