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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with goons locking Yuvraaj and leaving. Yuvraaj sees a sharp thing and thinks to cut the rope. The ladies taunt Suhani as Yuvraaj has run away. Rags says maybe, they both were fighting a lot, they were acting for kids’ sake. The kids get sad and asks will Yuvraaj not come. Rakhi says Yuvraaj should have atleast married Soumya. Suhani asks her to stop it. Rakhi says you have some problem. Suhani says go and ask him, he has run away from mandap, he is wrong, I m standing here, I did all my duties, he has run away and left us. She tells Yuvaan that Yuvraaj has left us, he did not want to marry me. Suhani and everyone cry.

Saurabh tells the guests to leave for betterment. Goons come to Yuvraaj and asks him why is he not drinking water, will he have filter water, this is

our place. Yuvraaj beats the goon. He runs away by making other goons fall. Yuvaan says I want my Papa, he left us before. Pandit tells Pratima that this marriage can’t happen if fire is blown off, mahurat is passing. Yuvaan asks Krishna to help and not let the fire blow off. Krishna says if we add wood and ghee, the fire will not blow off. Menka says Yuvraaj won’t come, I think he is taking revenge as Suhani left him 6 years ago. Yuvaan calls her a liar. The goons follow Yuvraaj.

Yuvaan sits adding ghee in the fire, and tells Suhani that he can’t live without his Papa. He hugs Sambhav and asks him to get his Papa back, I told everyone that I got my Papa, if I go back without my Papa, everyone will joke. Sambhav asks him not to worry and hugs him. Yuvraaj reaches home and goons hit on his head again. Sambhav tells Suhani that he can do anything for Yuvaan. Suhani says Yuvaan wants his Papa, how will you get his Papa. Sambhav says we were marrying for Yuvaan, we can marry even now. Sambhav gets the sindoor box and fills sindoor in Suhani’s maang. They all get shocked.

Sambhav tells Yuvaan that he is his Papa from today. Yuvaan smiles. Menka goes out and tells her mum that Yuvraaj has run away leaving Suhani, its so fun. Rags calls Menka and Menka goes, without seeing Yuvraaj fallen outside. Bhavna asks Sambhav what did you do. Dadi asks Sambhav how dare he do this, Yuvaan is my grandson, Yuvraaj is his father.

Pratima asks where did he go, I m not saying wrong, I m saying against my son, how did my son go against me, how did he break the promise made to his son, Bhavna can you forgive Yuvraaj for this. Saurabh says Yuvraaj did wrong, but even Sambhav did wrong. Dadi says yes, how can anyone take Yuvraaj’s place, one pinch of sindoor does not change relations. Sambhav says Yuvaan has right to stay with Papa, who can be with him always, and fulfills his small wishes. He asks Yuvaan will he help him. Yuvaan smiles and hugs him.

Pratima asks Suhani to decide whether she wants to go ahead in this relation or not. Bhavna asks Suhani to answer. Yuvaan says my Papa left me, now I will make Sambhav my Papa. Yuvani says but you are my brother. He says I will always be your brother, but I don’t want your Papa. Dadi says Suhani, you can’t do this. Suhani says I will do it Dadi. She ties her own ghatbandhan. Pratima asks pandit to start rituals, I will do kanyadaam.

An old lady plays music organ. Yuvraaj recalls Suhani and gets conscious saying Suhani. Suhani and Sambhav sit in mandap and the ritual start. Yuvraaj tries to get up. Suhani takes wedding rounds with Sambhav. Yuvraaj holds his head. Yuvaan and everyone shower flowers in Suhani.

Suhani recalls her marriage with Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj looks at the house entrance. He walks inside home. Pandit says wedding got completed, you are husband and wife from today. Yuvraaj asks what. Everyone get shocked seeing him back. He asks Suhani what did she do. Yuvaan gets angry seeing Yuvraaj. Everyone cry.

Suhani asks Yuvraaj to stop it. Yuvraaj says you don’t know Sambhav. Rags says Suhani knows Sambhav, so she did her ghatbandhan on her own. Yuvraaj asks what, did you marry by your wish. Suhani says yes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. totally hate thz drama now…. Gud bye to SSEL….

    1. For Yuvraj to say Sambhav is not a good husband for Suhani. Was Yuvraj a good husband for Suhani the answer is NO!
      Yuvraj is pretty Stupid! He can’t even tell that Dadi is the cause of this. Most likely he doesn’t want to know. If Yuvraj does find, it is most likely to forgive Dadi. I hope that the writers won’t make Sambhav into a bad man. Because he never was to be a bad man. Like I said before everything would have gone back to square one again if Suhani and Yuvraj got back together.
      It is good to move on, it is also best to leave your past behind you. Suhani needs to have SELF RESPECT. Especially for herself.
      Suhani needs to be strong again, Yuvraj is not good for her.

      1. You are absolutely RIGHT Lucy.
        If Yuvraj can have more than one wife, why can’t Suhani.
        Anyway Suhani has become Dumb and weaker when she walked back into the Birla house. I hope that suhani and Sambhav well be happy together. For Suhani to be once more stronger again.

      2. I totally agree with you Lucy and Poppy, i think this track is interesting and i’m looking forward to know what is going to happen.
        I just wish the writters won’t make Sambhav a negative character. He is so nice and caring toward Suhani and Yuvaan, he is far better than Yuvraj.

  2. The worst epi of ssel. Never watching it again.The director has gone nuts. I things the director should read some ffs written by lovely authors. He made suhani,yuvi and other characters look dumb. Suhani didn’t divorce yuvi and married sambhav. How is that acceptable? Disgusting show ever …..????

    1. I don’t understand why is everyone upset?
      Look guys Yuvraj is not a good husband for Suhani. DADI Never wanted Suhani! As for Yuvraj nothing would have changed. So it is best for Suhani to find her own path and be happy. Staying in a that family which would have not giving her any respect. Also a husband that never gave her any support. IS DISGUSTING! So it is best to move on with her life without Yuvraj. You might say Children, well they would be scared. Knowing Dadi she would have made sure that the children go against Suhani. I hope that the writers well make sure Sambhav stays good. That Suhani has to put herself first. Either way it is damn if she marry Yuvraj and damn if Suhani don’t marry Yuvraj.

      1. Very true. There is no doubt in my mind that Dadi won’t make the children go against Suhani. Suhahi should had never return to that house, Rag/Menka are just awful, even her so called BF Souyma plus that witch of a Dadi dislike her, So WHY did she stay and got so weak. No one should take that much abuse. Plus Yuraj treated her awful and will still treat awful, unless she goes back home. I wish she does. I hope Yuraj as least see that DVD he “mailed” to Suhani. or will the DVD disappear and he will accuse Suhani again. Oh on a different note, are all those people deaf, they NEVER heard anything or see anything.

  3. Ok so bye. I won’t watch now serious and worst crap ever

  4. better v unfolw thm on social media nd v stay from their updates also.. tellchakar art serial gossip no onr reach us..want to stay away frm bulshit serial.. die hard fans of yuvani never accept thm…losing its charm nd love.. i never seen n anyother serial..

  5. The script writers please stop acting too smart to create eagerness in audience and in doing so you all lost it senses …t will not increase ur trp….but ur seriel will loose marriage a joke to u all.crap seriel

  6. No mother will act so foolishly.becoz a kid wants anyone as his Papa.what about yuvani .suhani is such dumb character .

  7. What is happening it i hate todaus episode i thought they will unite them i to say bye to this serial

  8. Hate today’s episode me and my entire family gonna stop watching this tv show….director don’t know shit about story plot

  9. So cheap drama just stop watching this show shadi ka mazak bna fia hai blo*dy hell ..

  10. Suhani must leave bh now….. atleast they must show something realistic lyk twin dadi revenge n bh people must come in road…

  11. This is such a bad drama now!!! Suhani is meant for yuvraaj!!! Why don’t u understand?!!? I can’t believe this! I hate soumya and sambhav!! They are such useless characters

  12. sorry for offence but such dramas are making fun of indian seems irritating how anyone goes to such extent ,that evil dadi she should support his grandson instead she is plotting conspiracy woww hats off to the directors and hats off to the viewers also who are bearing since long time huh

  13. I don’t believe this rubbish! How dare Suhani do that!!!! If she really wanted happiness for her kids then she would have waited for yuvraaj and not have gotten married to the retard sambhav!! Precap is soooo badd!?! I hate this drama now! Director plz change the drama or end it

    1. I totally agree it should’ve ended long ago when suhani fell pregnant and happy ending they give birth to twins. Full stop THE END

  14. The director of this serial worst person. I think he will not give respect for the relations, that pay he splits the beautiful couples. People will watch serials for entertainment and to enjoy happily but this director is making people more tense and angry. Hereafter no one likes to watch this serial. Why can’t he kill dadi in accident itself. It’s better this director should die instead of taking serials like this. Everyone curse u

  15. What rubbish, we thought at last suhani n yuvraj vl get married but today the track is changed, I hate it. There is no meaning in this. That villain daadi how much ever good suhani does to her n her family but still that evil daadi discriminates suhani just for colour complexion, how disgusting. In this serial almost evil wins. Today was my last episode from tomorrow onwards I we won’t see this meaningless serial where the brother n sister vl get separated.

  16. What is Tht they are showing marriage is become a joken .Fun no respect how many single parents r there who bring up kids well horrible show towards Indian culture

  17. This is very bad …..I don’t watch the future episode…….change the last episode….

  18. Such a cheap episode of ssel what is this nonsense very bad twist director thinking is worst.

  19. It’s too late – this should of never happend – just spoilt the whole show – good bye & goodluck with the crap story lines you come out with -/ very disappointing – hope you ratings hit rock bottom

  20. Totally shit this serial is such a mess go the he’ll with this serial….. Good by ssel the worst drama and episode I seen ever crap shit

  21. if everybody wants to marry someone for their childrens sake,what about women bringing their childret withoot father
    what the serial people wants to convey the society
    i prefer to ban this serial,which is unethical

  22. thank you for wasting my time i will unscribe from today.

  23. Wow !!! what a lovely episode. now Yuvraj is in hot soup, he will not allow Sambhav to father his son. that means he need to prove it that Sambhav his not the right husband for Suhani, so he will not marry Somyah. He will have to fight to get his son back.

  24. Really disgusting today’s episode pls end serial if track goes this way

  25. Disgusting episode today pls end if story goes this way

  26. What a rubbish epi yaar no storyline serial khinchne ke liye kuch bhi story dikhaoge kya bakwaas i hope ppl stop watching this serial v upset.

  27. Bullshit bullshit bullshit 3rd klz serial, and i wana kill dadi and suhani fatty lady.

  28. What is this?
    It is really disgusting I don’t watch this serial from now

  29. I think this is the dumbest episode ever !!! I wish i was there to sack the director and the producer .. I would never marry a man because my kids wants me to!! First of all wouldnt i make sure that i have been divorced from my first husband before getting hitched to someone else ? Isnt that bigamy .. Shouldnt suhani get arrested? And what kind of mother who claims to know her son actually belives the stupid vid clip? Does she trust technology more than the son .. Come on we live in the 21st century!!! Does suhani really have to get married.. She could be single and take care of her son as she did before in the last 7 years .. Am single with 4 kids and i am completely content with my life as it is 😀 suhani could have made it too!! Travel the world and enjoy life especially that shes loaded and has alot of baby sitters to look after her kid .. What a mess the producer and director has created .. I dont even wanna watch the series anymore .. But i am hoping that there is a loophole for suhani to get back together with yuvraj that why i will let someone else watch it first and keep me updated .. If the next episode is good then im good to go if not .. Take the show of the screens please !!

  30. So if than Yuvraj marries Soumya…well well.all evil prevails…no use being dutiful or good…wil not get you anywhere…cos evil prevails .Firstly i want to know that yuvraj and Soumya were faking their marriage and Suhani and Yuvraj never divorced so why the wedding crap…treat a family and marriage as some joke..infact the Indian culture has become a joke here abroad.Money buys you thugs .Children can be taken or stolen for money .Kidnappers paid to cause pain within the family unit.Elder member of the family should be looked upon not for them to maniputed as and when .No one can tolerate such low evil doings.Suhani leave the house.Let Yuvraj live with his FAT Ego and sourface shameless Soumya.Pratima and Saurabh now its too late…
    I have always wanted Suhani and Yuvraj to unite and leave Birla house forever but the Dummy writers have messed it up big time…close the one is interested any more…dissapointed and disgusted at this crap serial.

  31. #UniteYuvani vs #UniteSubhav ... now i do not want SSEL anymore!!!!!!

    Seriously!!! I wanted Subhav together before as Yuvraj was out of his senses….now its just the opposite!!! what the hell happened to Suhani!!! She would rather be single that get married in thins way….since when did she started making decisions on the fly… the beginning she was potrayed as a sensible girl although childish…still she could make the correct decisions…what the hell happened here?????????

    Just reading the update makes me feel soooooo sick….i am not going to watch this episode!!! i think the writers are only doing to gain trp!!! simple Yuvani romance scenes would have got them high trps…what the hell are they doing!!!!!! how much more they will test the audience patience!!! ?????

    really feel heartbroken….. why Suhani…why???????

    Also read Sambhav is getting negative! seems Dadi and Sambhav have plotted this…looks like this Dadi is fake…and Sambhav is related to her and they are after the property! but whatever it is hate this story line….hope Yuvraj is just dreaming about all this!!!! and for gods sake please Yuvraj do not marry Soumya in a fit of anger……. why are all these characters shown as soooo stupid!!!!

  32. I don’t get it, Suhani and yuvraj aren’t divorced. So marriage doesn’t count. Does Suhani know something and that’s why she married sambhav? Before this she would’ve gone out and looked for yuvraj or waited so why not know? What are the writers trying to show here? There has to be a twist somewhere otherwise TRP will definitely drop like in SNS where viewers don’t like gopi and krishna’s jodi so Ahem is coming back.

  33. not gng to watch n read written updates of ths serial…just hate it…

  34. #UniteYuvani vs #UniteSubhav ... now i do not want SSEL anymore!!!!!!

    Seriously!!! After saying i will not watch this episode….i still watched it…now i m in tears… hoow Suhani was manipulated!!! and how easily she gave in…. how evil dadi can be…. how Sambhav can use the situation to his benefit!!! wish the bomblast happened now and killed everyone….. this is stupid!!!! not watching SSEL ever again…….

  35. Most worst serial ever made. How come bad people are winning all the time, and good people are suffering all the time. Time to quit. please take the show off the screen. most dumb serial. Making every one’s life so complicated.

  36. Nithu

    I love ssel alot…bt dis epi was stupid…..hate it to the heights after watching dis epi i feel like my ssel shd have ended long ago…i nevr want ssel to end bt dis epu forced me to tell lie dis

  37. How discussting is dis?

  38. Y such a big drama of suhani coming back to birla so disgusting ?

  39. Is it possible to marry at the drop of a hat?. She was going to marry someone and the person disappeared and got married the same day to another man because a fire was going to die.
    The writer is not making sense at all and they are making Suhaani to be cheap and dumb now
    She used to be intelligent. The drama is not making any sense again. Can’t waste my time watching senseless drama.Am off,there are other drama on the channel 783 and 784.Suhaani si Ek……….has turned childish. Am not watching it again!

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